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  1. the only 'Berries song that comes close to being "Bubblegum" is "I Wanna Be With You"... and of EC's I'd put "Hey Deanie" as a contender, too, although they've got more depth than what usually constitutes a bubblegum song...

    Bubblegum is basically the music that came in the wake of Saturday Morning Cartoons, TV shows & cereal-box records (i.e. Archies, Buggaloos, Banana Splits, & the whole Kasenetz-Katz crew)... bands like The Monkees & Paul Revere & The Raiders were above the order, but were, at times, labeled as such...

    since glitter & glam took cues from this stuff, it's all a bit incestous... The 'Berries, like The Ramones, were smart enough to realize there was some inspiration to be gained from this stuff (what is "Loco-Motion" if not a bubblegum song???) and their music definitely has elements of bubblegum in it... cool

  2. I like Jon Brion A LOT! (Thanks Pierson). ec

    FYI: Eric Carmen & Jon Brion sat at the same table at Tommy Allen's wedding back in the early '90s...

    also, in all the vast blather of producers, engineers, musicians etc... I CAN NOT think of anyone more attuned and understanding of what GREAT pop can be than Jon Brion... he is by far the most adept, inspired, and aesthetically sound (KEY!) musician/producer going in the 21st century...

  3. ...I've got to admit, it's pretty hard to just sit back and say nothing while someone you've never met puts his particularly negative spin on something you know to be untrue. One of the reasons I decided to post here was to help clear up misconceptions about the band and myself. I honestly don't know why certain people always see the negative side of things (well, yes I do, not enough seratonin and dopamine production) but we all know people who are like that.

    and that's the amazing thing about this site and this message board!! I think it's a VERY beneficial thing for those of us who want the TRUE inside story... it is difficult for people to gauge and/or balance truth from fiction and to understand when someone is being sincere and does not have an agenda besides trying to give people some truth... It's very easy to acquiesce on an artist's board and be a sycophant... but this board is very open and liberal (sorry, Tony) with its boundaries (bar some off-kilter ravings & verbal savagery that mess w/ everyone's feelings) and has shown amazing tolerance, all things considered.

    I think it's been clear from the onset (and with the numerous "ec" posts) where Eric stands and what his motives are... and for us who have met him, it's an easy endorsement... the cool thing about such a relationship, is that now if there's a bone of contention and/or issue that needs to be addressed, it can be brought up with the artist, if done with discretion and sincerity...

    by the way has ec replied to Tony's question about that "Devil..." song??? smile

  4. most of my favorite live recordings have come from bootlegged audience tapes where you really get the best sense of the sound & power of the show (if properly caught on tape/disc)

    so my choices are very personal, although i can not live without side one (or 2,3 & 4) Kiss Alive...

    1. SCREEN TEST (aka The Flashcubes minus 1)- Hello Suzie (cover of The Move song) live at The Lost Horizon unreleased

    2. SOMETHING HAPPENS- Forget Georgia (live at The China Club) unreleased

    3. NEIL YOUNG- Motion Pictures (live at The Bottom Line) unreleased

    4. JONI MITCHELL- A Case Of You (from "Miles Of Aisles")

    5. THE CLASH- Complete Control ("From Here To Eternity Live")

    6. HAMELL ON TRIAL- 7 Seas (from "Ed's Not Dead: Hamell Comes Alive")

    7. RADIOHEAD- Fake Plastic Trees (live on Conan O'Brien) unreleased

    8. JOHN WESLEY HARDING- When The Beatles Hit America (live on KROQ) unreleased

    9. GRANT LEE BUFFALO- Fuzzy (live on Conan O'Brien) unreleased

    10. EVAN DANDO- My Drug Buddy (live at McCabe's) unreleased

    11. BIG STAR- Motel Blues (from "Big Star Live")

    12. DAVID BOWIE- Hang On To Yourself (from "Bowie At The Beeb" both versions)

  5. Also highly recommended, both for the polka music and the sheer hilarity - "The Last Polka", starring Eugene Levy & John Candy as The Shmenge Brothers (of SCTV fame), Stan and Yosh (Candy on clarinet, Levy on the 'cordeen). A great parody of Scorsese's "The Last Waltz", it's a documentary of the Shmenge's last show, and features such polka "greats" as Linsk Menjuvic (Rick Moranis), doing polka versions of "On The Road Again" and the Doors' "Touch Me", and the Lemon Sisters (Catherine O'Hara, her sister & Robin Duke). To quote from the Shmenges' greatest hit, "Cabbage Rolls & coffee....mmm, mmm, good!"

    THIS "DOCUMENTARY" is in many ways far superior to "This Is Spinal Tap"-- especially the aformentioned tunes, "Cabbage Rolls & Coffee" and Rick Mornais' Comic Apex: The medley where he sings The Doors' "Touch Me" and "On The Road Again"-- PURE COMIC GENIUS!!!!!!!!

    It's long out of print & fetches a pretty penny these days.....

  6. Must be from her moustache.

    quite the improbability since Bea suffered from the same dilemma that forced Joe Lynn Turner to wear a wig.... so any "hair" form Bea's concert days must've been from one of the numerous custom head pieces she had designed... our Bea was "clean" as they use to say...
  7. My god - you simply can't TOUCH her version of Bloodrock's 'DOA'!

    but the way she sings "there was something in the air..." kinda doesn't sit right...

    the double LP set "Bea Rocks: A Night Of Enhancement" is now available on a single CD from the Japanese label, Grumfrut founded by former sumo wrestling champ, Changmu Chitzi...

    Chitzi once appeared on one of Bea's live TV specials for CBS (i think in 1973)... he played the role of an angry Asian butler in a skit that did employ his wrestling skills... he tossed Sherman Hemsly near across the stage... there was also a dance ruotine w/ "What's Happening!!"'s Shirley Hemphill (pre-What's Happening, mind you) where they shook their big tuckuses all over the place... everyone was in stitches...

    needless to say, Bea repaid Hemphill the favor when she appeared on Hemphill's singing debut, "Just Me And My Cookbook." Bea & her duetted on the obscure Anka/Sedaka-penned number, "The Life We Live (Not So Fast)."

  8. How anyone could suggest that credit for the art created by an artist, slaving alone in front of his empty canvas, be shared is beyond me. Remember, nobody is taking away the great roles that Wally, Jim, Dave, Scott and Michael played in the creation of many of Eric's Raspberries songs -- and each was equally compensated for playing on them. But the songwriting is the songwriting. Period.

    My two cents,


    Exactly... and Eric CLEARLY explained in his posts the deal with the creation/writing of "Go All The Way."

    Too bad there was a "crediting" mishap that's f'd the whole thing up... and being that such a mishap could lead someone to get a little more pocket change, there's a bit more fuel to the fire...

    Unless Wally "thinks" he actually wrote those notes to the riff, he should understand Eric's point and realize the REALITY of the "crediting" ...and that Eric's decision is not based on any personal animosity or anger, but a simple clear distribution of what's deserved.

  9. Eric Carmen said:

    "Back Seat Of My Car" is one of the best things Paul has done, post-Beatles. I can't recall ever hearing him do it live. Anybody? ec

    this (along with a lot of RAM) has been a very tough thing to find live versions of... (or even rehearsals of)... as far as i know, i don't think there's a live version of it anywhere...

  10. BTW, she does an incredible job on "Cell Block #44". I could listen to her sing like that all day.


    FYI: Susie fans & Bangles fans... You must seek out & hear the RAINY DAY record she performs on... it's from 1983 (on Llama Records) and it's an LA "supergroup" consisting of many of the old paisley underground scene... Susanna does an amazing version of the Velvet Underground's "I'll Be Your Mirror" (arguably the best version of the song) & Bob Dylan's "I'll Keep It With Mine."

  11. .......i can't think of anyone who could cover "go all the way" and get away with it......

    mamacote & moi have discussed this before.... and no one seems to understand how untouchable of a song "go all the way" is... it's more than the sum of its parts-- which is tough to explain... all i know is that whenever anyone has tried to cover it, it has sounded dreadful or boring...

    since we're talking about sid & susie, i think bahoodore had it right w/ his choices... "let's pretend" might fall short unless they could muster a good amount of emotion...

  12. I appreciate your sentiments Trindy, (and Wally's too, for that matter) but "writing" and "playing" are not the same. Davey Johnstone played a very similar lick on the beginning of "Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting" but he doesn't get a writing credit for it.


    Which points out something that I've always thought was a bone of contention w/ the concept of songwriting credits... and at times something that gave guitarists the shaft...

    although, in the case of "Go All The Way" it's purely Eric's song & the riff is taken from Eric's creation-- I would think if any guitarist comes up with an original riff for a song (that's a major source of its HOOK) and is NOT derived from any part of the material written prior, he should get credit... from the sound of it, Johnstone's riff sounds like it's derived from the song... if not, Elton needs to buy him a house (just kidding)...

    Great posts Eric, regarding this topic!!!! They definitley give us all more insight into the process...

  13. 6. to buy a Hofner Beatle Bass that 'talked to me' at a vintage guitar show - production #1665 (last week of April 1965) - the week I was born!! [/QB]

    Being that you're from the Syracuse area, I hope you've heard Hamell On Trial's song "7 Seas" which is all about his guitar & how they "met"-- it's pure genius.... the guitar did speak to him as well... AND it's truly a part of his sound
  14. The Beatles were a complete fluke of the universe. Every planet in the cosmos lined up right for them. To think that John and Paul, two of the most brilliant songwriters in a generation, were born in the same town within a couple of years of each other, had similar ambitions, complimentary writing styles, were equally prolific and managed to find each other is just incredible. The fact that George Harrison lived nearby, unbelievable. That they ended up in the studio with George Martin, beyond belief. That they got to ride the wave of technology from 2 track, to 4, to 8, to 16, to 24, and had unlimited funding to sit in the recording studio and experiment with their classically trained, genius producer ,incomprehensible. For every great song John came up with, Paul wrote one that was just as good. ec

    ABSOLUTELY ABSOLUTELY PERFECT SUMMARY OF THE BEATLES!!!!!!! You should copyright this quote... also: for some reason, Ringo's inclusion is also freakish too... i've seen too many bands without the "right" drummer and/or comic foil... the fact that they sought him out and got him is par for their magic streak...
  15. HELLO???????????

    1. GO ALL THE WAY- Raspberries

    2. GO ALL THE WAY- Raspberries

    3. GO ALL THE WAY- Raspberries

    4. GO ALL THE WAY- Raspberries

    5. GO ALL THE WAY- Raspberries

    6. GO ALL THE WAY- Raspberries

    7. GO ALL THE WAY- Raspberries

    8. GO ALL THE WAY- Raspberries

    9. GO ALL THE WAY- Raspberries

    10. GO ALL THE WAY- Raspberries

    Get The Message???

    IMHO the Über BRIDGE in "Go All The Way" is the "Pet Sounds" of bridges... just absolutely spectacular & so defining....

  16. Don, I really wish I could embrace your take on Wally's comments, but "trite" is not a word I would ever associate with the "sound" of a recording. "Thin" or "tinny" or "gutless" or "lame" might refer to the sound, but"trite" would refer to "content." ...Wally never really liked the song, which is one reason why all the nonsense about him "co-writing" it seemed so disingenuous. ec

    And so the story continues...

    "Go All The Way" is still a very tough song to explain to people... & hearing/reading these comments from Wally & Eric about the record, just makes it even more interesting... despite the "bickering"....

    I think it reflects the nature of the concept which was a revolutionary juxtaposing of pop and rock... AND in 197f'n2! People seem to forget what the zeitgeist of rock was and where trends had been since 1968 and where they were heading...

    And since I always thought that Eric had to WORK to get his ideas across and to fruition with a ROCK BAND, it's not a surprise to hear this schism reappear...

    If anything, Eric sounds like Elvis P on the verses (especially on one of the live boots I heard from '72 or '73)... using "Bing" as a reference just overstates the concept... (and probably Wally's discomfort with the way Eric sings "I never knew how complete love could be..." which to me is pure genius after the intro, but still a shock)

    the "trite" remark isn't so far off base when one looks at what people were writing about in rock music... a song like "Go All The Way" immediately differentiates the 'Berries from all the boogie heads, progs, and anti-war hippies... it was also pretty far away from where their heroes (Kinks, Who, Lennon & McCartney, Beach Boys) were aesthetically at in 1972...

    a song about teenage angst in 1972 by a rock band can easily be judged as trite when seen on paper... the genuis of Eric & the Berries & the producers, was that they pulled it off... it also sealed their fate... WAY TOO ahead of its time...

  17. Eric Carmen said:

    That's "bop-om do-don-om-op-shoop" if you don't mind! ec <img border="0" alt="[Rant]" title="" src="graemlins/rant.gif" />

    You shoulda told 'em at Capitol when they "printed" the lyrics for "Raspberries' Best"-- i double checked... that's what's printed...

    absolutey pure rock & roll genius... like Spinal Tap says it's a fine line between sexist and sexy... or something like that!!!!

    and the colored girls go, "do do do do do do do..."

  18. They said it would never happen; but all five surviving Beach Boys -- co-founders Brian Wilson, Mike Love, David Marks and Al Jardine, along with longtime member Bruce Johnston -- will appear together on Tuesday (June 13th), on the rooftop of Capitol Records' Los Angeles headquarters. Marc

    This is amazing news!!!! as much as I'm not a fan of Mike Love and most recent incarnations of the "Beach Boys"... I'm very happy to see this bridge mended... It will hopefully make Brian more content and happy...
  19. Looking forward to a listen.

    well, judging from the "single" you'll be f'n blown away-- it's really as great as anything they've laid their name on... production wise it's a damn masterpiece both performance & sonically speaking... wow
  20. a close second to sir bonfanti's performance on "Ecstasy" would be sir tommy allen/mamacote's 1983 live take of The Move's "Hello Suzie" with his then band Screen Test...

    truth be known (and this is THE TRUTH, I swear on Koin Grümmer's grave), Tommy's other band The Flashcubes are in the midst of recording a full-blown studio version of the Move song as we speak...

    Screen Test, on the other side of the KOIN, will FINALLY get their just deserts this summer when the Japanese label Air Mail Recordings releases the best of their '80s recorded output which nary a freak outside of Syracuse, NY caught wind of, but was still one of the brightest lights of pop and power pop for that decade.

  21. James said:

    Ernest must have boinked Bea Arthur :huh:

    Respective marriages aside, Ernest Borgnine and Beatrice Arthur's very secretive tryst during the second season of "McHale's Navy" did result with at least one love child who was put up for adoption and raised by hippies in Laurel Canyon. They gave him what was an atypical name for the time, Cyrstal Deemer Vutzer.

    Vutzer (aka Britt Vala) went on to become a slightly respected bit-part player on '80s sitcoms with recurring roles on the off-shoot of "Family Ties," "Blood Don't Run" and the short-lived Martin Short vehicle, "Broomsticks And Noodles." He also had a gossip column ("Just Sayin'...") for the LA Weekly in 1989.

    Vutzer disappeared from the limelight in the '90s but made a respective TV comeback in the 21st century on the USA network drama, "Flatline Stat," which co-starred Torey Spelling as the troubled co-ed who couldn't cut med school because of her drug problems and an "on and off again" affair with Corey Feldman (played by Corey Feldman!).

    When asked if he had any comments about the split between McCartney and his gal Heather, Vutzer said, "Well that's the way love goes sometimes don't it. Sorry to see it didn't work out. I hope they can mend their bridges and get on with things without all that messy stuff that famous couples go thorugh. I should know, I'm a love child of one the oddest couples in Hollywood history."

    Vutzer is set to be part of VH1's next season's "Surreal Life."

    Once again, to paraphrase Eric Carmen, everything written here is pure unadulterated rubbish. :)

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