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  1. marlene

    Santa Bernie

    Thank you so much, Bernie! We must have been good this year!!
  2. Gorgeous vocals! Nice find, Kirk
  3. RIP, Mr. Hefner. Not all that familiar with who he was as a person...just his public persona...but he definitely lived his life on his own terms!
  4. Happy, Happy Birthday, Susie!! Hope you're still celebrating and enjoying your birthday week!!
  5. One of my favorites, too! And you're so right, Susie, it was COLD!
  6. Thanks so much, ladies!! So far it's not so bad being 57 !!!
  7. Thanks for bringing this one back! I loved it the first time I heard it. I've said it before and will say it again....you ROCK, Bernie!
  8. I'm so sorry for your loss, Matthew. You and your family are in my prayers. Sending a big hug your way.
  9. So sorry I'm late! I hope you had a fantastic Birthday, Tammy !!!!
  10. and I'll say it here, too! Happy, Happy Birthday, Bernie! Wishing you all happiness in the world, my friend, today and every day! You rock!
  11. Sorry I'm late!!! I hope you had a super-special day, Theresa! Happy Birthday week! (that's right...I said week!)
  12. Hope you're having a wonderful day! Happy Birthday, Elizabeth4C!
  13. I hope your Birthday is as Happy as can be!! We need to catch up soon! Love you Tunesy!!!
  14. Happy Birthday, sweet friend! I hope your day was exactly as you wished it! Sending you some love from Maryland!
  15. OMGoodness!!!! Susie!! I'm sorry I'm so late and I certainly agree, birthdays should last longer than one day....SO, I'm officially going to celebrate your birthday again today! Glad your day was beautiful...just like you!! Happy Birthday !!!
  16. You never cease to amaze and impress me, Bernie! What you've accomplished in your career is truly incredible...and add to that what a kind and good person you are.....I'm just so proud to call you my friend!
  17. Thanks, guys! I really appreciate your wishes! You're the BEST!!
  18. Thank you, Cheryl and Terri !!
  19. Thank you so much, dear ones !!! You are THE best 'extended family" a girl could ever want!! Love you, Marlene
  20. Happy, Happy Birthday, Eric! The world is a much better place with YOU in it, and as always, I wish you just as much love and happiness as your heart can hold! Have a wonderful day! Love, Marlene
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