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  1. I had to but three copies of the first album because I wore out the first two copies in a matter of months. I am on the second copy of FRESH.
  2. Kansas City, Wilbur Harrison
  3. Regretably. the songs on "Tatoo" are horrible. Even their version of "It's Cold Outside" is rotten. And I love these guys. Just a bad place in time. Wally was angry. The other lead singer, something Thomas, was good. Just poorly produced music. Oh well, it was a learning experience for everyone. Loves the lyrics to "Yer Stale" because they came from the heart, just not a good song.
  4. As always, I have an extra ticket, so if anybosy gets shut out, e mail me.
  5. Got my tickets in 7 days, AMAZING and they came form San Francisco. HOB could learn a thing or two from these people. Heard it through the grapevine a lot of old timers are going to be a t the show, so expect a surprise or two
  6. The show was good. Billy can still sing and the guys are greaton guitar. Everything went good. They passed out CD's of Rave On (the fourth and last recording). It has 9 unreleased and/or live cuts of the band. On one track Kid Leo of WMMS fames introduces the band. Overall very good. Back to the 70's.
  7. Make sure you check out Dave's acoustic version of "It's Cold Outside" on INTERNAL MONOLOGUE"
  8. It was put out a long time ago when WMMS still played local artists on the radio. Unfortunately I can not remember when it was isued. I could probably find it in one of the cooler record stores locally that collect and sell Cleveland music. Its most likely from the mid-80's when Rachel Sweet and the EBB were still known, (It's hell when all the years start to blend together
  9. The show was very good. They sound better than before and Billy P. can still scream. His son's band was the opening act. The CD was a nice touch as there are live cuts on it also. The Agora is a great venue to hear rock n roll, I f anyone taped the show I would love a copy,
  10. It WAS Tony Joe White, and covered by Elvis and Dutch Mason(whoever that is).
  11. "the gator's got your grannie"
  12. Check out The Quick, with Eric singing like Robert Plant
  13. Darlene, This is Cleveland at its best. The website covers 40+years of rnr history. The great things are most of the people still live in the area are really cool to be around as many still play the music in clubs. Also they are grooming a new generation to their music, and the kids are taking in a different but cool direction.
  14. Listen to the Action. Heavily influenced by the Berries....right down to the "c'mon,c..mon" 80's band out of Akron, Ohio
  15. In that light it is positive. I only question what the others think/thought as he wrote it. (More than 1 member in the band had to think, "He is so full of%^%*%*". Intelligence is always misunderstood, and alll four guys are extremely intelligent.
  16. James, Raspberries playing No Hard Feelings?? Only if they can also play "Yer Stale". But that would only be negative. People have waited a lifetime to hear them play "their" songs. Let's just cherish the memories. The covers were part of their playlist back in the 70's, so it is Raspberries. For those of us who saw them in the 70's it is just as cool to hear them play "Baby's in Black" as it is to hear "Go All The Way". Actually it is REAL COOL. I though one could only be 17 once but the guys proved me wrong.
  17. Marvin, i probably have an extra seat or two 2nd row center stage if you change your mind
  18. Good news! My favorite 2 bands have reunited. Just another normal NYE again. Life is good. Marvin i'll get you a tee if they are selling any. 2nd row center stage, again.
  19. Yes Kevin was in Dynamite .
  20. Isn't It Romantic and "I Can Really Love You". ICRLY could have been/could be a great Raspberries song.These are my favorites along with the whole BATC LP. Change of Heart and GReat Expectations are the least liked.
  21. We all agree this is the Raspberries Reunion Tour. Raspberries played cover tunes in concert when they were a touring band. The songs you hear today they played from 1972 to 1975. It's OK. Out of the 40 songs they recorded in that time they only played about 25 in concert then. You are getting what we all got in the 70's plus a little more. Play On guys .....its still rock n' roll.
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