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  1. To a jury, it would probably depend on how big your crotch is ? Just kidding. Frankly, talking about the law mostly bores me these days. Maybe it's time to retire soon.
  2. While I do not "donate" my services, I do take many cases on a contingency basis; therefore, if there is no recovery, the client pays no fee. If you know of any good cases, let me know.
  3. Michelle - You mentioned that Joanne "is not getting any". What exactly is it that she is not getting ? Thanks.
  4. Darlene - I tend to agree with you; I would not be surprised if EC has a considerable amount of material that he is privately holding. Sort of the way that John Lennon stocked up on material during his "reclusive years" ( 1975-1980 ). When Lennon was ready, he released Double Fantasy. Eric may follow suit although the key word is probably "motivation". "....maybe if, we think and wish and hope and pray it might come true..." [ Wouldn't it be nice ]. Enjoy.
  5. It seems that by the time EC was hitting his groove with the Raspberries, Brian Wilson had turned into a virutal recluse in Bel Air with his best work clearly behind. It is great to see Brian back on the road and occasionally cutting albums. Inasmuch as I always felt that EC was heavily influenced by BW ( and the BBs ), it would nice if EC would get the creative juices going again and hit the studio, road,... Of course, if EC has no interest in same, I simply wish him the best.
  6. As I recall, it may very well have been a piece on EC on VH-1. He looked and sounded great. Seems like he is a really nice and down to earth guy.
  7. I recall seeing Eric on some show a while back - a la Dateline or 20/20. He looked immensely happy with family life, the kids, etc.. I read that he also took a fancy to the stock market and did quite well therein a few years ago. Now, if he can only kick that cigarette smoking habit.... Still, one of my favorite all time artists.
  8. I recall hearing some of Raspberry's songs in the 70s; most were upbeat rockers although a ballad was thrown in once in a while. It seemed that when EC went solo, this pattern continued. The "Boats" album in particular. Interestingly, EC has gone on record saying that he way never thrilled with his voice. Personally, I have always thought it was great. While he didn't have the falsetto of Brian Wilson or the power of Elvis, EC "got the job done" quite nicely.
  9. Sure would be nice to see Eric playing some dates again. I bet he would do quite nicely with so many 30-50 year olds yearning for some old sounds. As Brian Wilson wrote on Pet Sounds - -"...maybe if we hope and wish and dream and pray it might come true..."
  10. I am looking forward to obtaining a copy of EC: Marathon Man. Any idea when it will be out and where I could obtain a copy ? Thanks.
  11. His succession of solo LPs were of good quality, probably sold decently and were respectable compared to the garbage out today. I can only guess that the music industry has changed so much that record execs feel that Eric Carmen and his peers are antiquated. Their mistake, our loss. Enjoy.
  12. ...of the rock/pop era. Even though the # of LPs released with the Raspb. and solo are somewhat limited, the quality of his melodies, often decent lyrics and "fun" in most of his tunes puts him up there with the fine composers. Obviously not on the level with Brian Wilson, Elton, Billy, Lennon/McC but not too far down either. IMHO.
  13. As a long time fan of both EC and Bw's music, I note a certain similarity in their use of harmonies, chords, etc.. I would imagine that growing up, EC was a (huge) fan of the Beatles and Beach Boys. Then again, so were we all.
  14. Hi. Just wondering if Eric's new book ( Marathon Man ) came out yet and, if so, who the publishing company was. Thanks.
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