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  1. Thanks for clarifying this for us , Bernie !!
  2. I'm still so SAD you went to Earl's without me.... Ok, I'm not.....but glad you had a nice time !! Have fun with the Chicago contingent
  3. Thank you, Brian !! I'm sure these tickets will fly.....there's definitely going to be some amazing talent !
  4. WHAT ?!?!?!? That would be amazing ! Mike, please...keep us updated !
  5. Happy Birthday, MJ !! Hope it's been a great one so far !!
  6. Thanks, Pat !! I just signed up for the ECL ! The Desperate Fools are ready to go !!
  7. I guess Eric's like most of us....and we all know how those ebbs and flows of life can be. I'm hopeful he'll one day be back to post on a regular basis again, too. I've certainly always enjoyed his posts and the debates they sometimes sparked. He's brilliant, and his post are eloquent and provocative !
  8. So, you have an even number of teams in the ECL ? Would it be better for me to sign up for the RBL ?? (Although I know you guys are brutal in that league )
  9. Hey Tunesy !! Call me or pop me a text and let me know when you'll be in Denver....I'm going home to visit my parents later this month....would love to catch up with you !
  10. A wonderful first post !! Welcome, Raspberry Girl...you'll love it here.
  11. marlene


    Thanks, Lew...that was fun, but hard....I only got 4 of them right !!
  12. Sorry I missed it on "the day", but I hope you had a fantastic Birthday, PJ !!
  13. I didn't realize all these people were from Cleveland ! Even though personally, I'd put Eric at #1, he's definitely in great company !!
  14. Absolutely !!!! Alyssa Marlene Dougherty
  15. Incredible ! Dar, you're so right, it's really terrible that one person has THAT much power ! Thanks for sharing some your experiences, Eric. And great questions, Pat !
  16. I love Jerry Lewis! Have a great time, Bernie!
  17. Wishing my beloved "EC.Com" family a wonderful day. Happy Valentines Day !!
  18. Wouldn't it be the most fun to have the adventure of a new Raspberries tour ??!!!??
  19. I concur...VERY well done, MrB !! What a terrific gift to share with your students ! (and with us!! ) Thank you!
  20. WOO HOOO !!! THANK YOU, Mr. President !!!!
  21. Love this, Billy !! Thanks so much for sharing it. (ps When are you coming back to Rams Head ???)
  22. Hello plainjane !! Sorry I'm late with my welcome ! You know how life can be sometimes..... I'm happy to see you here, and look forward to you posting often !
  23. So creative !! Love it, Bernie
  24. A million congratulations on your new bundles of joy !! I'm sure they will not be spoiled at ALL by their grandparents, right ??
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