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  1. Thanks to all who remember this "old" man here. In addition to respectively toying with the CD I mentioned in my post I have been making plans to make yet another move a bit south of where I live in TN. It will be 2 counties south of Jackson County. It will be in White County to a little town called Sparta. I am more interested to know if Ron has given the CD I worked so hard on to you Bernie. Please let me know if you have heard it. If so, I hope you and especially Eric realize that the entire lengthy process was done completely out of respect for Eric and his music. It did take a great deal of time to accomplish the laboring task. After all, it is hard to improve on something that is listed in my book as perfection. My motives were to expand upon the limitations that record companies put on artists. If you have not heard it yet Bernie, please contact Ron. My actions in embarking upon such a project were not a matter of pride, instead it was out of respect of Eric's talent. Thanks for the warm re-welcome back to the boards. God Bless all of you. Gary K.
  2. Sorry for the long absence but things happen. I haven't stopped playing the titled cd listed in the subject line. I remastered it and gave it to Ronsu quite a while ago. Hope Eric got to hear it and hope all of you get to hear it to. God Bless you all: Gary K.
  3. Just wanted to say hi to all my friends after a year absence...maybe longer. God Bless Eric and family. I need to contact Ronsu...very important. Can't wait to get back in the loop. God Bless All: Gary K.
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