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  1. So happy you found us, Sherrie !! Welcome !
  2. Happy, Happy Birthday, my friend!! Hope things are going great with you !
  3. Back to the heart of the matter.......ERIC ??!! Please come hijack your thread back....
  4. What a terrible, heartbreaking story !! Rape is never ok ! I was wondering how that story related at all to any previous posts in this thread ?
  5. Adelia, I'm sorry for what you went through back then, and I think Catnip is right...these women were not very nice, OR very smart! I guess for them, trying to gain a little attention from your husband was worth making a complete fool of themselves. Thank goodness you were able to realize that any supposed "relationship" they had with him was only in their own minds !! On a personal note...I don't hate ATtN...it's never been one of my most favorite Raspberries tunes, but it IS fun to dance to !!
  6. marlene


    and me, three !!
  7. Wonderful, wonderful news!! Congratulations, Wim, I'm so happy for you !
  8. YAY, another chance to say it again....HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MaryJane !! Hope you're having a wonderful day !
  9. Hello and WELCOME, Daisy !! Nice to have you join us !!
  10. I remember meeting Karen at one of the Cleveland Reunion shows. (I'm thinking the first one?) I had no idea she sang with you...what a beautiful voice (and person) !! Thanks for such a great post !
  11. Thank you, LC! It's a wonderful article !!!
  12. marlene

    Chat Room

    YAY, Tim and birdy !!
  13. marlene

    Chat Room

    YES, of course you ARE, birdy !!!!!
  14. marlene

    Chat Room

    I remember some of those chats !! Silly, fun, serious, or supportive....we sure covered a LOT of topics ! I'm ok with pretty much any evening....or whatever time/day works for everybody else ! Thanks, Bernie !
  15. marlene

    Chat Room

    I'm in !!! Now, granted, I'm not the best "chatter"....I seem to always be a few topics behind everyone else ( ), but I think it would be fun !! Great idea
  16. marlene

    Chat Room

    lol....not at all, Bernie !! The more the merrier...come join us next time ?
  17. marlene

    Chat Room

    We had some fun and laughs in the chat room last night! (thank you, ladies!)
  18. I'm not too sure..maybe I'll know more after I watch tonight ?
  19. I've been hibernating most of the weekend !! One of my friends brought over a bunch of her old DVDs of Twin Peaks today… lol I'm not a soap opera watcher, and never saw it back in the day, so I'm trying to prepare myself for all of the (outdated) DRAMA. I guess the Grammys are on later, too, right ?
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