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  1. Did you received adds by Beatlebum? I did,but I denied.I denied twice! I first had to delete a comment,but he recently sent me an add,so be careful!
  2. Visit my My Space.You´ll love it www.myspace.com/macarenapiltrafilla
  3. Sometimes they delay a lot.There´s some My Space pages dedicated to Eric Carmen and one of them they say is "Christian Rap"(??????).Look for Eric Carmen and you´ll see.
  4. I love Kathy´s My Space!.John O´s one is still very small(listen to some of my bands at my My Space,like Torazinas,or Ya Te Digo,because you´ll love them!)
  5. mire is www.myspace.com/macarenapiltrafilla
  6. Anyway this thing is an specism.because you are eating a kind of animals while you don´t eat another kind.You know?
  7. This is a Spanish joke! "the cow eats the grass and I eat the cow"
  8. As you know I became a vegan recently and is funny to talk with other vegans/vegetarians!
  9. They´ll investigate it for sure!.They are going to judge Donald Rumsfeld in Germany because the f... Abu Ghraib thing!!!!! :-)
  10. I´m happy.NANCY PELOSI IS A GODDESS.!!!!!!!!! Arspoetica,we will be good friends for sure!
  11. Arspoetica.I was a Moveon volunteer in 2004.!The problem was I didn´t like John Kerry very much,but Nancy pelosi is a GODESS!!!!!.Do you like Amy Goodman from Democracy Now?I LOVE HER!
  13. And everybody of you know the reason.CONGRATULATIONS,NANCY.I ADORE YOU AND I ADMIRE YOU!!!!!!!Congratulations to every liberal man or woman at the board!!!!!!!
  14. Mine.Becoming a vegan finally after a lot of years being an eclogist.Is a pity I can´t eat Tony Cartmill now,but I´m not an specist!!!! I became a vegan.Is true.
  15. Is good Pierson and you are in the board.I´m much more crossover/metal(and Raspberries fan too)than you.Do you like The (International)Noise Conspiracy?
  16. I´m not fond of Radio Birdman,but I like Punk spirit although I´m much more metal/crossover oriented.It´s great you talk about Radio Birdman and other Raw Power acts in the board.
  17. It would be a good idea,Carmen Es Mala(I defend copyleft as you know,ha,ha)the song It Hurts Too Much(one of the three songs I know from Tonight You´re mine-the other ttwo All For Love and You Need Some Lovin´this last one is my fave!-)sounds a lot like Phil Spector!
  19. Rick Rubin producing a new Eric album with Special guests Rufus Wainwright and Elton John.
  20. I know they´ll love playing in Spain and Marlene and Darlene want to come here too! so...
  21. II would be medicinal pot of course and also Valium because I´m a very nervous person.I wouldn´t be a suppository!
  22. Forza Italia is the name of that maffious right wing Italian party leaded by Silvio Berlusconi.Aggggggghhh!
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