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  1. Yes, there will always be a wonderful memory of Raspberries music and good friends !! Sad to hear....When we go to AC, it's usually to Resorts or Borgata...it's been awhile since I've been, but my favorite casino will always be Bellagio in Vegas. I'm not a slot machine player....so, how can they set the machines "tighter"....is that against the law ? Don't they have to have a certain % of payouts ? Craps is my game...
  2. Yeah, I know, I know...someone always has to blink and ruin a good picture...
  3. Ok....how about a brief intermission just so I can share a few photos from Weekend at Bernie's, including the first time Lew got to meet some of us...he thought we were "moonies"...remember THAT, Lew ?? You were so afraid of us........ let's see if I can do this.. ???
  4. I hope you had a very Happy Birthday, Larissa! I know I'm a little late, but couldn't miss the chance to wish you a wonderful day and year ahead !
  5. marlene


    I love white wines....and drink chardonnay mostly....although, I recently bought a case of red wine from Scaggs Vineyards in Napa (Boz and Dominique Scaggs)...WOW, not only can the man sing...but the wine is excellent! Thinking I need to try a few more reds.....so thanks for the suggestions, my red wine drinking pals !
  6. It was a great interview !! I enjoyed the entire 7 minutes. Eric, you're always so calm, cool, and collected.....
  7. If I recall, Lew, dear....the person sitting on your lap was tall with hairy legs and a grass skirt......and although I was wearing a dress..and I may not have been on my A game that evening.....I do shave my legs every day. So, maybe you SHOULD post that one so we can see exactly WHO was doing the "sitting". Hmmmm ??
  8. Huh ? Think twice about WHAT, Lew ? You know your secrets are safe with me..... There are other pictures.....I was just sayin'. Do you honestly think I could be bribed ? I'm so wounded by that...
  9. Ditto, Kirk ! If I'm on a list with you, it's all good !
  10. LOL....TUNESY, help !! Please come back, we need you ! (ps, Lew......I do have a few other pictures of you and TT in those lovely skirts from later on that evening..., when, you know, you were doing the hula around Bernie's swimming pool. )
  11. What a great photo ! Jim's amazing !! I'd love to see him play again.
  12. I love the lyrics you've all posted, too.... (lol, Anne) And another new favorite...."Here's a fresh new start, full of promise...that's what brought us here, it's a brand new year."
  13. This was such a fun topic, I thought I'd "bump" it.....would enjoy hearing some of YOUR favorite lines/lyrics !
  14. Just want to wish one of my favorite people a very Happy Birthday !! SO thrilled about your successes, and very proud to call you a friend !! (I DO miss seeing you at Rams Head, though... .....it's just not the same without ya !)
  15. I just want to be clear, everybody, I am not being judgmental in any way....I stated my opinion and my personal knowledge about why some people left. I sincerely apologize if it came across that way to any of you. It wasn't my intent to "pick" on anyone. Please just relax, and don't think for one second that you are not welcome here !! birdy, I do reach out to many of them. They are friends... I talk to some of them on the phone every week....they're still following Eric's career and are as excited as we all are about the recent release and new song !! The sad thing for me is that they no longer post here and share with all of us. It's as simple as that. SO....back to the original subject.....who IS EC.Com's most interesting man ?? Hmmmm ? (ps, that's the last I have to say about the "oohing and ahhing"....I stated my opinion, which was not an attack on anyone by any means, but have absolutely no need to drive it into the ground...)
  16. Well, sadly, you're wrong about that, Cayenne....those kinds of comments did cause people to leave. No doubt some of Eric's most loyal fans, who have a vast amount of knowledge about music, and in particular Eric's/Raspberries music. They posted informative and interesting topics that evolved into some wonderful discussions. The reason a lot of them don't come around anymore, is simply because they just got tired of trying to have a serious discussion, only to have people making the oohing and ahhing posts, that virtually are comments with no substance, right in the middle of the thread. Believe me, it can get old real fast. If you don't get that....well, I don't know.....you just don't....but for those of us who were here then and miss those people and conversations....well, it is what it is. I'm enjoying getting to know a lot of the new posters, too....and don't want to get so serious or rain on anyone's parade ( Cartoon World is the place for that ).....so, as I said before....post away ! Enjoy the site....that's why we're here....
  17. As an "oldie" on the site, AND as a female, I agree with Lew about the swooning, oohing and ahhing .....To me, it's just a bit childish, however, that's just my opinion, and it's not my site, and I don't make the rules. I'm certainly not saying people shouldn't have the right to post what they feel, as long as they're respectful to Eric, Bernie, and other members. In all honestly, though, that whole mentality is one of the reasons a LOT of the old time members are no longer here, and THAT makes me sad !! SO, to the wonderful ladies who are new to the site....glad you are here...post away...most of it's already been said a hundred times by other female fans who came here before you.... and I'm sure will continue for a long time to come...so enjoy. (Yes, I edited my post... because I was angry when I posted, and I think I made a point publicly that probably should have been done privately.)
  18. marlene


    What Suzanne said !!
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