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  1. Trindy, don't feel like you're out of the loop on Big Star. Being the big music fan I am, It's hard for me to admit, I've never heard anything by them either, except the Cheap Trick cover. I've heard the bands name through the years , and have read of them in some of my reference books, but just have never heard one note by them... Jeff
  2. BTW, did anyone notice that the one lone postive comment in favor of Farrar, came from "Vanky Panky"? Who stirred up things here a couple of years ago? Jeff
  3. I recognized you and Gina right away Darlene! lol Jeff
  4. OK, Eric's been here and no comment about my suggestion for a Christmas album. Last year when I brought it up, there were quite a few responses that were favorable for him doing one. Hmmmm, I might have to start a poll on this... Jeff
  5. I added my two cents. I'm comment #20 Jeff
  6. Jim thinks to himself, "For the love of God, doesn't this guy EVER shut up?" Jeff
  7. Just got it out of the mailbox a few minutes ago! I'm so glad the lyrics are included, as I was always "Fuzzy" on a couple of lines in "Overnight Sensation", and "I'm a Rocker". Jeff
  8. "Yeah, I checked around. That Poor4life guy isnt here. Thank God, I was afraid he was gonna bring up me recording that damn Christmas album again!" Jeff
  9. Sadly, I wasn't into Elvis when he died. I was 18 and the only album I had was a gold vinyl collection that was being sold on TV at the time. My wife is a huge Elvis fan, and she grew up on his music. When I started dating her she introduced me to alot of his music I had never heard. I grew to appreiciate him more as time went on, and bought many of his CD's and bought most of the boxsets. Jeff
  10. "Whaddya mean there's another one ?!" Jeff
  11. "Trust me. Barbequed squirrel is a delicacy here in the U.S." Jeff
  12. I've heard the whole interview in it's entirety will be included on a Tom Snyder retrospective DVD release. KISS couldn't get the rights to the whole thing for that reason Jeff
  13. Well Marvin's on the road, so I'll post this info in his absence... From the 8/16/07 USA Today: New Eagles music arrives today The first Eagles album of new trck in more than 28 years will be out in October. And today, the first single, How Long, from the album Long Road Out of Eden, hits radio at noon ET. The video for How Long premieres at midnight ET on Monday on Yahoo.com and later on Country Music Television. The album will be sold only through Wal-Mart, Sam's Club and Walmart.com. It's an old JD Souther tune that they used to do in thier live shows back in '72. Henley and Frey are trading verses on it. Jeff
  14. Rich ya beat me to it! I was just going to post this! LOL Let's hope there's lots of B-sides as well! Bruuuuuce!!! Jeff
  15. While Eric's in such great spirits, I know it's only August but,it's not too late to start recording that Christmas album I suggested last year. Set up the tree in the studio, hang some stockings around the piano, and hit the "record" button so we can have it in our hot little hands in 4 months! Hey, I'll even supply the eggnog! lol Jeff
  16. john brought up a good point about Rolling Stone and thier rivisionst slant on thier reviews. For example, Mick Jagger's "Goddess in a Doorway" upon release was given no less than FIVE stars by publisher Jann Wenner! When the latest edition of thier Album Guide came out, it had dropped a star to four. Recently in the past year, one of the issues I believe had an article where they now had given it 2 stars. It's fine for the general public to change thier mind about a group or album, but shouldnt a major publication stick by it's initial review? Jeff
  17. I should've added in my earliar post, that seeing as that this guy is from Cleveland, he's trying to attract attention by slamming the hometown boys. Someone mentioned "why isnt he working for a bigger publication?" Probably because these guys can't. DeRogitis at one point a few years ago left the Sun-Times and started to write for Rolling Stone. Within a couple of years he came back to Chicago with his tail between his legs at the Sun-Times. He claimed he had "creative differences" over a review with Jann Wenner. If that was the case, why did he come back to Chicago, and not with another publication. These so called "critics" are a dime a dozen. Jeff
  18. Although I recognize some faces, is there any way to list who's who in the pics? For instance, who's the guy that seems to be the center of attention for example and hungrily eyeing the cake?... Jeff
  19. "More important, the Raspberries come off like a Vegas tribute to the British Invasion. On breezy, soft-focus pop like "Let's Pretend" and "I Wanna Be With You," Eric Carmen croons with all the hairy-chested schmaltz of a lounge singer; the dude magnifies the most saccharine tendencies of Paul McCartney's "Hello Goodbye." Whaaaaa? This guy probably wasn't even born when they were around. I hate critics like this. Why review something you already have preconceived notions about? There's a "critic" here in Chicago that writes for the Sun-Times. His name is Jim DeRogtis. He hates anything that was remotely popular, and that's been around longer than 5 minutes. This guy reminds me of him in his writing. Jeff
  20. I have faarrrr to much time on my hands. Doh! http://simpsonizeme.com Jeff
  21. Chris, I heard that they've already pre-recorded thier backing vocals. Jeff
  22. Hey Bernie, You dont have any copies left in the corner of the garage collecting dust for them? lol Jeff
  23. After looking at all the pics, my wife said even she wants to go next year! Jeff
  24. Relations are bad. Im waiting for them to go into the studio, and have Wolfie redo the bass parts on all the albums. Ozzy did that with his first two albums recently and the fans weren't happy to say the least. It all stems believe it or not, over Anthony selling his Hot sauce during the last VH tour. It wasnt being sold at the shows, but it raised the ire of the VH brothers when it was mentioned during interviews on the tour. Then having Hagar and Anthony perform as "The Other Half" performing VH songs during Hagars tour didnt help the situation. It's so stupid. What was he supposed to do? Wait around until they decided to start touring again? Jeff
  25. I cant belive tickets are going on sale already. They're appearing at the All State Areana on Oct 15th, and The United Center on the 16th, here in Chicago. Tickets go on sale this Saturday. I saw them back in '81 and they were great! Jeff
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