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  1. I will post it again:

    I want to hear just those 4 guys playing "I Wanna Be With You" full tilt... I know they can pull it off-- I think it would be a more powerful reaction to just see them onstage right after the film than w/ the all the back-ups... for the more intricate stuff it makes sense to have more musicians, but for straight ahead Beatlesque power pop, let's see the band do it on their own...

  2. Sad music is an expression of life itself-- a very reaffirming thing-- we are all dealing with some very harsh things-- if an artist can reflect this in music, it's much more of a productive concept than killing the artist

    Jim Carroll tried in vain to express to Kurt Cobain why life was always worth living-- it was a valiant attempt from someone who had seen just about everything life could dish out without jumping from the bridge to snuff it all...

    Obviously Kurt failed in a major way... who knows what his future would've produced if he had lived...

  3. It's a brilliant idea, although I prefer it in reverse... I want to hear just those 4 guys playing "I Wanna Be With You" full tilt... I know they can pull it off-- I think it would be a more powerful reaction to just see them onstage right after the film than w/ the all the back-ups... for the more intricate stuff it makes sense to have more musicians, but for straight ahead Beatlesque power pop, let's see the band do it on their own...

  4. "Go All The Way" was on K-Tel's Believe in Music, too, I think.


    "Go All The Way" is track 8 on side one...

  5. Were any Raspberries cuts on K-tel? If so, I never had that release.

    frown --Darlene




    1. "BRIGHT SIDE OF MUSIC" (K-Tel TU230) 1973


    "I Wanna Be With You" (2nd track side one)

    "Let's Pretend" (2nd track side two)

    2. "FANTASTIC" (K-Tel TU233) 1973


    "I Wanna Be With You" (6th track side one)

    3. "MUSIC POWER" (K-Tel TU234) 1974


    "Tonight" (7th track side two)

  6. Originally posted by Carmen Smalley:

    [QB] Pierson,How can you like Love And Rockets if you hate Bauhaus so much?

    I very much prefer Daniel Ash & David J's voices to Peter Murphy's... I always thought that L&R were a huge improvement from Bauhaus

  7. i like butch walker but with a lot of well-intentioned rock/pop artists (i.e. Tal Bachman) they get real close to losing their identity... If the artist comes across with more edge & intelligence & doesn't rely on old rock & pop cliches, than it's more appealing... At least w/ Butch there's a good sense of melody & it really is a lot like power pop... as soon as it sounds too contrived (or cookie-cutter) I run away...

  8. Screen Test: I Get Restless (1982 The Jab)

    Dictators: Master Race Rock (1986 The Ritz)

    Something Happens: Beach (1989 China Club)

    Replacements: Color Me Impressed (1991 Merriweather Post Pavillion, MD)

    Jon Brion: Isn't It A Pity (2003 Largo)

    My Chemical Romance: I'm Not Okay (2005 Starland Ballroom)

    Psychedelic Furs: Into You Like A Train (2000 Ortley Beach)

    Echo & The Bunnymen: Rescue (Fez 2002)

    Radiohead: Lucky (Irving Plaza 1997)

    Blur: Beetlebum/Song 2 (Supper Club 1997)

  9. I just mentioned a bunch of stuff I play which is reminiscent to what was tagged "modern rock" back in the '80s -- way before grunge-- so it doesn't really sound nearly as much like "rock" as it does "pop" WHICH IS A GOOD THING... especially in the '80s when there was a dearth of anything remotely good that was "rock" (except, Husker Du, Fugazi, Dramarama, Replacements, Jesus & Mary Chain, Pixies, Soul Asylum, Black Flag, Misfits, Dead Kennedys, Descendents, Social Distortion, Cramps, Fall)

    this was stuff like Teardrop Explodes, Echo & The Bunnymen, XTC, P. Furs, Cure, Love & Rockets, Depeche Mode, New Order, Smiths, Siouxsie-- stuff that was the meat & potatoes of KROQ in so Cal between 1981-1988... yes it was "dance-y" and a lot was part of the synth pop scene which was all part of the post-punk explosion...

    beware of the more metal-oriented stuff because a lot if can be a mess & not tie-in with what was once "modern rock" or the post-punk world.... it's much more a byproduct of the '90s & grunge where hardcore punk & speed metal seaped into the mainstream...

    a lot of the stuff I listed is a lot like early XTC (A GREAT thing indeed) as well as Gang Of Four, APB, early New Order & Joy Division.... sorta dance-y.... BUT definitely edgey...

    I luv Rufus but he's already settled down a bit-- the new Eric Carmen would be a guy called Ed Harcourt! Like Rufus, a lot of his stuff is piano based.... unlike Rufus, he keeps on getting better-- his new CD, "Strangers" is one of 2005's best... I also forgot A Girl Called Eddy...

    Please don't lump International Noise Conspiracy in w/ the more metal/heavy stuff.... they're a bit more on the Stooges side of the fence...

  10. As obscure as they are, Barry & The Remains have always had a place in the hearts of garage rock aficionados. I caught wind of them in the late '70s via Lenny Kaye's collection for Elektra called "Nuggets" which, in 1998, was expanded to a 4-CD deal on Rhino.

    The first draft of "Nuggets" included "Don't Look Back" (the band's final single) which was written by an outside source, Billy Vera. The box set tacked on another track, their first single, "Why Do I Cry," which was a big local hit in Boston in 1965.

    Recently, the band blew everyone's mind at NYC's annual garage rock fest, "Cavestomp." I believe they reunited around 1999/2000.

  11. Modern Rock is as alive & in top form as its ever been-- what that does, when there's an enormous amount of good new talent, is alienate people who don't have an attention span or a set of ears to turn it into good radio...

    Still, it's not a very profitable deal to format a radio station on new music & since it requires work to make it sound great amongst the classics, no one cares to try...

    here's a list of new songs I've played amongst all the other things I dig deep into for my free-form radio show...

    DOVES- Snowden ("Some Cities" 2005 Capitol)

    NIC ARMSTRONG- Natural Flair ("The Greatest White Liar" 2005 New-West)

    HOT HOT HEAT- Running Out Of Time ("Elevator" 2005 Sire)

    SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES- Bigtime ("Origin Vol. 1" 2005 Universal)

    SPOON- The Beast & Dragon Adored ("Gimme Fiction" 2005 Merge)

    LCD SOUNDSYSTEM- Tribulations ("LCD Soundsystem" 2005 EMI)

    THE PONYS- Today ("Celebration Castle" 2005 In The Red)

    LOUIS XIV- Paper Doll ("The Best Little Secrets Are Kept" 2005 Atlantic/Pineapple)

    BRENDAN BENSON- Alternative To Love ("the Alternative To Love" 2005 V2)

    MANDO DIAO- Annie's Angle ("Hurricane Bar" 2005 Capitol)

    BLOC PARTY- Helicopter("Silent Alarm" 2005 Vice/Dim Mak)

    THE FUTUREHEADS- Hounds Of Love ("The Futureheads" 2005 Sire)

    THE WONDER STUFF- Another Comic Tragedy ("Escape From Rubbish Island" 2005 Gig)

    ED HARCOURT- This One's For You ("Strangers" 2005 Astralwerks)

    REGINA SPEKTOR- Us ("Soviet Kitsch" 2005 Sire)

    LLOYD COLE- Late Night, Early Town ("Music In A Foreign Language" 2004 One Little Indian)

    TRASHCAN SINATRAS- Weightlifting [live on WRSU 2004]

    THE GO-BETWEENS- Finding You ("Ocean's Apart" 2005 Yep Roc)

    MARK MULCAHY- I Have Patience ("In Pursuit Of Your Happiness" 2005 Mezzotint)

    SMART BROWN HANDBAG- Big Sigh ("The Big Sigh" 2004 Stonegarden)

    IVY- Thinking About You ("In The Clear" 2005 Nettwerk)

    PITTY SING- Bleeding Hearts ("Pitty Sing" 2005 Or Music)

    the majority of these bands have played NYC and have sold out all of their shows (sometimes 700-1500 tix w/ the help of no real radio airplay)

    other good new/current 2004/2005 releases that deserve airplay:

    Arcade Fire

    Maximo Park

    Death Cab For Cutie

    The Bravery


    Wedding Present

  12. There's someone on ebay advertising the "Best of Eric Carmen" (without "Make Me Lose Control") as the "rarest" of Eric's records...


    Always remember that anyone touting "rarest" is usually a huckster... "rare" may be ok... I mean, in truth, how does this compare with a mint copy the Quick single on Epic???? or any Raspberries pic-sleeve single??? PLEASE...
  13. Here are tracks that have been recorded for the all-covers album:

    "10538 Overture" (ELO)

    "20th Century Boy" (T. Rex)

    "Don't Believe a Word" (Thin Lizzy)

    "Drive in Saturday" (David Bowie)

    "Hanging on the Telephone" (Blondie)

    "Hellraiser" (Sweet)

    "He's Gonna Step on You Again" (John Kongos)

    "No Matter What" (Badfinger)

    "Little Bit of Love" (Free)

    "Rock On" (David Essex)

    "Stay With Me" (The Faces)

    "Street Life" (Roxy Music)

    "The Golden Age of Rock & Roll" (Mott The Hoople)

    "Waterloo Sunset" (The Kinks)

    "American Girl" (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)

    "Heartbeat" (Jobriath)

    "How Does It Feel" (Slade)

    "Kick Out the Jams" (MC5)

    "Roxanne" (The Police)

    "Dear Friends" (Queen)

    "When I'm Dead and Gone" (McGuinness Flint)

    "Winter Song" (Lindisfarne)

    Marvin [/QB]

    THE ONE THING DL HAS GOING FOR THEM IS AMAZING TASTE-- Too bad it didn't transfer... as much as they try to be cool their music will always sound much more akin to Journey or Bon Jovi than the any of these bands they're covering... This album looks like a very scary proposition-- especially the Roxy Music, Kinks & Slade choices...

    the John Kongos tune was covered by The Happy Mondays back in the '90s w/ shortened title: "Step On."

    If anyone else is into the folkier side of Badfinger, they'd be happy to track down, McGuinness Flint's "When I'm Dead & gone" which sounds like a Tom Evans outtake.... it's off their 1970 debut ("McGuinness Flint") which did come out in the states on Capitol....

  14. i could go on forever.... but I'll do the ones that come to mind first...

    1. FLASHCUBES: Hello Suzie (The Move), Do Anything You Wanna Do (Eddie & The Hot Rods)

    2. POSIES: Song Of A Baker (Small Faces), Beck's Bolero (Jeff Beck)

    3. PRETENDERS: Windows Of The World (Burt Bacharach)

    4. TRASHCAN SINATRAS: Alfie (Burt Bacharach), Junk (Paul McCartney)

    5. NANCY SINATRA: Let Me Kiss You (Morrissey)

    6. DREAM ACADEMY: It'll Never happen Again (Tim Hardin)

    7. PARASITES: Die Trying (New Math)

    8. GARY CHARLSON: Hey Deanie (Eric Carmen), Do Whatever We Want (Vance Or Towers)

    9. THE BONGOS: Mambo Sun (T. Rex)

    10. DAVID BOWIE: White Light/White Heat (Velvet Underground), Don't Bring Me Down (Pretty Things)

    11. EVEN JOHANSEN: Dancing In The Moonlight (Thin Lizzy)

    12. MATERIAL ISSUE: Cowboy Song (Thin Lizzy), Blockbuster (Sweet)

    13. CLASH: Police & Thieves (Junior Murvin), I Fought The Law (Bobby Fuller/Sonny Curtis), Police On My Back (Eddie Grant/Equals)

    14. ENGLISH BEAT: Can't Get Used To Losing You (Andy Williams)

    15. DUSTY SPRINGFIELD: What Are You Doing For The Rest Of Your Life (Barbara Striesand/Shirley Bassey), Spooky (Classics IV)

    16. BEATLES: Money (Barrett Strong)

    17. ELVIS COSTELLO: What's So Funny 'Bout Peace Love & Understanding (Brinsley Schwarz)

    18. DAVE EDMUNDS: Girl's Talk (Elvis Costello), Crawling From The Wreckage (Graham Parker)

    19. GRAHAM PARKER: I Want You Back (Jackson 5)

    20. RAMONES: Indian Giver (1910 Fruitgum Co.), R.A.M.O.N.E.S. (Motorhead)

    21. DRAMARAMA: Memo From Turner (Mick Jagger), Candidate (David Bowie)

    22. REM: Crazy (Pylon)

    23. FRANK SINATRA: Misty (Johnny Mathis)

    24. VELVET CRUSH: Remember The Lightning (20/20)

    25. LIGHTNING SEEDS: You Showed Me (Turtles)

    26. FLO & EDDIE: Afterglow (Small Faces)

    27. THE JAM: David Watts (Kinks)

    28. THE WHO: Leaving Here (Eddie Holand)

    29. MATTHEW SWEET: Dreams (Fleetwood Mac)

    30: BAUHAUS: Third Uncle (Eno)

    31. REDD KROSS: Deuce (Kiss)

    32. CHEAP TRICK: Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace (Terry Reid)

    33. DAVID CASSIDY: Tomorrow (McCartney)

    34. GOLDEN SMOG: Love & Mercy (Brian Wilson)

    35. DEEP PURPLE: Hush (Joe South)

    36. LED ZEPPELIN: When The Levee Breaks (Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie)

    37. YARDBIRDS: I'm A Man (Bo Diddley)

    38. TRACEY ULLMAN: Terry (Kirsty Maccoll)

    39. ACTION FIGURES: 9 O'Clock (Snips), Dandelion (Stones)

    40. SEARCHERS: Love's Melodies (Duck's Deluxe)

  15. I have yet to see one contestant on this program who has even a thimble-full of talent.

    Despite the show being a bad showcase for cover versions of overplayed songs...

    IT IS AMAZING TELEVISION... I tape the damn thing religiously which allows me to fast forward thru ryan seacrest & all the lame ballyhoo & catch the performances & what the judges say...

    It's very easy to have a hate/luv relationship w/ Simon because he comes across like a cheesey cad whose ego was tragically bloated from success as an A&R guy-- the only good thing about the schmuck is that he's a straight shooter & many times he's the only one on the money...

    Scott does have a decent voice but hasn't learned how to sing yet...like most of the contestants, which is the charm of the show-- A lot of them truly get their bearings & evolve... Some are dead in the water...

    The one who shoulda been voted off is that kid with the blonde hair who gave one of the all-time worst performances on the week they did songs from Broadway.... it made William Hung sound good...

    Some have a thimble-full of talent-- they can sing.. beyond that, none of them are truly exciting, although Bo Bice would be good in a southern rock band or a Blood Sweat & Tears tribute band...

  16. Like the "year" the music died (1959), 1975 was indeed a low point in the evolution of rock and roll with a serious dearth of anything positive in a "progressive" sense or what could be considered the spirit of rock and roll.

    The Berries died as Big Star fizzled, Badfinger lost Apple. John Lennon retired. The key players in England's glam/gliter scene were toast. Slade were basically finished. T. Rex was as well. Bowie & Roxy Music saw the writing on the wall and went searching for other things. Motown was done too, with the exception of Stevie.

    Pop radio was truly becoming pap radio. Disco on the rise. AOR by the door. Most of our favorite '70s singer-songwriters were on a downhill swing afterwards hardly cutting anything as monumental as their stuff during the first half of the decade.

    The only upswing of '75 was Bruce Springsteen, Patti Smith, The Dictators, and The Dwight Twilley Band. The next year punk and new wave would emerge & by 77-78 we had truckloads of all kinds of interesting stuff again. Many following the lead of The Raspberries & Big Star. This was what was needed to battle against corporate (cookie-cutter) rock even though there was equal amounts of cookie-cutter stuff from that scene as well.

  17. JB,

    For us that know the process & those who write these books, it's always a labor of love with meager returns, if any at all...

    One cautionary note: Always try to couch your terms or statements so they don't read as a press release when they're used as posts...

    That said... anyone on this site who is serious about the Raspberries, Eric Carmen & their legacy would be crazy not to support such a mission...

  18. The Bonfanti/Outsiders mis-information (thanks for clearing that up Marvin!) was printed on the front cover of "Raspberries' Best" LP in the "How It Began" section:

    "Jim played drums on 'Girls In Love' and 'Respectable,' two flops by the Outsiders when that group tried to follow their only hit, 'Time Won't Let Me.'"

    The piece was written by Randall S. Davis....

  19. I did a quick search to see if anyone had ever posted regarding Sonny's eratic recording career and how the Raspberries & Eric Carmen are "involved" and did not find anything.

    The quick story is: Sonny was the lead singer for the Cleveland pop band The Outsiders who had a top 5 hit in 1966 with "Time Won't Let Me" and much like the 'Berries only dented the charts slightly with 3 other entries & were "history." The Raspberries connection here was that Jim Bonfanti played on some recordings, although I'm not totally sure of the facts & if the song(s) appear on any Outsiders album.

    Geraci charted again in 1972 with the one-hit wonder outfit, Climax, with the mega-smash "Precious & Few."

    More than 10 years later, in 1983, an obscure MOR-ish pop/rock album by a guy called Peter Emmett featured two Eric Carmen-penned tracks (both "Sleep With Me" & "The Inside Story" from "Tonight You're Mine") & went nowhere fast. Peter Emmett wasthe psuedonym for Sonny Geraci.

    The album was called "The Peter Emmett Story" & was released on a small subsidiary of MCA (Sweet City Records).

    For Eric Carmen complete-ists it's an intersting find. Sonny also covers another Cleveland artist's tune; Kevin Raleigh's "Don't Say You're Sorry." Kevin was the other vocal half of The Michael Stanley Band...

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  20. has it been posted on this site that Sonny Geraci was the singer in the Outsiders (of which Jim Bonfanti had a brief stint with).... who had the hit "Time Won't Let Me" in 1966....?

    in 1972 Geraci returned w/ Climax (and the samsh "Precious & Few").....

    once again, in 1983 Geraci returned under the psuedonym Peter Emmett & released the sole LP "The Peter Emmett Story" which contained two Eric Carmen songs, "Inside Story" & "Sleep With Me"....

  21. Albert had his hands in many a pie... & what may be his shining moment, "For The Peace Of All Mankind" seems to be one of the most criminally ignored lost classics ever.... Terry Sylvester of '70s-era Hollies fame covered it on a solo LP & my dear friends, Screen Test once covered it in a very stylish manner....

    Albert's son (Albert Hammond Jr) is the guitarist for The Strokes....

  22. that's too bad (about the sax on "Baker St").... needless to say i'll never get it out of my ears, either...

    Joe Egan's "Star" should be noted as their creative peak... although some other gems are scattered about.... including "Benediction"

    I believe both Egan & (definitely) Rafferty had solo albums out prior to S.W. & obviously afterwards.... not to mention the Hummblebums (sp?)

    too bad it took a painful movie scene to keep S.W. back on the airwaves here on the east coast...

  23. Absolutely absolutely..... the "come on"s are pure "go all the way" precursors.... it would be a great song for The 'Berries to cover... also check out The Quick's "Ain't Nothing Gonna Stop Me" which was Eric's stab at an "Ogden's Nut Gone Flake" era Small Faces tune.... something which he would nail to perfection w/ "I Can Hardly Believe Your Mine" which is arguably the greatest Small Faces tribute ever... it's a true spiritual brother of "Afterglow"...

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