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  1. If McCain said "My Friends" one more time, I was gonna scream! I look at it this way, if he cant run his campaign at the same time he has to go to Washington to "fix" the bailout, then he obviously cant handle doing to things at one time. Is that the kind of leader we need. "Oh sorry, can't handle that problem right now, UI goota do this instead". He makes himself out to be so self-important he makes me sick! As far as Palin goes, in her debate she kept saying "I'd rather talk about this, right now" Why?, because she obviously wasnt prepared to answer those questions, because she wasnt prepped what to say. So, who's the puppet here in all of this?... Jeff
  2. That performance in Montreal is from the DVD "Take The Long Way Home", and is excellent. I highly recommend it! Jeff
  3. will someone please explain to me, how this woman is still making records, and even got a recording contract in the first place? Last night I came across her on "Dancing with the Stars". She has now gone "country". She is TERRIBLE! She's now singing with this fake country accent, and during one song she held a note so long, it sent (bad) shivers down my spine. Her voice has absolutely no character, and she cant keep in tune to save her life. I've heard people sing better at karoke. The host said her album debuted at #1 on the country charts. Are there people out there really buying this slop? Just asking... Jeff
  4. Wise words, oh grasshopper!...lol
  5. Only 65 years old, another victim of cancer... http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/7617363.stm Jeff
  6. Hmmm, and Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coultier, and Bill O'Reilly are "neutral?..just sayin'... Jeff
  7. I watched "102 minutes" that night on the History channel. It played out the events of that morning in real time from the time the first plane struck. The whole program was put together using footage people took with thier video cameras that day.No narrator, just the images and the shock and horror of the voices of the people that took the footage that morning. I hope this is shown on every anniversary of 9-11, so no one forgets... Jeff
  8. The thread is still there, I dont know why it wouldnt show up in the link I provided, but here's what "Rockerman" had to say: I just remembered that Eric was also arrested for a DUI sometime between 1999 to 2001 because I remember folks were talking about it on the forum on his website when I visited it sometime during that period. So he's evidently a full-blown alcoholic and has been for quiet some time. Really sad. Here is my reply: How does two DUI's make him a "full blown alchoholic"? As stated before, he's been grieving deeply at the loss of his father. Other than these two serious mistakes of bad judgement on his part, there's been no evidence in the past that he's ever had a drinking problem. Besides, if he was a full blown alchohlic he'd look a lot worse, and be showing the physical tell tale signs of one. To me, for a man of 59 he looks pretty damn good. Also your recollection of his first DUI is a bit off time wise. The first one was 16 months ago, not between 1999-2001 as you stated. I'm a member on his forum since 2000 and visit there at least every other day. I'm not sure someone can form an opinion from a "visit" to his forum from 8 years ago. Just my 2 cents... Jeff
  9. There's a one page interview wih Brian in the latest Rolling Stone (The Comedy issue with Letterman, Fey, and Rock on the cover). At the end of it he says, "I'm working on a new album now. It's called Peasure Island:A Rock Fantasy. It's about some guys who took a hike, and they found a place called Pleasure Island. And they met some chicks, and they went on rides and-it's just a concept. I havent developed it yet. I think people are going to love it. It could be the best thing I've ever done" Alrighty then...Hmmmm What happened to the "rock" album he said he was going to do? Jeff
  10. Here's a thread someone started on the Steve Hoffman music forum about Eric. Take a look at the comment made by "Rockerbox" on page three. Based on a visit from 8 years ago (when he says Eric had his first DUI) , this guys making an assumption Eric is a full blown alchoholic. Further down I let him have it (Im Music4Life there) This is what really gets me. Misinformation, and the irresponsible assumptions being made. http://www.stevehoffman.tv/forums/showthread.php?t=160361 Jeff
  11. They're saying Benoit is just a temporary replacement for Anderson until he recovers. They plan for him to return next year... Jeff
  12. Between the ages of 21-23 I thought nothing of driving home after a few beers at the local bar, or a friends house. All that changed the night after I lost my best friend. He was driving home from a bar, on a dark road around 2AM. This particular road was occupied by warehouses that trucks would back up into, even at night. My buddy was going home and didnt see the semi that was in the road backing into one of those docks. He slammed into and underneath the trailor doing about 40MPH. The police said he died instantly. The trailor had no lights on it, so he never saw what was waiting in front of him up ahead. Could he have avoided the truck if he hadnt been drinking? Who knows. All I know is his reflexes and judgement would've been better and he might have. What makes this even more sad, was he had been ata bar about 20 miles from his house. At the time of the accident, he was 2 blocks away from home. This was a wake up call to me, as I was supposed to have been with him that very night, but cancelled out. I guess my point of all this is, Eric wasnt far from home. We could very well be reading his obituary, instead of his arrest. Jeff
  13. Steve,A open half bottle of vodka in the car sounds like a problem to me. Trindy, Like Marvin stated..well said on your part. Jeff
  14. Eric, I've read some of these posts, and while they may seem harsh, it's only because everyone here truely cares about you. Please, please,PLEASE get help, for whatever demons are torturing your soul. Too many of my musical heroes have passed on because of bad choices. I don't [want] to see your name added to that list. My thoughts are with you, peace... Jeff
  15. Toto recently disbanded according to their official website. Lukather just didnt have his heart in it anymore. Here's the link: http://www.toto99.com/blog/news.php Jeff
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