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  1. It's brutal in Maryland, too ! On the upside… it's only 53 days til spring !!
  2. Wishing you the Happiest Birthday ever !
  3. Aw, come on, Marvin, forget practical. Think of the fun…and the frequent flyer miles we were racking up back then!
  4. THAT was painful….
  5. Great article. Thanks for posting it, Marv ! So happy to have gotten decent tickets to see them again in March.
  6. I somehow missed this post until just now! 7,000,000 plays is amazing !! I've never met anyone who didn't know ABM was an Eric Carmen song !!
  7. Glad you got to see him, Mike. I agree, he and his band are wonderful on stage. He's got an amazingly warm, inviting energy…and it seems to me like his voice has mellowed over the years, and is even warmer and more rich now. I'm loving his new CD, "Memphis" !
  8. I just heard Boz Scaggs will be there this year !!!
  9. OK … she's gone again !! Oh DIANNNNNEEE !! Come back, girlie ! We miss you.
  10. The Eagles without Timothy B Schmit ???!! I can't even think about it…. http://youtu.be/GmcLVI2JKqc
  11. Congratulations, Bernie !!!! NO ONE deserves this more than you do !!!
  12. She's done an amazing job !!! So glad the word continues to spread, and that more and more people are aware of this gorgeous song !
  13. Fantastic CD, wonderful interview, incredible (and oh, SO talented) friends!! Thanks, Pat and Marvin! I agree with everyone's comments….they took the words right out of my mouth!
  14. Merry Christmas, Kiwi and Muzza and all of my EC.Com family members, old(not an age reference ) and new !! Wishing everyone a beautiful and Blessed holiday season !
  15. Nobody deserves this more than you do, Diane !! Love you mucho, Merry Christmas ! (we need to catch up soon !)
  16. Ok…I like all of your comments…but I can't *like* them….but I really, really do !
  17. lol...my comment is directed to EVERYONE !! I just can't WAIT to hear some new, beautiful Eric Carmen music !! Happy dance !
  18. Thanks, Eric….and I hope you had a very happy one, too ! It's good to see you around here here again. I kinda miss some of our debates….
  19. YAY! Happy Birthday, my friend ! Hope you have a fantastic day!!
  20. Happy Birthday, Diane !! Sending my wishes for a fantastic day and the most wonderful year ahead that you can imagine ! Love you, girlfriend !
  21. Diane !!! It's so good to see you back ! Please know I'm here, if there's anything I can do....message me if you don't still have my # ...we need to catch up, girlfriend. Love you !
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