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  1. BLackhawk : "I can remember when we used to be the best of friends, now suddenly, we don't know what to say" Best line ever written. Hits me hard every time I hear it. So simple, yet so heart wrenching. If anyone has ever lived it, they know what I'm talking about. ________________________________________________ Blackhawk : I concur with you fully. The line is brutally honest...kind of like life, with its ups and downs. Marc
  2. and it seems we're only human after all..." - - IMO, a great line, maybe one of the best in all of pop music. Hart, Hammerstein, Sondheim, would likely grant their "approval". Marc
  3. Songs such as "The Way We Used to Be" make driving up Route 9 here in New Jersey almost bearable during the morning rush hour. (LOL). Hard to know what inspired that song but it sure is a winner. Marc
  4. Heard this gem again driving into work today. I always think that it would sound great playing in the theatres as the opening song to a movie. Something about that piano sound....Enjoy, Marc
  5. 29th anniversary of Elvis' demise. He gave what he had to the world and changed it. Still, he died at too young an age.
  6. First saw him an old flick "Almost Summer"..had some Beach Boys tunes in it. Bruno was a childhood friend of Billy Crystal from what I recall. RIP.
  7. "I think I love you"? - must be the messenger ( David Cassidy ) and not the song.(LOL).
  8. Caught the Bon Jovi concert on Sat. night at Giants Stadium here in NJ, the closing night of their tour. I had no real interest in seeing the show but we were guests in a luxury box so it was hard to turn it down. Surprisingly, a very good show. Jon's voice sounded real strong and arguably one of the best voices in a long time in pop/rock. Sambora drives the band and actually took a few lead vocals. Then again, no one sells 100 Million + records without knowing what they are doing. I'd recommend seeing them.
  9. A few years ago, I asked Brian Wilson what he was most proud of in his musical works. He said that he felt his vocal arrangements and innovative use of vocals showed his best work. He also said that Carl was often his sounding board as he trusted his musical instincts above all others. BTW, Brian's voice in the old days was indeed incredible. Enjoy
  10. I would agree with the above assessment that Keith Moon was the "best" rock drummer, at least the best that I ever saw live. The old WHO shows years ago were really something. Explosive. Marc
  11. Even though Hal BLaine did a lot of drumming on records for the Beach Boys ( part of the Wrecking Crew ), Dennis certainly gave it all in concert. Carl was probably my favorite performer all time. When he thanked the audience, "..very, very, very much for coming out to see them", I always felt from the audience that he really meant it. Years later in person, he came across the same way...very humble, and seemingly so appreciative to be able to make a living performing. Brian has always been the genius of the band but his "messengers" were distinguishable in their own right.
  12. Kind of surprised that a DVD from the recent mini tour has not been issued. I would think that such a release would do nicely especially amongst us old timers in our 40s...
  13. "Glimpses" by Lewis Shiner. I don't want to reveal too much about this novel but it involves some time travel back to several places including The Beatles cutting Let it Be and Brian Wilson / Beach Boys putting together Pet Sounds. One of the books you can't put down. Enjoy...bring back the sun to NYC. Marc
  14. Caught this Bon Jovi tune again on the car radio this morning. Started thinking how seeminly so many rock/pop stars, after years on the road, gravitate back to their roots to live. Eric C.; Billy Joel; even Bon Jovi and Bruce Sp. who live in the next town over. One of the exceptions being John Lennon ( adopting NYC ) but, then again, Lennon broke all the rules/molds. I guess there is a time in life "..to move inland, get a home, pay taxes...the whole damn thing.." ( from the surfing movie Big Wednesday ).
  15. Raspberry - Pet Sounds, great choice. Probably my all time favorite album. Marc
  16. I concur. Brian is my all time favorite pop/rock artist. He and McCartney created, played and sang and the world rocked right along with them. We are indeed the lucky ones. Happy Birthday, Brian. You'll never get old, just slightly older. Marc
  17. I concur fully. I was fortunate to have met Jeff Foskett backstage at Brian Wilson's show at the Beacon Theatre a while back. I think it was shortly before he got married as he introduced his girlfriend as his fiancee. Nice to see him looking good having lost much weight. While no one can ever replace Carl Wilson, Jeff does come close at times on stage. By the way, that quote of Lennon is very apt in today's world. Enjoy
  18. Wouldn't it Be Nice....incredible. On Pet Sounds, Mike Love sings the bridge ( '..maybe if we ..'). On alternate version, Brian does it. Both great.
  19. Whether on his own or with the Beatles / Wings, etc.., he created, he sang, he played and the world rocked right along with him. He has made the world a better place, a more enjoyable arena, and has influenced countless others around the world. In our eyes, he'll never be old, just slightly older. Happy Birthday.
  20. Greatest/best,etc...are clearly subjective, but driving into work yesterday, I started thinking about the British artists vs. the American artists. I would probably put Brian Wilson, Bob Dylan and perhaps Chuck Berry ( Berry: for his influence ) as the top. Then again, I know folks who would put guys like Bruce Sp. at the top so maybe there is no "correct" answer at all. I would probably put Sir Eric Carmen pretty high up too along with Fogerty. Any way, just some thoughts I had. Enjoy your weekend. Marc
  21. IMO, Brian has been the greatest American pop songwriter of the modern age ...( since 1960 ).The old Beach Boys shows were fun in the 60s/70s.Seeing Brian, MIke, Bruce J., Al Jardine, with The Wondermints, Jeff Foskett, Brian's daughters, possibly Dean Torrance ?.. singing Brian's tunes would make a nice show. His music belongs to the ages.
  22. Brian was/is a pop music genius; the Beach Boys, arguably the greatest American pop/rock band. I do recall in a conversation with Brian a few years ago that he had no intention of playing with the "old guys" anymore. Still, $$$ is a great motivator; even a guy like Lennon, who professed at times not to be interested in worldy possessions, seemingly always was concerned about the $$$. Time will tell about Brian & Co...it always does. Marc
  23. They said it would never happen; but all five surviving Beach Boys -- co-founders Brian Wilson, Mike Love, David Marks and Al Jardine, along with longtime member Bruce Johnston -- will appear together on Tuesday (June 13th), on the rooftop of Capitol Records' Los Angeles headquarters. Co-founders Dennis and Carl Wilson died in 1983 and 1998, respectively. The event, which commemorates the sales of over two million copies of the group's hits compilation Sounds Of Summer: The Very Best Of The Beach Boys, will mark the first time Wilson, Love, Jardine and Johnston have appeared in public together in nearly a decade. In addition to the group being awarded their platinum albums, Capitol Records will be unveiling the artwork for a commemorative Beach Boys anniversary CD and vinyl titles to be released later this year. In a LAUNCH exclusive, Al Jardine said that the group has been amazed by the album's unstoppable success: "We've been delighted and surprised in the weekly sales figures and they're beyond comprehension -- and they're showing no sign of slowing down!" Jardine said that being with the guys on their old stomping grounds just might be the thing needed to get them all to finally commit to reforming: "We're going back to our roots. It is a reunion. It's a beautiful thing." ___________________ I have heard Brian, in person, state that he was not interested in playing again with his old band...then again, America loves 2nd acts, and 3rd acts.. enjoy. Marc
  24. Aside from the famous shows involving the Beatles and Elvis, etc.., I always get a laugh when thinking about The Doors refusing to modify their lyrics when playing the show, and Jackie Mason allegedly giving Sullivan the finger on live TV in 1962. Mason soon thereafter sued Sullivan for slander and won. For a guy who started out as a newspaper sportwriter, Ed S. did pretty good for himself. If you have a moment today, remember the boys that "gave away all their tomorrows so that we could enjoy our today". Marc
  25. I recall during the 60s / 70s watching the old Ed Sullivan Show on Sunday nights and quite often seeing (new) rock/pop artists being introduced to the American public. The father of one of my oldest friends was the head of Sullivan's public relations dept. and we would, after prompting him a bit, hear some "stories" of the various artists who appeared on the show. I do miss Sullivan's ( type of ) show...maybe for nostalgic reasons but also because of the excitment of not knowing who would be on, what you would hear/see.By the way, when I have occasion of visit my friends' father's house, I still am in awe of the photos with him and the Beatles, etc.. on the walls. I guess the kid inside of us never really grows up..( if we're lucky, LOL ). I wonder if the popularity of a show like the American Idol is somewhat of a throwback to the Sullivan type of showcase. Enjoy the holiday weekend. Marc
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