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  1. this was one of the obits I found on the web:

    It's not been a good year for our beloved Cowsill Family...

    say a prayer for the family (families)


    20.2.2006. 10:25:51

    The lead singer of the group that inspired the television hit sitcom, the Partidge Family, William "Billy" Cowsill, has died aged 58.

    "He is singing with the angels now," said Canadian record producer Neil MacGonigill, who first met the singer with the pure, soaring voice in the 70s.

    The Cowsills, the inspiration for the TV series The Partridge Family, recorded a series of top hits between 1967 and 1970, including The Rain, The Park and Other Things and Hair.

    At one time the band members were also were spokespeople for the American Dairy Association, appearing in commercials and print ads for milk.

    Cowsill, who was suffering from emphysema, osteoporosis, Cushing syndrome and other ailments, died in Calgary, Alberta, on Friday.

    He had been in deteriorating health for a number of months. He was also still coping with the aftereffects of an eight-hour back surgery during which one lung had to be collapsed.

    Doctors could not get it to function again but no cause of death has been released.

    Four Cowsill brothers played in the band: Barry on bass, Bill on guitar, Bob on guitar and organ, and John on drums. Their mother, Barbara, and little sister, Susan, eventually joined the group.

    The band's career began in Newport, Rhode Island, where by 1965 they had a regular gig at a club. They were spotted by a producer for NBC's Today show who booked them for an appearance that led to a record deal.

    The band had an acrimonious breakup in the 1970s. William, the oldest member, moved to Canada about 35 years ago.

    The news of Cowsill's death came during a memorial service being held at Newport's King Park honouring his brother Barry, who drowned after Hurricane Katrina.

    William Cowsill is survived by two sons, Travis and Del.

  2. Bob Dylan- It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Bleeding

    John Lennon- Give Me Some Truth

    Hamell On Trial- Seven Seas

    Velvet Underground- Heroin

    Dictators- Master Race Rock

    Jon Brion- I Believe She's Lying

    Joni Mitchell- Woman Of Heart & Mind

    Psychedelic Furs- Fall

    Bruce Springsteen- Growin Up

    Soft Cell- It's A Mug's Game

    Dramarama- Work For Food

    Clash- Magnificent Seven

    The Jam- That's Entertainment

  3. the more mature sense of cool is what Eric excells in...

    Barry, never gets beyond mere nice and ersatz sophisticated adult pop (i.e. he wishes he could be the male version of Dione Warwick or Dusty Springfield, but never has gotten close to such greatness: stuff that transcends basic pop sensibilites and ordinary niceness)

    nothing really wrong with being corny, if that's what you are, by the way.... Barry's been great at it forever... cool is not part of his makeup, and that actually makes him more endearing to those who appreciate him...

  4. not for nuthin'...

    no Bon Scott...

    also MIA:

    Pete Ham (Badfinger)

    Eddie Cochran

    Gene Vincent

    Bobby Stinson (Replacements)

    Johnny Thunders (New York Dolls)

    Stiv Bators (Dead Boys)

    Chris Bell (Big Star)

    Richie Valens

    Bobby Fuller


    Marc Bolan (T. Rex)

  5. Heck, even Barry Manilow isn't entirely safe on fellow balladeer Eric Carmen's message forum!

    DUH... Barry Manilow sucks and Eric Carmen doesn't... with maybe 3 really good songs and ten tons of dreck to his name, Manilow is the anti-christ... Eric Carmen fromed the Raspberries which immediately gives him cred on the level of Big Star, Badfinger, Flamin' Groovies... yes his solo stuff had ballads, and his '80s material is very questionable, but I would never align him with Barry, mainly because he was cooler and ISN'T such a cornball
  6. .......anyway to answer your question:



    the recent live Cream footage was very sluggish and lame, to say the least...

    as for Eric Clapton... for the man who gave us "Badge," "Bell Bottom Blues" and "Let It Grow" to fall off the mark in such quick dreadful fashion w/ crap like "Cocaine" (cover, or not) and "Lay Down Sally" and the godawful "Pretending"... Bob is spot-on... Farmer attire dig deserved...

  7. i agree w/ Bob Allen's Ted Kennedy choice, but not the guy who made "Do The Right Thing" (although Spike sometimes doesn't know when to shut his mouth)....

    Better choices:

    Sean Hannity, Nancy Grace, Dominick Dunne, Alan Combs, Tom Cruise, Ann Coulter (actually she should be A-1 on the list), Tucker Carlson, Al Sharpton, Paul Begalia (sp?)

  8. phooey... although it's a nice idea, it's only based on information given by others, whether or not they are credible.... in other words if someone out there has an inkling of putting out a LOT of information regarding his opinion that Styx are the closest kindred spirit to Raspberries and posts it willy nilly or gets published etc, the whole thing is a mess.... AND believe me, there are MORE DUMB people writing about pop music on the internet than ever before... so beware...

    Also, Dwight Twilley really doesn't fit the match as closely as Van Duren or (my choice) Jon Brion... some of Twilley's music has a rockibilly thread to it which is an aesthetic choice Eric & Todd NEVER touched... never expect such things to be a GREAT source of insight... it basically works on lowest common denominators which can be very misleading or just off the mark....

  9. "Pet Sounds" and Brian Wilson are completely over rated. This notion of Wilson being a genius seemed to start in the '70s; I guess because it was obvious he was crazy. Folks tend to think if a musician is crazy, he must be a genius. I don't get it at all. The Beach Boys had a few nice pop songs, but only a handful, really ("God Only Knows", "Sloop John B", "In My Room"). As a whole, they were usually pretty juvenile.

    yes and no...... yes "Pet Sounds" is overrated.... no, Brian was indeed a musical genius between 1964-1966... not nearly as juvenile as the "hits" make 'em out to be...

    anyone who writes these 25 songs (in a 30-month span) has to be:

    Please Let Me Wonder

    Surfer Girl

    In My Room

    Don't Worry Baby

    I Get Around

    The Warmth Of The Sun

    Little Honda


    She Knows Me Too Well

    Girl Don't Tell Me

    Let Him Run Wild

    You're So Good To Me

    I Know There's An Answer

    I Just Wasn't Made For These Times

    Caroline, No

    God Only Knows

    Hang On To Your Ego

    I'm Waiting For The Day

    Wouldn't It Be Nice

    Let's Go Away For A While

    You Still Believe In Me

    Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)

    Pet Sounds

    Still I Dream Of It

  10. pierson,

    I almost named IVY but thought it not as good or as memorable as prior work.

    p.s. I noticed you numbered them .Are they in order of how you like them?

    i had the same thought about IVY (In The Clear) when I first heard it.... after going back to it & listening to it more, I realized it was as good as the rest... Yes they are in order
  11. it's hard to just pick 5.... here's a few lists:

    small ones:

    1. Van Duren- Are You Serious?

    2. Pernice Brothers- Yours Mine & Ours

    3. Chamber Strings- A Month Of Sundays

    4. Dancing Hoods- 12 Jealous Roses

    5. Even Johansen- Quiet & Still

    1. Marjorie Fair- Self Help Serenade

    2. Trashcan Sinatras- Weightlifting

    3. Dirty Looks- Dirty Looks

    4. Sam Phillips- The Indescribale Wow

    5. Pilot- Two's A Crowd

    1. Ivy- Long Distance & Apartment Life

    2. Ed Harcourt- Strangers

    3. Jon Brion- Meaningless

    4. Aimee Mann- I'm With Stupid

    5. 20/20- 20/20

    1. Mood Six- A Matter Of

    2. Tin Tin- Astral Taxi

    3. Doves- Some Cities

    4. Bongos- Drums Along The Hudson

    5. Wonder Stuff- 8 Legged Groove Machine

    big ones:

    1. Mott The Hoople- Mott

    2. New York Dolls- New York Dolls

    3. Cheap Trick- Cheap Trick

    4. Neil Young- Comes A Time

    5. Raspberries- Starting Over

    1. Montrose- Montrose

    2. Dramarama- Vinyl

    3. Posies- Dear 23

    4. Dictators- Bloodbrothers

    5. Todd Rundgren- The Ballad Of Todd Rundgren

    1. Dwight Twilley Band- Sincerely

    2. Dwight Twilley Band- Twilley Don't Mind

    3. Artful Dodger- Artful Dodger

    4. The Church- The Blurred Crusade

    5. Peter Frampton- Wind Of Change

  12. 3) Pink Floyd - The Wall depressing always thought that this was one of their worst albums.

    Absolutely... this is where they totally lose what they "had" (bar a few moments, i.e. "Comfortably Numb")... and since it way outsold "Dark Side Of The Moon" (reports have it well passed 20 million) it's disgusting... not a "bad" album per se, but not a Good Pink Floyd album...


    Bruce Springsteen- Born In The USA

    Rolling Stones- Tattoo You

    Led Zeppelin- In Through The Out Door

    Boston- Boston

    Def Leppard- Pyromania

    Motley Crüe- everything

    Duran Duran- Rio

    Police- Synchronicity

    good call popdude on The Doors

  13. 1. PERNICE BROTHERS- Discover A Lovelier You [Ashmont]

    2. MAGNET- The Tourniquet [Atlantic- UK]

    3. IVY- In The Clear [Nettwerk]

    4. ED HARCOURT- Strangers [Astralwerks]

    5. TEARS- Here Come The Tears [independiente-UK]


    7. THE 88- Over & Over [Moo Tron/EMK]

    8. NADA SURF- The Weight Is A Gift [barsuk]

    9. THE HOLD STEADY- Separation Sunday [Frenchkiss]

    10. DRAMARAMA- Everybody Dies [Harvey Star/33rd Street]

  14. in all fairness, Rush doesn't suck, although I can't stand them and find 99.9% of their stuff unlistenable (bar "In The Mood" and some of 2112)...

    any band who has churned out music so specific to a certain aesthetic (i.e. prog/metal) and has rarely strayed from it & has been so consistent at it, means they're pretty f'in good at something, albeit making music that's not up our alley...

    i would hope that most diehard Rush fans would think the Raspberries suck just as much as most of us think Rush does... the "opposed" elements are very apparent...

    But I don't think there's a single poster here who doesn't wish the Raspberries and Eric gave us as much music as Rush gave their fans... that's something no one can begrudge, except the fact that hearing Geddy Lee so continously is beyond annoying...

  15. well.... since it's a 12-minute set, try this:

    extendo twofer-- (i.e. no break in between songs)

    1. Gimme Shelter

    2. Sympathy For The Devil

    old fast rules:

    1. Rip This Joint

    2. Not Fade Away

    3. Route 66

    4. Paint It Black

    5. Around And Around


    1. 2000 Light Years From Home

    2. We Love You

    3. Dandelion


    1. Rocks Off

    2. All Down The Line

    3. Happy

    4. Sweet Virginia

    what they probably will do:

    1. single from Bigger bang

    2. Start Me Up

    3. Satisfaction

    4. It's Only R&R

  16. I'd say that EW&F simply took Sly Stone's innovativeness to another level.



    not for nuthin' but EW&F never got remotely close to "There's A Riot Goin On" as far as inovation's concerned-- it's kinda like in its own world... comparatively speaking, EW&F are as "groundbreaking" as the Eagles whereas Sly was almost as audacious as The Beatles...

    and by the way, the first Bob Dylan album sounds a lot like Woodie Guthrie at times... it took him a few albums to come into his own as an "original" ... Guthrie's affectations are very noticeable on the early Dylan stuff...

  17. Blue Spruce Woman- Foghat

    Montrose- Rock The Nation

    Dictators- Science Gone Too Far

    Kiss- Nothing To Lose, Firehouse, Duece, Black Diamond, Got To Choose, Hotter Than Hell, All The Way, Watchin' You, Two Timer, Getaway, She, Love Her All I Can

    April Wine- Weeping Widow, Victim Of Your Love, Highway Hard Run, Not For You Not For R&R, Tonite Is A Wonderful Time To Fall In Love

    BTO- Rock Is My Life This Is My Song, You Ain't Seen Nothin Yet, Second Hand, She's A Devil, Hey You, Flat Broke Love, Quick Change Artist, Don't Let The Blues Get You Down

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