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  1. I've wanted to like Keith Urban from the get go-- a cool lookin' guy playing rock pop music who looks like he listens to good music... (he coulda been a contender as the new male Shelby Lynne) however, every single note I've heard from him has been this very DULL BLAND useless homogenized ersatz-country rock... there's NO guts to it... as deep and sentimemtal as he seems, he comes across as a very calculated performer & his songs lack even the edge of a Bread song... who he kinda reminds me of...
  2. that's exactly how evil spreads... people didn't listen to Hitler because he was "far out"-- not that Savage is close to that same "dichotomy"... But still, it's very easy to couch sentiments which hit home and all of us agree with and then use it to expand a truly misguided IDEA... he's dangerous, but i think most people with their heads screwed on realize he's nuts, albeit with some small doses of basic American conservative goodness...
  3. no doubt Bea is belting out "Follow Me" whilst wearing her "Babes On Broadway" tour '77 t-shirt... or maybe that's on the editor's flor
  4. MARVIN, i give you, "Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols"-- like Bob Allen said, it's a power pop record... and it's about as wicked a condemnation of the 1970s UK government, you'll want to hear... it's vitriol coming from a source of intelligence, albeit, a wee bit CRASS, but nonetheless INTENSE and without shame... and Sir Rotten's aplomb was pure R&R attitude... the "construction" of their songs is WHAT gives them POWER: see: "Holidays In The Sun" or "EMI" or "Anarchy In The UK"-- almost everything works on a release formula not unlike our boys The Raspberries... I'm telling you, it makes more sense to play the Sex Pistols after "Ecstasy" or "I Don't Know What I Want" than Pezband or Candy... now if we could see the forfathers like Mott The Hoople, New York Dolls, Stooges, and Alice Cooper get in there...
  5. Maybe if you'd break away from a little prejudice... musicals will always be "gay"... BUT WSS had a sublime effect on punk rock (sorta funneled thru Dion & Dictators; BRONX boize) & of course Alice Cooper nicely covered Gutter Cats Vs. Jets--
  6. old onion face..... PWi remember it because what does getting back to a "PLACE" but not the time have in common with a poem that doesn't rhyme... the poem that never ryhmed was always the same whereas the place has changed... kind of a weak metaphor...
  7. not to mention last years' NY Dolls reunion & this years' dBs reunion... Who's Next: The Jam The Smiths Mott The Hoople The Replacements Byrds (no Gene Clark or Mike Clarke rip) CCR Everly Brothers Long Ryders
  8. well.... news out of Zion, ILLINOIS says that Todd Rundgren's tour plans for 2007 is to hook up w/ Gary Klebe of Shoes & Jamie Hoover of Spongetones and do the whole Shoes catalog as Nu Shooz
  9. I luv the cameos from Grant Lee Phillips as the town cryer.... and the cool music references (i.e. Arcade Fire, The Jam, Nick Cave) and the incidental music from Sam (Leslie) Phillips
  10. i like the one song i heard.... but there is a bit of a hype for them... i wish people would do the same for another band on capitol, Marjorie Fair, who i think are one the greatest new bands around (very early Verve/Radiohead-Bends era)...
  11. yes.... they also wrote "Pied Piper" which was a hit for Crispin St Peters
  12. i was thinking about this the other day after hearing "as we go along" from "HEAD".. it's totally MICKEY DOLENZ... an extremely underrated pop voice of the '60s... he also sang the "Porpoise Song"-- the greatest moment in Monkees music history
  13. in no particular order: Twin Peaks 30something st. elsewhere house gilmore girls my so-called life leave it to beaver avengers (emma peel years) sopranos homicide breaking bonaduce (best reality series ever) sctv hollywood heartbeat (circa 1980-1981 pre-MTV video show, hosted by Bob Welch) simpsons andy griffith columbo man from u.n.c.l.e. the prisoner beavis & butthead batman freaks & geeks action fawlty towers monty python's flying circus my world & welcome to it love american style laugh-in 24 on the air (short-lived D. Lynch show) Ben Stiller Show Get A Life
  14. worst cover ever (?): Live & let Die- Guns & Roses honorables: Once Bitten Twice Shy- Great White Get It On (Bang A Gong)- Power Station
  15. It's a more impressive recording than the whole damn Styx catalog
  16. I almost agree, but even Babs fits this category.... for a very brief moment (circa 1970) she tried to be "good" by trying to pull off her own "Dusty In Memphis"... i.e. doing great, not well-known songs by people like Randy Newman, Laura Nyro etc... she even covered Bowie's 'Life On Mars'.... This was when she had a "hit" with "Stoney End", which is a GREAT guilty pleasure... still, she almost ruins it by singing it w/ lame execution (bad timing)... and "The Way We Were" almost passes for decent schlock... after that she's dreadful
  17. Not that i take any credit for the change in the set list... but some of us did post our feelings regarding the lack of some 'Berries tunes vs. the inclusion of too many covers... THIS IS WHAT I POSTED: Someone mentioned this in the recent AC thread... and this is not to take anything away from the thrill of hearing the Raspberries do a cover version... it's almost always a pretty cool idea & it's great to hear Eric talk about his roots... that said, the main complaint I heard from friends who saw the NYC show was that there were too many covers & that they would've loved to have heard a few more originals in their place (Matt Pinfield & I agreed on this one)... I think they made a wise decision to drop the Beatles covers ("Twist & Shout" & "Please Mr. Postman")... and just do one Beatles tune ("Baby's In Black") and do a smattering of classic '60s tunes... still, in lieu of "Needles & Pins" or even a spot-on "Mr. Tambourine Man", it's probably a better idea to include tunes like "I Can Remember," "Don't Want To Say Goodbye," "I Saw The Light," & "Starting Over" especially since these are MUCH MORE IMPRESSIVE & they're the band's own songs... I still remember HOW AMAZING "I Saw The Light" was in Cleveland & I'm still befuddled as to why they don't bring it back... THAT was where the band really became transcendent that November night... And I'm guessing those who attend LA will be much akin to the NYC crowd... maybe even more diehard... and to wait & hear this band (live!) play those songs IS THE EXACT reason why this whole reunion is so special... I don't think LA should be spared one single original tune they have in their repertoire... IT'S TOO IMPORTANT!
  18. I think to be a true Berries/Carmen fan it's a MUST have trait
  19. Guilty Pleasures: Alessi- London Peppermint Rainbow- Will You Be Staying After Sunday Gladys Knight & the Pips- Got To Use My Imagination Andy Kim- So Good Together Hamilton Joe Frank & Reynolds- Fallin' In Love Andy Williams- One Day Of Your Life Partridge Family- Summer Days Dino Desi & Billy- Tell Soemone You Love Them Melissa Manchester- Midnight Blue Yvonne Elliman- If I Can't Have You Michael Jackson- Got To Be There Rita Coolidge- We're All Alone Diana Ross- Touch Me In The Morning Paul Williams- Travelling Boy New Colony Six- Things I'd Like To Say
  20. well, yeah they're all "good" songs but the ones i pointed out transcend "guilty pleasure" and ar as worthy as any "legit" artist people think are credible... I've got my Eagles records too, up until "One Of These Nights"-- although at some point i'll pay a buck to get "Wasted Time" from Hotel Crapafornia...
  21. Well, these are so good there's no reason (beyond artist association) to be guilty about them... in fact I'd take most them over the whole Eagles catalog and would never trade them for single Rush record.... but that's me....
  22. NOT really true.... BEYOND it's deceiving #18 "chart position" "Overnight Sensation" really is exactly as he put it... It never got any REAL airplay (I never heard it on NJ or NY radio)...sorta like Dwight Twilley Band's "I'm On Fire"... as soon as it fell off the charts it was never heard of again... AND, after that, despite "Rolling Stone"'s accolades, it fell on deaf ears, bar the diehard Raspberries fans... It's very obscure in the grand scheme of things...also: his "River Deep..." analogy is an amazing insight....
  23. of the cover versions (i.e. Searchers, Bangles, Squire) I've heard, The Bangles really do a POOR job of it, zapping most of its spontaniety along w/ getting a good amount of the lyrics wrong... and it's got that bad 1986 production, too
  24. that side of the story i don't doubt... & wouldn't it be nice if his "handlers" were more sensitive to what's best for him... that is still a 'sad' story... & you're right... I do hope that deep down he's happy that his music was restored and that he was finally able to reach people with what is his greatest creations... it is hard to tell how much he cares/cared... the night I saw him play (in August) he was ecstatic & happy... But I do know that he's tired of all the touring...
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