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  1. Go Dave !!! Thanks for sharing the great news, Pat.
  2. Welcome, SnS !!! Nice to have you aboard.
  3. Wishing one of my favorite Leos an amazing start to a wonderful, joy filled year !!! Happy Birthday, Eric !
  4. Welcome, welcome, welcome, Gina !!
  5. What FUN we had !!! These are great, Bernie !!
  6. Happy Birthday, Chris !! Have a great day !
  7. marlene

    Love At 61

    Congratulations, Ira ! You're a wonderful guy, and no one deserves happiness more than you do !!! I wish you and Beverly many years of love and laughter !!!
  8. Happy, Happy Birthday, Giro !! Hope you had a WONDERFUL day !
  9. I haven't either. A few months ago, around the first of the year, I tried to call her....not her voice mail any longer. Knowing her, I don't get a very good feeling that it's been so long and none of us have heard anything from her.
  10. I'll say it here, too, Matt !! Hope you had a GREAT Birthday !
  11. WOW ! So happy for you that you were able to see him perform..what a treat !
  12. I just started reading East of Eden ...... again ! Am I the only person that re-reads books I really like? Not right away, but months/years later....is that weird? I mean, the story doesn't change....hmmmm....
  13. I remember them....
  14. Happy Birthday, John !! Hope you had a great day !
  15. Hope Eric sees this thread...what GREAT questions !!
  16. SO happy to see "Nowhere to Hide" in your top five list, Eric! It's been one of my favorites for a long, long time !!
  17. Fallen Masters ~ John Edward (the Medium, not the politician..)
  18. Andy Garcia .... without a doubt.
  19. Hope it's extra-special, just like YOU are !!! Happy Birthday, Miriam !
  20. I've pretty much heard and like all the songs on your Part 1 1950's list, Marvin. (Does that mean I'm old ??!!) Mona Lisa, Earth Angel, Bye Bye Love, and Just a Matter of Time are songs I always love to hear and sing along with....I'll have to take a listen to the Cliff Richard song. That's the one I'm not sure I've heard before. Thanks...can't wait for Part 2
  21. YES, I'm with you, Art !! Wouldn't that be wonderful ??!!!
  22. Sounds like you two had a great time !! (and what an awesome picture!)
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