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  1. Hmmmm...It'd be fun to hear Eric do something kinda funky like "Chain of Fools" or the (very romantic) Boz Scaggs number, "Love, Look What You've Done To Me".
  2. Happy Birthday, Billy ! I hope you had a wonderful day, and spent your birthday somewhere fabulous!
  3. HOW did I miss this, Tunesy? Sorry I'm late, but I hope your birthday was super-special....like you!
  4. I pray you feel better soon, Teresa. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way..... please keep us posted.
  5. Happy Birthday to our beautiful and beloved Darlene ! I hope this special day is filled with lots of wonderful surprises and that you're enjoying every single minute of it ! Love you!
  6. marlene

    My Team

    NICE !! Congratulations to all of you on your 1 year anniversary! Wishing you continued success and many more "Birthdays"!!
  7. Go All The Way is climbing toward the #1 spot !! Lets keep voting and get it there !!
  8. Thanks, guys !! I appreciate your wonderful wishes !
  9. WHAT !!!??? Oh no....that is so sad. RIP, Robin
  10. Happy Birthday, Eric, I hope you have a wonderful day !! May the upcoming year bring you even more success and happiness... Wishing you the BEST always !
  11. You know we love you two ! It's really good to see you back on the message board !
  12. Yep, what Bernie said !!! Congratulations, Eric, this is exciting !
  13. Happy Birthday, buddy !!! Hope you had a great day. When are you coming back to Annapolis/Rams Head ?!?!? The band still comes to play....(Tequila Sunrise)....only they're now called "7 Bridges" !
  14. Happy Birthday, Sherrie ! Hope you have a great day !
  15. I'll say it here, too !! Happy, Happy (belated) Birthday, Mike !! Hope it was a great day!
  16. Redd, Keeping you close in thought, sending a big {{hug}}, and saying prayers for you and your Mother...please reach out if there's anything at all I can do.
  17. Lew ROCKS !! (and so do you, James !) I understand where you're coming from.....and not sure why this very strange stuff is happening here. In fact, I posted an apology to another member earlier today, because she was offended by a conversation that I took part in....somehow, my apology disappeared ?? Why ? I have no idea....but what harm could an apology do ? So by removing it, all that happens is the person I was posting TO, may not know that I'm sorry I offended them. (thank goodness for PMs, but still.....you get my point, right ?) There's a lot of distrust and scheming here these days, and good people are being bullied and hurt. It's certainly not the site it was several years ago....I'm not sure what changed.....but you're right, the fun is gone. I was messaging with another long time member about how we might bring people back again...but at this point...what are we bringing them back TO ? Insults and negativity, personal agendas? It's a shame..because I've always loved coming here and being a part of this site. Having said all that, there are some wonderful people posting on the site now, and I really do remain hopeful things will get better....
  18. Thanks for explaining that ! I really had no idea HOW things work with slot machines..I've just always seen signs/billboards for % Payout ! I wouldn't have the patience to read newsletters.... uh uh... I'll just keep rollin' the dice and either come away REALLY happy, or broke ! No, seriously, I always set an amount I'm willing to lose and if it goes....I'm done. I've never had the nerve for blackjack....
  19. .....And this really has nothing to do with anything, but why do people come here "anonymously" ? I don't get it....don't want us to know you're here...or is it a function of how you sign on ? Just curious....
  20. Sorry the pictures are so small....I think if you click on them, it will enlarge them a little. What great fun WAB was....I'm up for another EC.Com reunion anytime !! So many old friends I'd love to see, and so many of you that I really want to meet !! and sorry I didn't put names on the pictures, but let's see 1 Annie, Diane, Gina, and Lew 2 The Tunes 3 Lisa, Gina, Darlene, Diane, Ira, Bernie 4 Everybody... 5 Jim, Eric, and the EC.Com girls 6 Ira and moi 7 June, Jim, and Lobster Lvr (Dave) 8 Annie, two random guys (sorry, I am old and can't remember names too well) , and me
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