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  1. I meant Alex was heard from after the hurricane hit, but was still in New Orleans..,

    other news: Chilton was stranded in New Orleans until Sunday, when he was rescued by helicopter...

    Chilton said he had enough food & water but was afraid of the gangs in the city...

  2. time wont let me/The outsider's '67 they were later called Climax in '72 w/ the no.# Ballad..'precious n few', remember?

    ALSO... the main thread is singer Sonny Geraci... who also put out an obscure pop/rock LP in the early '80s called the "Peter Emmett Story" which featured 2 Eric Carmen tunes, "Sleep W/ Me" & "Inside Story"
  3. It is unclear as to whether he made it out of New Orleans before the storm hit.


    from what i read on a post on Friday was that Alex was heard from after the hurricane , but hasn't been heard from since the city flooded...

    the new Big STar CD is done & there are advance copies (got mine last nite & will be listening to it asap)....

    if anyone hears about Alex's whereabouts please post it asap...

  4. 1) Pink Floyd (including Syd Barrett to do a few songs)

    4) Led Zeppelin (With Jason Bonham on Drums)

    5) CCR

    Depending on Syd's stability, I'd guess this far down, it may be impossible, or should not be attempted in respect to his legend... in other words he should not do it just to please those who want to see how stable/unstable he is... he should only do it if David Gilmour & Syd's family see any artistic validity to it...

    LED ZEP should not reunite, even w/ Jason, because, Jason ain't his dad (even though he's a great drummer) & Robert Plant can't sing the songs the way they need to be done to hit optimum effect (i.e. like Eric & the Raspberries)...

    CCR would be cool









  5. The current Foreigner is:

    Mick Jones-lead guitar

    Kelley Hansen-vocals

    Jeff Pilson-bass

    Jason Bonham-drums

    Jeff Jacobs-keyboards

    Thom Gimbel-sax, guitar, etc.


    Looks like a cover band to me...... or tribute.... w/ a special guest of course...
  6. I didn't get the lowdown on how the Wondermints started getting involved.

    in 1995 the Wondermints got invloved because Rodney Bingenheimer mentioned to Brian that there was a new band in LA who were huge fans & made great Beach Boys-influnced pop records... Ex-Dramarama bassist Chris Carter began managing the band around this time & was hosting a short-lived syndicated radio show called Brave New Radio.

    Somehow, the powers that be aligned: Brian appeared on the show to perform & needed a backup band. At this time Chris was still in the working phases of putting together the Bingenheimer-bio film/documentary "Mayor Of The Sunset Strip."

    (Rodney was responsible for breaking Dramarama on the LA market on KROQ where their song "Anything Anything" became an alternative rock staple.)

    A call was made to Rodney to ask Brian if he was into doing it w/ The Wondermints. Brian said, "yes," and the rest was history... sort of...

    On the show they performed "Darlin," "God Only Knows," "California Girls" and "Do It Again." Drummer Mike D'Amico was absent & was replaced by Blondie/Dramarama drummer Clem Burke... Very all in the family...

    It was around this time that Brian was quoted as saying, "If Wondermints were around in the '60s I would've took 'Pet SOunds' on the road..."

    Needless to say, a seed was planted & as time progressed, the 'Mints got to know Brian better & landed the life-altering gig....

  7. amen... I saw them do "Don't Want To Say Goodbye" in Cleveland & was blown away by the Eric/Wally vocal combo & how well they played it... it's also a rare side of the band that's more- "White Album"-ish than pre-Sgt Pepper....

    same goes for "I Saw The Light" which was transcendent.... please put these songs back & get rid of some of the cover versions, pleeze....

  8. I believe it was Terry Sylvester who sang lead on the classic Hollies chestnut 'Jesus Was a Crossmaker' not Mikel Rikfers.


    Tell Eric Carmen the News.... or tell Cameron Crowe the news...

    "Jesus Was A Crossmaker" has few more degrees of seperation....

    It was written & originally done by the obscure, yet obviously gifted, female singer-songwriter Judee Sill...

    Sill had a publishing deal w/ Blimp Music which I think was associated w/ The Turtles who covered her song "Lady-O" in 1969..

    The Catch?... "Lady-O" sounds like a huge influence on Eric Carmen's song "Waiting"... they are truly kindred spirits...

    Also... (and u can't make this stuff up)... Graham Nash (who Terry Sylvester replaced in The Hollies) ACTUALLY produced Sill's version of "Jesus Was A Crossmaker"...

    Henry Diltz took the cover shot of the debut LP....

    XTC's Andy Partridge recently sighted her as an enormous influence on his work...

    The end quote on the inner sleeve of her LP states: "May You Savor Each Word Like A Raspberry"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    other co-conspiritors:

    producers: jim pons (Turtles), Henry Lewy, John Beck

    David Geffen A&R

    backing vox: Rita Coolidge

  9. "come and get it" was'nt that produced by mccartney?

    yes.... & it was demo-d between the 'white album' & 'let it be' i think...

    great break down of the differences between the two bands, bill c....

    THE MAIN reason people compare the two bands was because both bands were an "anomoly" in the early '70s when such Beatles-influenced pop was way out of vogue...

    kids who grew up loving British Invasion bands & west coast pop like Beach Boys, Byrds, Turtles found both bands as a godsend amongst a lot of bloated hippie rock, self-indulgent prog, meandering sensitive singer songwriters (some great ones, though), boogie rock, and the trivialization of AM radio... despite some fab bubblegum and soul...

    Badfinger & Raspberries hit us like the BIGGEST ray of sunshine in 1971 & 1972 when it came out of the AM radios.... it was like "WHAT THE F*CK was THAT?!"

  10. as u can tell... it's hard to list a song that "no one's heard" except for yourself-- since I DJ and know a good amount of ferocious music freaks it's hard to come w/ any....still, here's some that very few people know about...

    choi choi- 'eyes of monroe'

    those french girls- 'punching windows' (insane bowie imitation)

    arnold- 'windsor park'

    even johansen- 'where hapiness lives'

    justin clayton- 'collide'

    warm jets- 'never never'

    adam daniel- 'her shake'

    creamcheeze goodtime band- 'living without you' (obscure 1972 canadian top30 hit)

    SHAM BECKO SAY WAH- 'Remember'

    MELONY- 'My Corona'

    PINKO PINKO- 'Cheekbone'

    THE FLAMINGOES- 'Teenage Emergency'

    ONE THE JUGGLER- 'Everyday'

    DENZIL- 'Fat Loose Fancies Me'

    POWER OF DREAMS- '100 Ways To Kill A Love'

    DAVID GARZA- 'Disocball World'

    MOOD SIX- 'The Contemporary Scene'

    HOWIE BECK- 'Maybe I Belong' (great underrated Canadian artist)

    SLEEP STATION- 'After The War'

    ANIMALS THAT SWIM- 'Smooth Steps'

    PIMLICO- 'Play For Today'

    SMART BROWN HANDBAG- 'Half Worth having'

    DIRTY LOOKS- '12:00 High'

    PHILAMORE LINCOLN- When You Were Looking My Way

    CHEROKEE- 'Girl, I've Got News For You'

    BLUE- 'I Wish I Could Fly' ("Blue" 1973 RSO)

    DOWNEY MILDEW- 'Frown Song'

  11. I stand corrected: things went downhill with "Head Games", but certainly picked up a notch or two with "Foreigner 4" - which had some really fine (imo) songs.


    It's all a matter of taste... as much as i don't care for Foreigner, i think Head Games has an edge most of their records doesn't have... dirty white boy, head games, rev on the red line... i'll take anyday over what i think is some of the worst tuneage ever: "Jukebox Hero"-- a godawful rock song if there ever was one....
  12. it seems that people will tolerate an awful lot of sh*t w/ "reunited" bands.... or ersatz make shift piece meal line-ups.... along w/ Doors, CCR, Queen, this is a new LOW... dreadful dreadful dreadful... Clem Burke will supposedly be on drums too....

  13. If you love the Carpenters, how can you not love Paul Williams,


    EXACTLY..... PW is the genius behind so much great pop from 1968-1973...

    it is the heart & soul of the artist that you hear on :

    "out in the country"

    "old fashioned love song"

    "you & me against the world"

    "we've only just begun"

    "rainy days & mondays""

    "i won't last a day without you"

    and other lesser known gems:


    "traveling boy"

    "waking up alone"

    "little girl"

    this is PURE Paul Williams at his best

  14. Mannoman, I indeed think they can recreate the sound of "I Can Hardly Believe Your Mine"....

    Structurally, it is not that complex, compared to "GATW" or "I Can Remember"....but there is a lot of dynamics and finesse to deal with. The mass of backing vocals is very intense....the key person in this is Jennifer, if they want to pull the song off live, the way they did the other songs in NYC.

    AFTER SEEING HOW POWERFUL THE BAND IS NOW, IT'S A NO-BRAINER... Although it's still a song that needs a lot of work to be pulled off...

    Tell Tommy Allen the news!!!!! This is THE song we are dying to hear... this is it!!!!!

    "On The Beach" would be our next request.... especially by the ocean side....

  15. The Sweet was a British rock band led by Brian Connolly (lead singer), Steve Priest (bass, vocals), Andy Scott (guitar, keyboards) and Mick Tucker (drums).

    Brian Connolly died on February 10, 1997 at the age of 52 of renal failure.

    Their first song "Co-Co" (co she ga ga oh, as heard in the chorus) (Bell) went to # 99 back in October of 1971.

    The next song would become their biggest hit "Little Willy" (Bell) & a gold record which debuted on the Hot 100 back in January 20, 1973.

    The song went to # 3 (kept from # 1 by War "The Cisco Kid" (spending it's second week) & "Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree" by Dawn Featuring Tony Orlando (spending it's third week at # 1) back on my birthday when I turned 8 years old on May 5, 1973.

    The next week, it was kept from "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life" (remix with horns) by Stevie Wonder & Dawn With Tony (# 4 week at # 1) in May 12, 1973. Finally, it was kept again from # 1 by Dawn With Tony (# 2) & Stevie which hit # 1 back in May 19, 1973.

    The next song "Blockbuster" (Bell) went to # 73 back in July of 1973.

    The group signed with Capitol Records in early 1975 & the song "Ballroom Blitz" (Capitol) which debuted in the Hot 100 back in June 14, 1975 & went to # 5 back in October 18, 1975.

    The next song "Fox On The Run" (Capitol) which debuted in the Hot 100 back in November 15, 1975 & a gold record that went to # 5 back in January 17, 1976.

    The next song "Action" (Capitol) debuted on the Hot 100 back in February 14, 1976 & went to # 20 back in April of 1976.

    The song "Funk It Up (David's Song)" (Capitol) went to # 88 back in August of 1977.

    The song "Love Is Like Oxygen" (Capitol) debuted on the Hot 100 back in February 18, 1978 & went to # 8 (2 weeks) back in June 24 & July 1, 1978.

    The final single "California Nights" (Capitol) went to # 76 back in August of 1978.

    The group did NOT Bubbled Under in Billboard.

    On the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts, the album "The Sweet" (Bell) debuted back in July 28, 1973 & went to # 191 back in August of 1973.

    The company Razor & Tie reissued the CD back in February of 1998 with 5 bonus tracks & it is NO longer made.

    The album "Desolation Boulevard" (Capitol) & a gold record debuted back in July 26, 1975 & went to # 25 back in January of 1976.

    The album "Give Us A Wink" (Capitol) debuted back in March 6, 1976 & went to # 27 back in May of 1976.

    The album "Off The Record" (Capitol) debuted back on May 14, 1977 & went to # 151 back in June of 1977.

    The album "Level Headed" (Capitol) debuted back in February 18, 1978 & went to # 52 back in July of 1978.

    The album "Cut Above The Rest" (Capitol) debuted back in May 12, 1979 & went to # 151 back in June of 1979.

    The album "Sweet VI" (Capitol) from 1980 did NOT chart or Bubbled Under on Billboard.


    MATT: FYI... here's a way to make it easier for the folks to read... yours truly, editor boy, pat pierson... GREAT INFO!

    p.s. any info on any Sweet import comps-- newer ones, preferably...???

  16. The Tremblers LP enjoyed many a spin on the Allen Bros's turntable back in the day

    Noone's solo LP, which came out in the early 80s also had some good stuff.

    Don't know whatever became of him (probably fat and bald somewhere -- like Punky).

    I think i 1st heard that Tremblers LP via that turntable... "ill be taking her..." is tops as well as 'you can't do that" and a decent cover of Elvis C's "Green Shirt"....

    On the Noone solo LP the single was his cover version of the Sutherland Bros 'hit' "I Don't Want To Love You But You Got Me Anyway'... WHICH, to make a feable connection to Rex Smith was "performed" on Solid Gold which Rex hosted for a brief time... he did end up on a soap opera in the '90s too, me thinks.....

  17. Originally posted by Raspbernie:


    1. Piper

    GREAT CHOICE!, especially the 2nd LP, "Can't Wait"...

    FYI: Pernice Bros stuff should be readily available...

    my fave is "Yours Mine & Ours" (from 2003)

    Bob Allen's fave is "The World Won't End" (2001)

    the other two, "Overcome By Happiness" (1998)

    and "Discover A Lovelier You" (2005) are also highly recommended...

    their label has a website: www.ashmontrecords.com

    they are currently touring & i can personally say their show (in VA at Jammin' Java) was one of 2005's highlights right alongside the Brian Wilson show the night before & the Berries show I saw at BB Kings on July 24th...

  18. if you're a Raspberries/Eric Carmen fan i'd suggest Van Duren's "Are You Serious" LP, but it's already out of print (it came out on an obscure label in 1977 & disappeared)-- his 2nd LP "Idiot Optimism" remained unreleased until 2002 when the Japanese label, Air Mail Recordings released both discs on CD... Not Lame sometimes has his stuff for sale... VERY HIGHLY recommended to EC/Raspberries fans...


    Dwight Twilley Band ("Sincerely" & "Twilley Don't Mind")

    Badfinger ("Straight Up" and "No Dice")

    Big Star ("Radio City")

    Enuff ZNuff ("1985")

    Pernice Bros!!!!

    all the stuff "popdude" mentioned too...

    also, another obvious one is Todd Rundgren, especially the best-of comps & "Something/Anything"

    honorable mentions: bands who wear their 'Berries influence on the sleeve:

    Off Broadway



  19. Ooops! I corrected the CD title. I do think "Utopia Parkway" is a stronger group of songs than "Welcome Interstate Managers", where only "Stacy's Mom" really stands out.

    There's about 5 songs on "U.P." that I really like...

    TONY TONY TONY.... YES UTOPIA PARKWAY" IS BETTER .... BUT "STACY'S MOM" only stands out on "Welcome Interstate..." because it's arguably one of their lamest songs ever... try the gorgeous "Haley's Waitress" or "All Kinds Of Time" or "Little Red Lights"... all light years better than that annoying Cars-rip tune...
  20. <<Cream Reformed?? If not original members then this would not qualify. OOOPs my mistake on deep purple... they did reform in late 84. Zombies reunited but since the guitarist died that would not qualify. Who is Big Star and Peter & Gordon what were their biggest hits? >>

    YES, Cream reformed... big time

    Zombies reunited with the guitarist before he died for a gig celebrating the release of their box set in the late '90s.... they hadn't been together since 1968...

    Big Star was an early '70s rock/pop band formed by ex-Box Tops lead singer Alex Chilton and Chris Bell... much like The Raspberries their records were deeply influenced by middle-'60s pre-psych British Invasion-- Big Star also had a deeper BYRDS influence... Chilton sounded a lot like Roger McGuinn...

    Big Star never had a hit but since their break up in 1975 have had a growing following due to the fact that their records are really good... a classic cult rock band... Chris Bell left the band after their first album (#1 Record) and died in 1978....

    Peter & Gordon were a British folk-pop duo in the mold of Simon & Garfunkel and the Everly Brothers... they got their big break because Peter Asher's sister, Jane was dating Paul McCartney during Beatlemania... McCartney lived at The Asher household between 1964-1966...

    Peter & Gordon's US hits are:

    1. A World Without Love (#1 May/64)

    written by Lennon & McCartney

    2. Nobody I Know (#12 July/64)

    written by Lennon & McCartney

    3. I Don't Want To See You Again ((#16 Oct/64)

    written by Lennon & McCartney

    4. I Go To Pieces (#9 Jan/65)

    5. True Love Ways (#14 May/65)

    6. To Know You Is To Love You (#24 July/65)

    7. Woman (#14 March/66)

    written by Bernard Webb aka Paul McCartney

    8. Lady Godiva (#6 Nov/66)

    9. Knight In Rusty Armour (#15 Jan/67)

    10. Sunday For Tea (#31 April/67)

    Asher went on to manage Linda Ronstadt

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