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  1. Been way to long since Eric created some new music. Surely, there are enough of us "dinosaur" fans still around who would be interested in listening to Eric's brand of music. If Brian Wilson is still touring, releasing new CDs, ...maybe Eric could have a chat with Brian and follow his lead..?? ( Wouldn't it be Nice ?? )
  2. I walked over to the Dakota House here in NYC on 12-9 ( the day after Lennon was killed ) on my lunch break from work. Sad scene, almost surreal. Geraldo Rivera walked by us with a camera crew. Still think of John often especially when uptown near Central Park. George Harrison, too. The 4 of them changed the world, indeed. Marc
  3. Still the greatest pop album, IMHO. Somehow, and in some way, it defies the passage of time. Never get tired of it...Enjoy. Marc
  4. Listening to the body of his work, GH certainly left behind some really great material. IMO, one of the few artists who actually put some thoughts into his ideas / words. All things must pass, indeed, except perhaps our love affair with The Beatles. RIP. Marc
  5. Hi Marvin. On one of his recent tours, Brian did some gigs in Canada..Montreal, possibly Toronto. I hope he gets up your way sometime soon. Enjoy. Marc
  6. Hi Marvin. Brian's publicity mgt. company mentioned that he has a new album coming out probably in the spring. He might do his usual summer tour. Maybe you could catch him somewhere on the west coast. In the alternative, some of his recent concert DVDs are fun. Enjoy. Marc
  7. I saw Brian Wilson in concert last night here in NYC doing his Pet Sounds mini-tour. Compared to his voice from recent decades and even recent tours, to hear him last night again was a real treat. His voice restoration is nothing short of incredible. He had Al Jardine also playing at the show which was nice to see; Al also was in fine voice, hearing him do Rhonda was pretty close to the original from 1965. Maybe these guys have discovered the fountain of youth but are keeping it to themselves. BW will always be my favorite pop artist. Something about his music is magic. In any event, a Happy Thanksgiving to all. Marc
  8. Going to see Brian again tomorrow night at the Beacon Theatre here in NYC..probably seen the BBs and BW about 30 times over the years. Favorite all time pop musician...one of the few true geniuses. Nice guy, too. Marc
  9. I met Natalie Wood years and years ago..probably around 1968. Most beautiful woman I ever saw in person. In a weird twist of fate, I was married on 11-28-81. She died that night.
  10. The greatest rock and roll voice I ever heard live was John Lennon. Elvis, Sinatra, Brian Wilson, McCartney, etc.. all great. But Lennon to me was rock at its best.
  11. One thing I will say for Mike Love...at all the BB shows over the years, on stage MIke gave a good performance and backstage, he was always "pressing the flesh" and promoting the band. Although he has opened his mouth a bit in recent years, I view that just as Mike being Mike. On the whole, his "nasal" singing, some lyrical contribution and role as front man for the band cause me not to come down too hard on Mike. But then again, that's just me.
  12. I don't know about brilliant but it has possibilities. Going to see Brian again here in NYC doing Pet Sounds next week. Jeff Bridges with a beard is a ringer for mid 1970s Brian. By the way, what does NOT mean ?
  13. If they retained some big name stars and garnered decent reviews, the public would come. Possibly Jeff Bridges/Brian, Beau Bridges/Carl, David Spade/Al Jardine, Dean Torrance/himself, McCartney/himself, etc.. for starters...??
  14. http://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=17558 - - maybe, at some point, a movie about our favorite band from Cleveland could be arranged. As I recall, Mark Gordon, who is doing the BBs movie, previously produced Saving Private Ryan... Enjoy. Marc
  15. Actually, just today I was listening to the old Blonde on Blonde album. ONe of Dylan's best. BTW, what college is it that offers the class on Dylan - - maybe I can re-register back in college (LOL). Enjoy. Marc
  16. The truth will eventually come out in court. IMO, matrimonial matters invariably include allegations that have no merit but are asserted for strategic purposes. I have never seen anyone convicted of perjury in a matrimonial matter simply because it is understood that so much dirt gets tossed around. Heather is probably seeking to up her payoff and also to get custody of the child. She will likely get both although no where near 1/2 his fortune...more likely $ 50 Million.
  17. A simple pre-nup would have been the way to go. Perhaps Paul felt that Heather was another Linda. Guess not.
  18. "....close your eyes and be still, ....SO BADDDDDDD...". That note sung on "SO BADDDDDDD, quite high indeed. Always wondered if that is EC's natural high note or a falsetto ( a la Brian Wilson ). I tend to think the former...great voice. Can listen to it all day. Marc
  19. Hi JohnO... You are correct. I had mentioned to Mark L. recently that I thought a tour next summer with EC/Raspb. and Brian Wilson would be great for the fans. "...maybe if, we think and wish and hope and pray, it might come true...". Marc
  20. On reflection, probably my favorite all time album. Brian just out did himself on this one. Even Mike Love, who allegedly warned Brian not to "f- with the formula" when he was making the album, would probably admit today that Pet Sounds is ( was ) a monumental achievement. Heard Brian do it on a recent tour...even he had some nice smiles on his face when performing it. Enjoy. Marc
  21. The vocal track on Caroline, No which Brian sings was speeded up a bit to raise the pitch of Brian's voice to make him sound younger. Actually, the original title of the song was "Carol, I Know" but when Tony Asher mentioned it to Brian, he construed it as Caroline, No. The concept of Pet Sounds, starting with the optimistic Wouldn't It be Nice and concluding with the melancholy Caroline, No...brilliant. IMO, the best pop album ever made.
  22. Never heard anyone else do it but The Beach Boys. Originally, Brian Wilson was to release it under his own name...beautiful tune. Great finale to Pet Sounds.
  23. Brian Wilson....as I recall Bruce Johnston wrote "I Write the Songs" as inspired by Brian. The man is music, much like Carmen. I used to go to all the Beach Boys' shows and see Brian every tour now. I think a Raspberries / Wilson tour would do exceptionally well. Now, is someone can reach Eric, I can pass the message on to Brian. Enjoy. Marc
  24. I kind of thought that The Raspberries opening; then Brian, then all together for some tunes...like the BBs did with Chicago in the tour in the 70s...
  25. next summer. I think there is an overlap of fans for Eric/Raspberries and Brian/BBs' music. I do recall that Eric was a fan of Brian's music; the converse is probably true, too. Just a thought. Marc
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