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  1. Eckhart Tolle ~ The Power of Now Not a new book, and one I've read before, but I'm noticing I missed a lot the first time around. Humans of New York ~ Brandon Stanton (VERY cool!) If you have a Facebook page, I highly recommend you "Like" his page, simply titled "Humans of New York".
  2. It would be wonderful to see everyone you mentioned posting again, James, and I couldn't help but remember a few more people I really, REALLY miss...(I know I'm forgetting names, too) aggiesJC(Jennifer), AnnieKNY, AnneG, Gene, HungryEyes(gina), NH Bushman, Gord, Julie, LostControl, JuliaAllByMyself, mannoman(Ted), susana, wimvriezen...so,so many...sigh....maybe we could do a mind meld thing and bring them all back. It would be so cool for them to meet some of you who are newer to the site, too !!! Together we'd have a blast !! <-pompoms
  3. Absolutely the BEST, Dar....um, I mean, Lemonade Girl/ Aunt Antonietta.
  4. Kirk...you're kidding, right? There wouldn't even BE a story if you weren't in it !! NO ONE escapes the tale, my dear friend....
  5. lol...Kiwi...you and Muzza would be two of the star players in the plot !! The fun, normal relatives from across the pond...
  6. That might be interesting... some pretty colorful characters and provocative topics have shown up around here over last 10 years.
  7. Happy New Year to my wonderful EC.Com extended family. We're fun, we're interesting, we love great music (and maybe we're just a wee bit dysfunctional...but what family isn't? ) and I love ya! I wish the very, VERY BEST for each and every one of you lovelies in 2015!!
  8. Hands down, Boz!! The man sounds incredible!
  9. Happy Birthday, Lew!! You know I love ya! Hope to see you soon....have a great one!
  10. I recognize Mitch at 2:00 and can see John's purple hat in there a few times.....anyone else? Gina, Harry, Jay and Lisa? I was sitting up in the balcony for this one, so I'm not sure who was down in front. What a fantastic show and a truly wonderful memory.
  11. Wishing you both a beautiful and joyous holiday ! Merry, Merry Christmas ! Manaaki te Atua ki a koe, xoxo Mar
  12. So happy to hear your good news, Larisa. I continue to pray both you and your father will, day by day, feel stronger and healthier.
  13. Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people !! May you have a wonderful day with your girlies!
  14. Thinking of you and your dad, Larisa, and hoping you're both feeling better. Sending my love and prayers.
  15. Happy Birthday, Catnip! I know you're probably enjoying your wonderful birthday dinner about now! Hope your day's been as extra special as you are, my friend.
  16. Awwww...no worries, Dar. Thank you, my dear friend!!
  17. Happy, Happy Birthday, sweet Diane!! I hope you're having a wonderful day!! I MISS you, girlie!!
  18. Praying that all goes well with your surgery and you have a speedy and complete recovery, Teresa.
  19. November 26, 2004 at the House of Blues in Cleveland was my first Raspberries concert.... I remember it like it was yesterday! I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to go to quite a few of the reunion shows after that, but none (ok, maybe Chicago, or BB Kings) could ever compare to the electricity in the air that first night. Ask anyone who was there and they'll tell you...it was magical. I (like lots of us) had given up hope that I'd ever see the band live. From the opening video montage to the last note, I was mesmerized. Thanks to Raspberries and the Overdubs, Bernie, and all of my incredible friends from this site, that night is hands DOWN one of my favorite memories!
  20. Happy Birthday, Valorie !! I hope you have a WONDERFUL day !!
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