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  1. I´ll always be against Capital punishment.Is the only thing I agree with Catholics.They are against the capital punishment too.
  2. Are you a Vegan or an Omnivorous,I recommend it to you,but is a bit "gore".American Farms are so similar to Abu Ghraib...
  3. It was great.After eating the 12 grapes we take in Spain...
  4. Listening to Overnight Sensation as I said.Marlene I hope you did the same.
  5. Although is in English!!! www.fotolog.com/laovnevegana
  6. It´s 22.17 PM here in Spain.In an hour and a bit more...Happy 1997.
  7. Will be 2007 in Spain.Listen to Overnight Sensation at this hour whatever is your country!!!!!Thanks
  8. Darlene,please HAVE A MY SPACE AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!!!You can even know violinists all over the world...
  9. Tiger Nut is similar to peanuts or so.Tiger Nut Milk is excellent.In Spain (Valencia) is very typical.The Spanish name is Horchata.
  10. My wish for 2007 is the next Madrid´s mayor is left wing,also the new Madrid President (In America each state has a governor,here in Spain each Authonomy has a president).We have to vote this year!
  11. Thanks for being so brave,and get into my My Space.You´ll love it.Is a liberal paradise! www.myspace.com/macarenapiltrafilla
  12. Is sweet and delicious.Soy Milk makes me vomit!!!!!
  13. Yes,yes.I have one!Glad to know you like my smile
  14. www.ondalatina.tk On Wednesdays from 12 AM to 1 PM(Spanish hour) and it repeats on Tuesdays from 2 AM to 3 AM(Spanish hour). Thanks.
  15. Maybe is Zen.I´m an Agnostic,but I like Tibetan Buddhism and paganism!
  16. A Vegan anti-Bush is a Vegan anti-Bush and this is A LOT to be!!!!!!!!!!
  17. cellebrate it together,so when the new year comes,we could listen to Overnight Sensation at the same time.What do you think?
  18. Hillary is too moderate to me,just like his husband Bill was a very moderate politician.
  19. Where is exactly the "block" site? I can´t find it.
  20. No,I won´t eat Bill O´Reilly,I won´t eat Rush Limbaugh,I won´t eat Ann Coulter...because I don´t eat animals and I´m not an specist since i don´t eat ANY animal(an specist is for example who saves whales but eats cows),I´m not an specist about conservative opinion makers... Nancy pelosi is a goddess.
  21. And we wear chips on our shoulders because we can´t eat Bill O´Reilly since we´re against specism.
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