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  1. I´m a woman.SOY UNA MUJER.
  2. to me being politically incorrect is that your opinions shock people,but is not that you want to shock.I think iI´m politically incorrect but I´m not a male cauvinist or I hate gays or whatever.I´m politically incorrect because I´m anti-stablishment.
  3. Do you imagine Tom Waits covering All By Myself?Yes it could be a bit extreme but better this than Il Divo or Celine Dion.and do you imagine Scissor Sisters remixing I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips(I heard Eric´s 5th album on Yahoo and I only liked American As Apple Pie and the beginning of The Way We Used To Be,but a remix of I Wanna Hear It...by Scissor Sisters would be kitsch...
  4. Never Gonna Fall In Love Again reminds me of Bacharach a lot.
  5. I prefer other South Pacific´s songs like Bloody Mary(Amilitary march meets Dixieland(!!!)or There Is Nothing Like A Dame(What a dark voice,dudes!!!
  6. Most people think they are in the same vein,but Richard never was a Raspberry.
  7. I´m a feminist and I´m proud of it.I can´t understand why being a feminist or a liberal is a bad thing in America.I also can talk about music although men can´t stand it.I´m not useful to iron shirts or cleaning only!!!!!
  8. Shout!-Isley Brothers Time Is-It´s A Beautiful Day Heart Of The Sunrise-Yes Game-The Majority One Anything by The Left Banke Almost anything by The Hollies in the 60´s Boats...-Eric Runaway-Eric Overnight Sensation-Raspberries to be continued
  9. Jealous Guy or Take It Or Leave It?.I really don´t know I like the attitude of Take It Or Leave It although I DON´T like the fact of it,and I like the sentimentalism of Jealous Guy.
  10. I forgot to mention Sean Hannity and Michael Savage.I love reading Amy Goodman´s website and then reading about this people,then looking for them in google and then hating these taleban forever!
  11. But I didn´t buy it because I´m not sure if I´ll like or not.He looks a nolk singer in the vein of Nick Drake,but I wonder if he sounds like Michael Bolton or Richard Marx.
  12. I´d recommend two records Steve Mc Queen and From Langley Park To Menphis by Prefab Sprout.
  13. Elton John and Paul Mc Carney bettter than with Michael Bolton or Richard Marx.Elton John and Paul Mc Cartney did very bad records in the 80´s too.
  14. I prefer The Clash to the Sex Pistols,but I don´t think punk is bad.In the middle 70´s prog bands became boring and pretentious and then punk was a youth revolution..the most punk thing for me now is talking about first and second Eric´s albums,(I still don´t know Tonight You´re mine)and imagining Eric produced by Rick Rubin.Even Led Zeppelin said punk was good in the middle seventies.
  15. Bang reminds me of Fotomaker´s first album.I don´t like that Everything´s cover too much..and I prefer Nowhere To Hide original.The best is Bang I think
  16. I´d deport George W Bush,Condi,Cheney,Bill O´Reilly,AnnCoutler,Rush Limbaugh,the Neo Cons,... Thanks Cozmik,I love when an American is a liberal and isn´t ashamed to tell it..Don´t forget to play up to Tony and James because they will kill you if you don´t do it. Then I´d deport Michael Bolton,Kennny G,The guy who produced Starship´s Knee Deep In The Hoopla,Celine Dion,Lucie Silvas(an European soft AC singer), and here in Spain I´d deport Aznar,Angel Acebes,Eduardo Zaplana,Mariano Rajoy,Federico Jimenez Losantos,Cesar Vidal,Pio Moa,Nacho Villa and more Spanish Neo cons.
  17. Yes,sugarbabi.I´m terribly sarcastic at writing lyrics!
  18. I don´t know if this is strange,but my two ABM singles.One with Everything and the other with Great Expectations.
  19. Imagine System Of A Down covering Overnight Sensation mmmmmmmm...
  20. Sugarbabi,I´ve told my cover is 100000 times beter than Il Divo´s one.Oh and did you know I was the first person to mention Il Divo´s cover at the forum when it was released here in Spain?I´ve wrote a lyric in Spanish for All By Myself and other for Never Gonna Fall In Love Again,and I´ll write another couple more for That´s Rock´n´roll and Great Expectations soon,all of them very sarcastic.
  21. I don´t like Il Divo(The real metrosexual thing in opera is Pavarotti´s Belly(LOL)and thaqt ABM cover is predictable and boring.ABM needs to be covered by other kind of singers.Is an excellent song that need being checked out for other kind of public.My Spanish lyric for ABM is much better and sarcastic.Is almost the same than the original but I´ve changed some words for others and the meaning of the song changes and is really sarcastic.
  22. I detest Asia.That awful song Heat Of The Moment and all their record´s title beginning and ending in "A".I detest when prog bands pretend they are "cutting edge",just like Yes´Owner Of A Lonely Heart..I detest that stuff!
  23. Boats and Runaway-Eric Mother-John Lennon She´s Leaving Home-Beatles
  24. www.cyberparodies.com
  25. Anything by Michael Bolton,Richard Marx,Glenn Medeiros,John Waite,John Parr,Celine Dion,Rush,Starship,REO Speedwagon,Stix,Journey,Ready For The World,Chicago,Peter Cetera,Phil Collins, and more AOR/soft AC acts.
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