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  1. the question remains... will the material see the light of day? (no sublime pun intended)....what i've heard of The Quick & Cyrus Erie truly constitutes a major piece of obscure rock history... and is way better than tons of stuff on the Nuggets box sets...
  2. i heard it today too... not bad, although the "affected" vocal is an acquired taste... the tune itself sounds like his days spent hanging around Jesse Malin rubbed off on him (a very linear track, in a non-Springsteen kinda way)
  3. i don't know where to start.... given the scant amount of EC material during his solo artistic peak (1975-1977), need it be said this like discovering a whole album's worth of lost Brian Wilson classics... and what a f'n "near" masterpiece it is... in many ways it surpasses the heights of "Boats..." (i.e. the haunting meloncholy is as poignant and moving as anything he's laid to tape).... if anything, he should see if A Girl Called Eddy would want a crack at it... pure genius!!!
  4. what ruins it for me, too is Jon's voice... and the dreadful keyboards... there's a lot of pop faux-pas' in there... this can also be sighted back to when i saw Prism (another pre-Bon Jovi band) open up for Cheap Trick... they had sideburns in 1979 & poodle hair too... OOOOPs!!! we (my friends and I) all said "gag"...
  5. oh lord, i dislike it more than just about anything... but i chalk that up to growing up at the wrong time... especially since i can tolerate a song or two by New England (Hello Hello Hello) which might as well be Bon Jovi... and a stray tune from Starz....
  6. w/ Bob Allen in mind... and real fast off the top of me head... this is by no means a top 10 (way too hard to choose) this one goes to "11" 1. RASPBERRIES- Go All The Way 2. BIG STAR- September Gurls 3. BADFINGER- Baby Blue 4. DWIGHT TWILLEY BAND- Looking For The Magic 5. DAVID BOWIE- Heroes 6. NEW YORK DOLLS- Trash 7. TODD RUNDGREN- Wailing Wall 8. JOHN LENNON- Love 9. PAUL MCCARTNEY-Dear Friend 10. GEORGE HARRISON- Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll) 11. BEACH BOYS- Surf's Up
  7. and here's another point... it's always a very bad sign when "press" become this belittling force with petty nastiness... it's another thing to stay grounded and give good constructive criticism when needed... I dislike Bon Jovi's music quite a bit... and I would never suggest that I "review" any of their shows or CDs because of this personal distaste for the music... it's of no use to anyone... that said, I could probably judge what's a good Bon Jovi concert from a bad one (going by technical standards obviously)... Still, to take them out and roast them would only benefit my ego and just rile up the fans... which of course, is the motivation here with The Cleveland Press
  8. that's why i keep my opinions about Bon Jovi to myself
  9. MICHAEL STANLEY re: RASPBERRIES "Did they make great albums? Definitely not; too much filler...." uhhh..... it seems that Mr. Stanley hasn't listened to "Starting Over" or even "Fresh" recently.... which, if anyone's counting/checking stand tall in the 21st century, especially "Starting Over"... and Big Star were a really good band, too!
  10. not really... he would've hated Tull (like most critics of that era) because they were hugely popular-- a giant mistake-- Jethro Tull, no matter how you feel about them, are an amazing band-- check any footage from 1970-1971 on youtube... he's one of those critics who likes the obscure stuff (and the darker stuff) more than the popular and postive stuff and has a lot of trouble sorting the two out (a major critical mishap).... if he wrote during the Berries heyday he would've sided with bands like Love, Nick Drake, Tim Hardin, Moby Grape and The Flying Burritto Bros and the Flamin' Groovies (all good stuff)... but a band like the Raspberries would confuse him... they still do... Jeff Harris, you nailed it....
  11. well, mainly because he's in print, and because it's part of the "dialogue" no matter how far off base it is... his is worse, because it's in the context of the bands the Raspberries are peers with and equal too... to try and rewrite or stir up the pot (especially in a Cleveland paper) is something that needs to be taken to task... fans do tend to be hyberbolic, and history does get out of perspective... so certain crap gets thrown into public debate... as a response or as something to f'k sh*t up... the one thing the Raspberries achieved w/ the reunion and this DVD was their proper place as the creators of power pop and definitely one of the most influential bands of the early 1970s... whether or not Kiss or Motley Crap sound a thing like them...
  12. well, the thing about all THREE groups are the MAJOR singers: Alex Chilton Pete Ham Eric Carmen (not mention the other guys: Chris Bell, Jody Stephens, Dave Smalley, Wally Bryson, Joey Molland, Tom Evans).... in each case, the band has a singer of MONUMENTAL importance.... Alex Chilton's vocals on the Big Star albums (especially "Radio City") is unmatched... but very personal... Pete Ham's voice is one of the all-time most beautiful creations... and of course Eric's which even goes a step further and delivers this Steve Marriott-esque punch that neither of those 2 could muster...
  13. Not really..... it's just that most people only know the stuff that's been hammered down their throats... and that's only (maybe) 10-15 songs at best... very few sang Cole Porter better... amongst the 50-60 or so studio albums he did, there's a LOT to be heard... his live stuff (1955-1965) is even better....
  14. OK... do I have to spell it out???? If you want to turn someone on to The Rolling Stones you DON'T play them "Steel Wheels" or "Undercover Of The Night" or show them any live footage after 1981!!!!!!!!! If you want to turn someone on to Led Zeppelin you DON'T play them "In Thru The Out Door"!!!!!! If you want to turn someone on to Rod Stewart you DON'T play them anything after 1977!!!!!!! PLEASE DO NOT JUDGE Frank Sinatra by his windbag years of the 1970s & 1980s.... he went downhill FAST.... although there are glimmers here & there... but never anything worth the effort... His early early stuff will not make a big impression either, unless you're a Crooner fanatic... It was after his comeback in film (circa '53 as Maggio in "From Here To Eternity") that he became an amazing singer and really took off... 1955's "In The Wee Small Hours" is probably the best place to start... It also happens to be the first real concept album (way before the Beatles, duh).... anything up until his album w/ Jobim is worth anyone's attention... now where's my shot, punk???
  15. huh? that's like saying the Four Seasons over The Beatles
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