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  1. Gord, What's new with the painting ? I think i'm a bit behind on things here. Has everyone already seen it ? Just wanted an update, thanks ! Marlene
  2. marlene


    Ace Andy, Congratulations ! I wish you a long life together filled with happiness and love. We'll be thinking of you on Apr. 22nd. Marlene
  3. Julia... I've never seen it, but now i'm SOOOO curious ! Marlene
  4. Wow..everyone's choices are fantastic. I guess if i had to choose a favorite, probably "Isn't it Romantic" would get my vote. I love Eric's voice when he sings "when i look at you it takes my breath away"..... But any of the above mentioned songs definitely would make my heart skip a beat. Marlene
  5. Darlene, You're so funny. It's quite apparent that you will ALWAYS be young at heart !! Marlene
  6. That's so cool, Marvin! I think it's great that they are accessible and are willing to respond personally. Anything new and exciting going on with the guys that you care to share with the rest of us ? By the way...i'm envious..and i don't look good in green. Marlene
  7. Thanks for the update, Bernie. (And for all your hard work). I'm sure the result will be worth our wait ! Marlene
  8. I received the Fresh Raspberries album for my 13th birthday (i'm not telling my age, either !!) I listened to it over and over, driving my parents and siblings crazy, until i memorized every word....so for me it was not really a "single" song i remember...more an experience of his music. From then on i grabbed everything by EC that i could get my hands on ! Marlene
  9. Marvin, EC is not the ONLY thing i listen to throughout the day....it's just great cruisin' and singing along music for my commute. You're right, variety IS the spice of life.
  10. Thanks for the welcome Jennifer....it seems like a very fun and witty group we have here.
  11. I sing along with the Born To Love You CD every day on the way to work. Good thing i just LOOK silly to other drivers and that no one can actually HEAR me singing. YIKES !
  12. Imagine the thrill ! As a "barely" computer literate person, finding this absolutely wonderful site a few days ago.... yippee ! I have loved Eric Carmen's voice and music since...well...since...the moment i heard it back in his Raspberries days. Thank you, thank you..I look forward to the new book..it will be nice to learn more about the man behind "the voice". Marlene
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