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  1. and Dylan´s Neighbor Bully is a song he did when he was a Jew and it´s suposed is against Palestinians.(is very funny to jump from a Spanish forum to an American one about the same topic.
  2. What are The Threes and Get Over It about,James?In Spain we´re having this topic too.By the moment I guessed that Don´t Tread On Me is a song about the Gulf War (pro American)and Bodies is a song against abortion.I can´t imagine Sex Pistols being the kings of Christian Reborn!
  3. If you want to watch the American version of the Spanish OT(similar to American Idol) watch The One.Making A Music Star on ABC channel next Tuesday.
  4. Tony,James.Don´t you think this list is totally insane?What is your opinion?
  5. Top Neo con songs(judge by yourself) The Who-Won´t Get Fooled Again The Beatles-Taxman The Rolling Stones-Simpathy For The Devil Lynird Skynird-Sweet Home Alabama The Beach Boys-Wouldn´t It Be Nice U2-Gloria The Beatles-Revolution Sex Pistols-Bodies Metallica-Don´t Tread On Me The Kinks-20th Century Man Rush-The Trees Bob Dylan-Neighborhood Bully The Pretenders-My City Was Gone Jesus Jones-Right Here Right Now The Crickets-I Fought The Law Eagles-Get Over It Blink 182-Stay Together For The Kids Living Colour-Cult Of Personality Paul Revere And The Raiders-Kicks+ The Clash-Rock The Casbah David Bowie-Heroes Rush-Red Barchetta Bend Folds Five-Brick After The Fire-Der Kommissar Led Zeppelin-The Battle Of Evermore Oingo Boingo-Capitalism Joe Jackson-Obvious Song Aerosmith-Janie´s got a Gun Iron Maiden-Rime Of The Ancient Mariner Graham Parker-You Can´t Be Too Strong John Mellencamp-Small Town The Georgia Satellites-Keep Yur Hands To Yourself The Rolling Stones-You Can´t Always Get What You Want Blue Oyster Cult-Godzilla The Rainmakers-Government Cheese.
  6. I HATE Starship´s Knee Deep In The Hoopla album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!If you want to make me feel like in Guantanamo tie me to a chair and play me "Sarah".I HATE this song.I can´t help it.
  7. Here come the fundamentalist O´Reillyms!!!!!!HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL
  8. And(I hope) next week I can give you the list of Neo Con songs.Even there is one by The Clash(?????????!)one of the most left wing bands EVER.(and they say that if a liberal say they aren´t neo cons songs is because this liberal is really a neo con.
  9. Ha,ha.Trindy.I loved what you told.I think this night I´ll think of the times when I was fond of XTC and I´ll think of Black Sea´s lyrics.
  10. Ideologically,Living With War is excellent.Neil Young is still a real old hippie.
  11. Why The Clash´s Rock At The Kashba or Beach Boys´Wouldn´t It Be Nice or The Stones´Sympathy For The Devil?I the neo cons say these songs have the neo con ideology(There are others like The Beatles´Revolution,Sex Pistols´Bodies,etcNeither Ted Nugent nor Pat Boone´s songs.I hope to give the complet list soon,athough I think the neo cons are shit for brains.I don´t mind if a singer is left or right wing if I like his/her/their songs,Maybe next week I´ll give the complet list.
  12. I imagine Bill O´Reilly is totally against inmigration,which it would be a mistake since O´Reilly is an Irish surname,so his ancestors were probably inmigrants too.
  13. I like the idea os a mom and a 18 years old kid sharing pot,Tony,as you know.
  14. Game-The Majority One Mr Deal-JC Heavy Turn OfA Wheel-Massiel
  15. Revolution 9(The part Paul sings)-Beatles Venus-The Shocking Blue In A Gadda Da Vida-Iron Butterfly Get Ready-Rare Earth Heart Of The Sunrise-Yes Death Walks Behind You-Atomic Rooster 21st Century Schizoid Man-King Crimson
  16. Neil Young isn´t my cupof tea but is a very respectable musician because he releases exactly what he wants and he does exactly what he wants to do.
  17. Do you like that sort of freak folk like Devendra Banhart or Cocorosie etc?
  18. I love inmigrants and multiculturalism and if people wants to forbid inmigration because they only want WASPS then WASPS are like nazis.
  19. I watch OT(The Spanish American Idol),but as an enterteinment only.I don't like that way of making stars.I prefer them meeting at school or by ads,creating a band,etc although I really don't believe this way of forming a band is true all the times.I suspect great part of bands(even alt bands)are created by people who has nothing to do with music.,but I like bands that create themselves.Do you imagine an OT or American Idol to create the new Beatles or the new Raspberries?AAAAAAAAgh!
  20. Mine Fave-Leo Bassi(Of course) Most hated.Dah Dah Dah...Michael Savage(He´s a nazi)and Federico Jiménez Losantos(Another nazi)
  21. The left Banke is one of my fave bands although I like Crossover. I also love good 60's bands. Montage are much more minimal that Left Banke although I like some of their songs (I Shall Call Her Mary, Tinsel And Ivy, An Audience With Miss Priscilla Grey - this one is an influence for Great Expectations of course, like The Beatles' Honey Pie.)
  22. Is good that Paul is produced by Nigel Goldrich.I love Radiohea's OK Computer and Beck's Mutations.
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