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  1. OR...the crazy song "Marie Laveaux" !!! FUN times !
  2. Back in their earlier days, when I first saw them, they were a bit different...a little crazier, rough around the edges, and I'm sure, higher than a kite. I still always loved the passion in this song..."Carry me, Carrie". (Dennis is hardly recognizable !!)
  3. Well....we all dig EC. BW, not so much for me...
  4. I absolutely LOVE Dr. Hook! From their silly antics onstage to the tender love songs Dennis Locorriere sang so beautifully. I've been lucky enough to see them several times over the years, and had a blast each time. Dennis is living in England these days, and I understand is going to begin a "world tour" soon!!! I hope there are some US dates scheduled......I'd definitely travel to see him again. Just a couple of my favorites..I Don't Wanna Be Alone Tonight and More Like the Movies.
  5. I love Bev Doolittle...I have a print of "Pintos" and "When the Wind Had Wings"! She's very talented, indeed!
  6. Have a great time! Can't wait to hear how great the concert was......
  7. I'm drawn to many works from the Pre-Raphaelite era. I also tend to really enjoy the techniques of a few that I would call my "favorite" artists.. Edgar Degas Wiliam-Adolphe Bouguereau Jean Leon Gerome Great topic, susie!
  8. I love your sense of adventure, susie! Although I REALLY loved backpacking cross country in my earlier years, I guess I'm just too old and boring these days. I have friends that grew up and live near Lake Bodensee on the Germany/Switzerland border near the town of Friedrichshafen...it's an absolutely gorgeous area and every direction you look is more picturesque than the last...I'd love to visit there again. If you go.....take tons of pictures and remember lots of stories so you can tell us!
  9. Being a Colorado mountain girl, I'm definitely one of the cold weather lovers! I go back home as often as I can to get my mountain, wildlife, snow fix. M.E., It's funny you say Paul can't wait to get back to the cold in DC, because I keep wondering where the cold and snow IS !! lol I guess it's a good thing we don't all want the same climate, right ?
  10. Happy, Happy Birthday, Tammy !!
  11. I've heard it said that all we really need in life is good family and good friends. With you I can’t tell the difference...but whichever you are, I am so lucky and so overjoyed that you are one of mine. Happy Birthday, Bernie! May your every dream come true...because you, my friend, deserve it all ! Love you! TIME TO CELEBRATE !!!!
  12. Welcome, Katub! So glad you found EC.Com! Jump right in...I'm really happy you're here!!
  13. marlene

    Chat Room

    You'll just be a little behind (along with me), ME. No worries !
  14. marlene

    Chat Room

    Wonderful!! Ter2, it's always been so much fun. I'm a terribly slow typist, so I'm usually behind a topic or two...but that makes things even more crazy (in a good way). Happy you're willing to join us to give it a try... Woohoo, Cheryl !! So, would evenings work for both of you? If not, what time is best?
  15. marlene

    Chat Room

    Sooooo, a few of the EC.Com girls were in the chat room a few evenings ago having some good conversation and a few laughs, and we thought it might be fun to set up a "chat night" or a scheduled chat so that everyone who felt like joining, could jump in with us. Any thoughts? Would anyone interested? ( It's so much fun ! )
  16. Not sure how many people will be familiar with this one by the Eagles. One of the saddest songs I've ever heard written about 9/11.
  17. Oh, of course it's tellable.... It was after the first Raspberries concert in Cleveland..after the meet and greet and after party, etc...it was late! I was like a junkie who'd just had a huge fix (my drug=Raspberries and a "love fest" of new friends), and my mind was a little fuzzy. The weather in Ohio is pretty darned C O L D in the winter, and for some reason when I left the House of Blues, I kinda got turned around and couldn't remember which way my hotel was. No cabs....no GPS, not many people out on the street. I was standing there trying to decide what to do, when suddenly, out of nowhere, appeared this Knight in Shining Armor (Pat) on his steed (warm vehicle). He SO kindly stopped and asked if I was ok, and if he could help me. I felt silly...but told him I was lost and where I needed to go...he said "jump in" and he took me right to the front door! Not only that, but he gave me a very cool newspaper article about the reunion/show (he had an extra one). I still have it tucked safely away with my other memorabilia of the reunion tour. SO, the truth is...if not for Pat, aka one of the nicest guys on the planet, I could very well have walked in circles around Cleveland in the snow until I became a frozen girl-cicle.
  18. Pat, I will never forget how you rescued me that night, and you'll always be my hero for helping me !! Loved reading your story...I really miss you, my friend!
  19. I have some great memories of the reunion tour, as I’m sure many of us do, so I'll just quickly name a few that come to mind. The night Eric played the piano in the hotel after a Raspberries show into the wee hours for a few of us, (it was incredible). Celebrating Eric's birthday with him and so many other people that I love at WAB. There’s nothing quite like singing Happy Birthday to someone who’s music has meant so much to you. And thanks to a wonderful BFF, being invited to have dinner with the band after a concert. I am sure anyone here who has met Eric will agree with me that he is a smart, warm, funny, genuine soul. Lots of good times were definitely had (including some pretty fun sound check moments and after parties) and a few life long friends were made during that time. I do believe, however, that some of those wonderful memories should just be treasured and not shared. Not because of any illicit, gossipy, secretive stuff, just because they are my own to cherish.
  20. OMG...Kirk! The strangulation was classic! I remember it well....I think Gene missed getting a shot of it by a fraction of a second, but I'll see it in my mind's eye forever.
  21. marlene


    It's just my opinion, Kiwi, but I think it might not be a bad idea for Muzz to stick close by..... Who KNOWS what might happen with these two in DC ??!!!
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