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  1. They're all wonderful...I didn't realize there were so many, either!! A few of my favorites are Heidi Klum, John Elway, Elton John, and Trisha Yearwood (<~I'll never forget the story!) Congratulations, Bernie!!! This is amazing! 

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  2. <sigh> Lewisa, honey, we need to talk, sweetie! Maybe you should try playing just a teensy little bit hard to get?? Does Lew REALLY appreciate you??  Did James know just what a golden "catch" he had?  I have to wonder......

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  3. My heart is melting and breaking at the same time "seeing" so many of my old friends here again! You created a very special, magical place, indeed, Bernie. Lew, I remember meeting you at WAB when you thought we were all Moonies! :)   And Diane, that cheesecake was to die for!! (Still have my button, too!)  Gina! Where have you been, girlie?!?!!!  No matter how many miles separate all of us, every one of you will forever be near and dear to me!! Now, where's that email thread???


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