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  1. in 1987 was this way.He had a record label called Snif and he tried to release Soft AC bands from Spain.Jerusalem(similar to Heart)amongst others.He enjoys Toto a lot.Check him out www.myspace.com/juliocastejon
  2. Take Action Now! Compassionate citizens around the globe have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stop Canada's annual slaughter of baby seals. But we need you to take swift action, and to ask your friends, family, local shop owner and everyone else you know to take part as well. PETA Europe is calling on MEPs across Europe to vote for a permanent ban on the trade of seal products from Canada's annual seal slaughter. In a few short weeks, Canada's ice floes will be a scene of carnage. Hundreds of thousands of baby harp seals will be shot or beaten over the head with primitive clubs, impaled with metal hooks and have the skin ripped off their bodies. An estimated 205,000 seals were violently killed this way in 2008 alone, and this year the quota has increased to a staggering 280,000 individuals. Right now, the European Parliament is actively considering a complete ban on the trade of skins from seals who are slaughtered anywhere in the world. Canadian hunters say that if the ban is passed, it will make the annual seal "harvest" a "non-viable industry". PETA Europe is already targeting MEPs, demanding that they speak up for seals by backing the proposed law. At the same time, protests against the Canadian government, some organised by PETA Europe, are now going on around the globe. What You Can Do The critical vote is set to take place in mid April, so action is needed now! Write to your local MEPs and ask them to show their compassion by voting for a complete ban. Then, share this important news with everyone you know and urge them to write to their MEPs as well. In order to stop the annual slaughter, our voices must be raised loud and strong. Sincerely, PETA
  3. After the sealing vessels left Wednesday, we landed on the ice to document the aftermath. We passed one pup who had crawled into a small cave formed by ice. He hid his head as we approached, clearly terrified. I tried to talk softly to him, to let him know that it would be okay. But he just lay there, hiding his head. This 3-week old seal pup had just seen hundreds of others beaten to death in front of him. To him, people now mean clubs and violence and pain. Please, help save seals from the clubs of sealers. Make an emergency donation to help seals now. It took less than three days for sealers to slaughter 19,200 seal pups. The ProtectSeals team was there to document as they killed virtually every seal in sight. We filmed this horror -- the tiny carcasses such a stark reminder that this is a slaughter for fur. They died by the thousands here, painfully, just to produce fur coats that no one needs. Today the killing starts again, and our team will be there. Please be a part of our team. Please help sustain our work on the ice to save these seals. We need to show the world that the carnage is worse than ever -- and that despite the Canadian government's promises, the hunt is as cruel and merciless as ever. Thank you for standing with us -- having so many of you behind us makes all the difference. Sincerely, Rebecca Aldworth Director Humane Society International/Canada
  4. http://macarenapiltrafilla.podomatic.com/
  5. Tomorrow is my radio show and I..ll playZinc,Sonnov,Ska-pNaizroxa,Glow,Jardín De La Croix,Rakel Winchester,Evohé,Koolayd,Tribal,Lunar Dunes,Ron Hogan,Kava Kava y Mary Bell,The Song That Always sounds and The Mysterious Song if I have the time it will be from 11 AMto 12 PM at Onda Latina.It repeats on Tuesdays from 12.30 to 1.30 AM(English hour).So you can listen to last week..s show this night.To listen to it get into www.ondalatina.es And click to the right side of the green arrow(Square)at the hour of the show I hope the DSL works I..ll update my Podcast soon
  6. Let´s say "retarded" is the medical way to say it,that O´Reilly´s way is the tongue in cheek way and mine (and the best) is the politically uncorrect way to say the same thing.Don´t be scared.
  7. inArgentina To have Shit for brains its said"ser un boludo".
  8. http://macarenapiltrafilla.podomatic.com/entry/2009-02-09T03_06_16-08_00
  9. I disagree with Bill,of course.I prefer to say "to have shit for brains".
  10. http://punkrocky.superforos.com/viewforum.php?f=1&sid=1dd833e4d73664ba4e4f16ca310cfb32 You can subscribe ot you´re free to write without subscription,but if the message is offemnsive I´ll tax it/you´ll be banned.I talk about Eric sometimes.
  11. If the first song you hear is Haven´t We Come A Long Way then it means you listened to it.
  12. Tomorrow is my radio show and I..ll play Habeas Corpus,Después De Todo,Autogiro Romero,Layo Raser,Deidre,Fungus,Concrete Tree,The Stone Circus,Ronin,PAM,Gunslinger ,The Mysterious Song and The Song That Always Sounds.From 11AM to 12 PM(English hour).Itrepeats on Tuesdays from 12.30 AM to 1.30 AM(English hour).To listen to it in Internet get into www. ondalatina. es And click to the right side of the green arrow(the square) I hope you like it.
  13. You can ask this about most of the songs in the list.Wouldn ´t It Be Nica a neo con song?Revolution a neo con song? The Clash writing a neo con song?Simpathy for the devil and it´s opposite with the godspel choir neo con songs??????????
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