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  1. It's a shame about Augeri, and even on thier last CD "Generations" he starting to sound "different". Imagine tolling around for years for your one big break, only to have your voice shot. I hope he can recover, I think he fit in with the band well. I met him once, and what a nice guy he is... Jeff
  2. I hadnt seen him in awhile, and couldnt believe it was him when I did! $500...eh? If I was working I'd do it in a heartbeat! Jeff
  3. I actually think that Augeri sounded more like Pineda does. Sure he sounds like him on the old material, but on the new ones he doesnt. In fact by the end of the new CD he begins to sound raspy. My wife and I did an A-B-C comparison last weekend using the three DVD's we have of all three lead singers. Without her looking she was able to pick out Pineda everytime. She could pick out Augeri but it took her almost half the song to do so. Perry is supposedly working on demos from what I've heard recently. His most recent work was a duet on David Packs solo album from a couple of years ago. Jeff
  4. Thin crust with Peperoni please. And if it isnt here in anhour, no tip for you! lol Jeff
  5. ...since I've been here. I've been officially out of work since Oct. "unofficially" it's been since last July. It's brutal out there job wise. So I've been kinda low for awhile. So what have I been missing? lol Jeff
  6. Songs I usually skip: Eric Carmen: "Never Gonna Love Again" (Just tired of it) Boats Against the Current: Like Bernie I skip nothing here! Change of Heart: "Change of Heart" (I prefer the original demo more) Tonight You're Mine: "Sleep with Me" "Foolin Myself" (just never cared for these two) Eric Carmen (Geffen) Maybe it's better here to say what I DON'T skip "Come Back to My Love" "You Took Me All the Way" (Sorry, I STILL like this one!) "Maybe My Baby" Winter Dreams "I Was Born to Love You" "Everytime I Make Love to You" "Isn't it Romantic" Jeff
  7. Fargo Dead Poets Society Good Morning Vietnam Bowfinger Dirty Rotten Scoundrels American Beauty Jeff
  8. Journey should be the opening act, not Cheap Trick. Both them and Heart have put out good albums in the last couple years. Cant say the same for Journey though... Jeff
  9. Collective Soul had many hits up until a couple of years ago. They did a terrific collaboration with Elton on thier song "Perfect Day" Jeff
  10. How can someone call himself a man of God, when he spews out such hateful garbage? I dont get it... Jeff
  11. Which is why Davis now has the artists in his stable doing covers (Rod, Manilow) and duet (Santana) albums. My guess is Whitney's big "comeback" album is gonna fall under the Covers area. Mr Clive is now saying that he believes artists shouldnt write thier own material, and just stick to singing. Sound familiar Eric? Here's the article... NEW YORK (Reuters) - Music mogul Clive Davis, who helped launch stars like Whitney Houston and Alicia Keys, said singers should focus on what they do best and not feel pressured to write their own songs. Davis, chairman and chief executive officer of the BMG Label Group, said he has seen many entertainers lose their careers by not concentrating on finding hit songs -- no matter who they are written by. "The odds are always against you," Davis, 75, told the Billboard Music and Money Symposium on Thursday. "You have got to go over the best material, and that should win out, not withstanding any track record. I don't care how many No. 1's you have written in the past, have you written a new No. 1?" When Houston came to him after her second or third album and asked if she should start writing songs, he said: "Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Barbra Streisand, Frank Sinatra didn't write, and they are among Time magazine's greatest artists of the century." He said 80 to 90 percent of the artists with whom he has worked over more than four decades wrote their own material. But in recent years, more entertainers who do not write have gained stardom due to the hit TV talent show "American Idol," where singing talent is discovered. In fact, Davis had a public spat last year with inaugural "Idol" winner Kelly Clarkson over creative differences on her third album "My December," on which she co-wrote all the songs. "She was not signed as a singer/songwriter," said Davis, adding that her manager believed there would be at least six hits on the album while market research had shown none. "This issue only comes up when you're dealing with entertainers who might or might not have the ability to write pop songs," he said. Clarkson's second album sold 11 million copies worldwide, so Davis said there was a lot at stake. "My December" has sold only 754,000 units since its June 2007 release, according to music tracker Nielsen SoundScan. The pair resolved their dispute shortly after the album's release and are now working on a new record. Jeff
  12. Actually Tony you're not to far off on that assumption. This article is from 1998, Read on... GILLIGAN'S DAWN WELLS CAUGHT UP IN INTERSTATE DRUG STING GILLIGAN'S ISLAND star Dawn Wells has gone into hiding since being caught up in the scandal surrounding co-star Bob Denver's pot bust. STAR has learned that Wells, who played coconut pie-baking Mary Ann in the legendary '60s sitcom, disappeared from her Los Angeles home and hired a criminal lawyer after her name was dragged into an investigation of a drug ring spanning three states. "She's totally stressed out," said her attorney, Donald J. Calabria. "She's a nice lady being punished right now." Narcotics cops say they found 16 canceled checks made out to Wells for amounts ranging from $340 to $700 when they raided Denver's Princeton, W. Va. home on June 4. The raid came after the officers were tipped of that a package containing marijuana had been mailed to Denver. "When Denver's house was being searched, the checkbook was found and the amounts were written in, in the amount that the marijuana had cost," Detective Kevin Compton told STAR. "If Wells was charged and convicted in West Virginia," he added, "she would receive 16 felony counts of conspiracy to delivery marijuana, earning one to five years in prison for each count." Denver told cops that Wells has been his supplier since 1995, according to one well placed police source. According to the source, Wells ordered two packages of pot - one to be sent to Denver and one for herself at her Toluca Lake, Calif., home from a Pueblo, CO drug house in June. A drug-sniffing dog caught a whiff of the weed - and police intercepted the suspicious parcels. When 63 year old ex-sit-com star Denver opened his door, an undercover cop dressed as a Fed Ex delivery man dropped off the 1.25 ounce package of pot. An unsuspecting Denver signed for it - signaling a team of six cops to move in with their search warrant. Wells, the 54 year old former GILLIGAN'S ISLAND actress - turned cookbook author, freaked out when she learned of Denver's arrest, insiders say. She immediately hired Calabria as her lawyer, changed her answering machine tape, and left town. Her attorney maintains she's innocent. "Dawn and Bob have been friends for 35 to 40 years now," he said, adding they are friends and have business dealing. He claims Dawn is ready to talk to authorities. "No one has even approached us," he said. "The allegations are totally unfounded and untrue." But police in Wells' California community say that even if the allegations were true, the amount of pot involved was not enough to bother with. "We'd cooperate, but there's really not alot to go on," said a Los Angeles detective. "We deal in thousands of kilos of cocaine at a time It's ludicrous to think that we're going to mobilize a team of 10 cops to stake out Wells' home for less than an ounce of pot." Denver, when he appears for a scheduled Sept. 3 court date, faces a minimum of six months in jail and up to a $1,000 fine on misdemeanor drug charges. BOB DENVER'S WACKY POT-SMOKING SECRET LIFE He dropped out to raise goldfish on a lonely mountaintop - until he got nabbed in interstate drug sting Just call it Gilligan's High-Land! Bob Denver, who played a dopey castaway on Gilligan's Island, left Hollywood for the hills of West Virginia years ago - where he confides to friends that he loves smoking a little marijuana to get him through the day. "I like to take a puff or two before going on the air," Denver, who hosts a weekend syndicated radio show from his home deep in the woods of Princeton, W. Va, told a pal. "I still get stage fright when I have to perform." "A little grass gets rid of the problem," ads the 63 year old actor whose schemes over the years have included starting a line of miniature golf courses and even selling "Gilligan's Goldfishes" out of the toxic - green - colored pond in his yard. "I've been doing it for years," he says of his pot habit. "I never thought it could land me in the slammer!" Bob Denver - and the legion of Gilligan Island fans who still watch the show in reruns - were stunned when he was arrested in a drug raid at his house for ordering a package of pot through the mail. The bust also has left Denver's former co-star Dawn Wells, who played squeaky-clean Mary Ann in the hit '60s sitcom, clouded by controversy. A cop dressed as a FedEx man dropped off the 1.25 ounce package on June 4 while six others hid. The unsuspecting Denver accepted the pot, sent from Pueblo, Colo. before cops returned a few minutes later. He was extremely ashamed when the cops arrested him," says an insider. "He hung his head and apologized, 'I feel I've done something wrong.' "Then he sat at his dining room table as the cops searched his house for two hours with his wife and 14 year old son watching. "Cops found two or three marijuana pipes and 10 more grams of pot under a sofa cushion. The next day, they formally arrested him and took him away in a police car. "He's out now on $1,000 bail, but he's totally humiliated by the ordeal." The sitcom legend and his wife, Dreama, host the WEEKEND WITH DENVER & DENVER oldies show from the basement of their rambling mountainside home. Police sources tell STAR they believe Dawn Wells arranged for the pot delivery. Wells' lawyer, Donald Calabria, insists there's no evidence linking Wells to the bust. "That is absolutely not true," said Calabria. Jeff
  13. With Ahmet Ertegan gone, Jann Wenner has more control then ever about who gets in, and who stays out. Say what you will about The Monkees, but they deserve to be in, as well as... The Hollies The Moody Blues Chicago Linda Ronstadt Warren Zevon The Doobie Brothers Heart Cheap Trick ELO The Guess Who Rush KISS The Cars Foreigner Styx Journey Neil Diamond Neil Sedaka Bad Company Jethro Tull Hall & Oates That's just a short list, I can come up with more that are more qualified to be in then Grandmaster Flash, Madonna, and others Jeff
  14. Definitely, self produced. If an outside producer is used, just stay away from Brenden O'Brien. He made a mess out of Bruce's latest. Jeff
  15. I saw the Zep reunion clips on youtube and thought he sounded great! Yes, they had to lower the key for him to sing in, but he still came sounding fine. As for the Krauss duet project, I found the CD to be a real snoozefest. There's something about her voice that I just find irritating. I saw the CMT show and shut it off after half an hour. Jeff
  16. I still say, this has to be one of the greatest songs never released...by ANYONE! and when I mean anyone, I'm talking Beatles, Who, Elton, Bruce, etc. It's a shame no one but us diehards have ever had the chance to hear this fantastic song. Eric, ya just gotta put it out! Jeff
  17. A friend of mine who lives in Dallas saw him there last fall. Then he flew up here (Chicago) in Oct and saw him again. He now had tickets to the Milwaukee show coming up, and tickets to one of his shows in FL. On Bruce's "Devils and Dust" tour a few years back he had lousy seats at the theater he was performing at. Bruce has his people go out before the show and ask people what kind of seats they have, and will give them better ones if there's are terrible , like my buddy had. They took one look at his seat location and gave him 3rd row center! He said he was so close, he could almost reach out and touch him. Jeff
  18. I drove past a White Castle this week, and I swear the car steered itself into the lot. Next thing I knew I was ordering 6 jalepeno cheeseburgers...lol Jeff
  19. Thanks Beatnut! I saw the last two incarnations of the All Starrs so except for Gary Wright, I've seen all of them already. In the case of Colin Hay, I've seen him twice now with Ringo. Once with the All Starr, and again at the Soundstage taping for PBS two years ago. Billy Squier was a highlight of the show for me last time around though... Jeff
  20. Beatnut, can I ask where you heard about this? I checked Ringo's site as well as Billy Squier's and there's nothing there at either about an All-Starr Band Tour. Jeff
  21. I'm surprised. I really thought Dave Stewart would be involved in the tour. I'm guessing the reason Mark Rivera isn't on the tour that Billy Joel must be going to be adding more dates on his tour... Jeff
  22. Have you guys seen this?... http://jam.canoe.ca/Music/Artists/W/Winehouse_Amy/2008/02/12/4842063-ca.html If that isnt calling the kettle black, I don't know what is!... Jeff
  23. Agree with you there Tony. I've heard most of Key's hits, and I just dont get it... Jeff
  24. Well said Eric!What kills me is this. We went through 3 years of bullsh-t hearings because Clinton lied about an affair. Young people are DYING in a farce of a war that Bush initiated, and NOBODY is crying impeachment! What's wrong with this picture?... Jeff
  25. Another memory I have is , the next day I taped a picture of John to the inside of the back passanger side window. I remember my boss (who was in his 40's) making fun of me for doing that...John's death affected me deeply. Somehow, I felt thing's would never be quite the same again without him in the world... Jeff
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