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  1. it's not like they were supposed to be Montrose... think Beatles '65 & Kinks "Till The End Of The Day"... in comparison, the guitars do sound tinny, not yer '70s LES PAUL/MARSHALL amp deal

  2. Mike Love may well be an idiot but at least he and Jardine can still sing. Brian can't.

    Not totally true, although it's obvious Brian has his limitations and many off moments... If he couldn't sing, they wouldn't have been able to make "SMiLE."

    And, of the concert I saw this summer, he was on the money most of the time, even the times when it was just him singing the part (i.e. "Sloop John B").

  3. It is hard to explain, unless you see it, and open your mind to what you are really hearing -- childlike music in personality, with musical complication that has never been duplicated, nor may ever.

    NICELY PUT & Right on....

    also, the amount of "damage" done & how it collided with his mental stability (in 1963-1965) is just something most of us, if not everyone, can't totally grasp... there's NO WAY to measure it...

    it would be interesting to see what meds he's taking these days... he's as "stable" as he's ever been... & the "SMiLE" shows were a major artistic achievement...

  4. Anybody ever hear of a group called Pitty Sing? I've heard one of their songs called "Go Cry" which I like very much, and think others here would like, too.

    great under rated band.... "Bleeding Hearts" "Radio" "On Drugs" are fab tunes... slick dance-y indie pop rock a la The Killers, BUT better...

    also check out Dirty On Purpose... another unheard NYC band (i only heard one song on the radio, but it was memorable)

  5. Now the list would be


    1 Starting Over It¥s PERFECT

    2 Fresh-It¥s almost Perfect

    3-Raspberries-The good was abot to begin

    4 Side Three-I keep on loving On The Beach


    1 First One-Good melodies and variety

    2-Boats Against The Current-Good lyrics,but it needs more stuff in the vein of Take It Or Leave It

    3-Change Of Heart I didn¥t know it before and is the less favourite of the three

    I WOULD NOT CHANGE A THING from this list, except "Change Of Heart" which would be replaced w/ "Tonite Your Mine".....
  6. I was never really much of an Alice Cooper fan.

    per: rock & roll, Alice is deserving of the inclusion (i.e. 'School's Out," "18,' "Under My Wheels," "Caught In A Dream," "Elected," "Billion Dollar Babies").... as Eric C once said: "That's Rock & Roll...."

    If you can name more than 10 people who have tracked down Van Duren's "Are You Serious" i'd be pleasantly surprised!!!!!

    p.s. Looks like Bob "Lefsetz" will be seeing the boys in LA via Eric's invite.... NICE!

  7. JB,

    i still have yet to play catch-up with all his current releases... I'm always a bit biased to his '70s stuff, so it's hard to fully dig the newer stuff... But I can't wait to hear the new one...

    MARVIN, that's great that u tracked down a copy... it deserves to be in hands of such people... it really is the great lost McCartney/Carmen/Rundgren album

  8. of the songs I heard played on the local rock stations, Rogers' performances (of "Tie Your Mother Down" & "Fat Bottomed Girls") were weak... the band sounded fine...

    It is a very odd thing to hear, especially now that Rogers DOES NOT sound like he used to... & he also has trouble with the execution/phrasing in "Tie Your Mother Down"....

    It's sorta like watching Pavarotti doing Judy Garland.... one must scratch their head & go: "WHAT THA F***"

  9. "K" do you think "Deceptive" was their best album? I'd go with "Sheet Music."


    nice call.... hands down, "Sheet Music" is their best moment.... 10cc's albums were always a bit erratic, but usually exciting & worth seeking out... Sheet Music holds up the best where even the novelty songs are engaging...

    sir gouldman's pre-10cc work still holds up as one of pop's greatest treasures... a British Invasion pop machine he was...

    also check out the mindbenders (eric stewart) the "groovy kind of love" LP sports a lost gem "Can't live with you, can't live without you" VERY Walker Brothers-ish

  10. Sad to say, I've been hearing more and more brutal edits of classic pop songs on oldies radio stations lately, including hatchet jobs on Rod Stewart's "Maggie May," the Chi-Lites' "Have You Seen Her?" and, worst of all, on Paul McCartney's "My Love," where some genius edited out the entire guitar solo! madarrgh

    even weirder, was a little while back constantly hearing Supertramp's "Good Bye Stranger" on numerous area rock stations with the end solo chopped right off w/ a quick fade.... it was terrible... luckily, they've awoken to their senses & I've heard it in-full a few times recently....

    sometimes, it seems plausible for an oldies station to opt for a single version of the song, since that was the hit, but for a rock station to edit something is terrible....

    & yes, editing IWBWY is rediculous... when K-Tel put out Fantastic on CD, they didn't go by the letter of the original release & restored songs to their original length... they couldn't afford Elton John, I'm guessing...

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