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  1. This is GREAT news. I was told it wasn't available anywhere -- but all I had to do was look at his first solo LP, which naturally would have been the one with the longer cut. Just ordered this. I'm in 7th heaven! Thanks everyone!
  2. I found this board by accident, and it's nice to know that there is an Eric Carmen message board that PERHAPS I can get this question answered.... XM RADIO (Channel 7) plays the extended version of "All By Myself." It has about 2 minutes of extended piano music in the middle of the song. I was totally blown away by it when I first heard it, as I never knew it existed. Problem is, from what I see, none of Eric's catalog of releases has this extended mix on it. I asked XM RADIO where they got the version they are playing, and they said it's off a 1992 Arista compilation release that may no longer be available. Anyone know if the extended version is available on CD? Really appreciate your help.
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