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  1. I remember when I was 16 and at Padua Fransiscan High School to see the Raspberries! At that time, all I wanted to see was Eric Carmen and I was 5 feet away from him. A moment I will never forget! Eric Carmen is the most sexiest man I will ever know and/or meet! Suzie is a very fortunate lucky woman! Good for you Suzie! I am so happy for you!
  2. what's with the EC girls? What's this all about?
  3. I wish that I could have really seen the Raspberries again! The tickets sold out so fast and too many people crammed into one space, was not my fortay. Will you PLEASE have a DVD of the Raspberry's reunion? I hope so! I will buy it in a hand shake!
  4. Well, I remember so vividly the Raspberries, Padua Fransiscua High School venue! That was great! I can remember it as though it were yesterday! I was 5 feet from Eric Carmen and 16 years old back then! Rock on, guys!!! I will remember that always!
  5. I hope, Oh I hope that the Raspberries will come out with a DVD of their DVD
  6. I'm just wondering. Will there be a DVD of the Raspberries Reunion concert for those of us to save for future memories? I hope so!
  7. I really do believe that Eric Carmen takes the time to read the board, as best as he can. I know that if I were famous and I cared about my fans I would do the same, as best as I could, to keep my fans alive.
  8. To lost control: Yes, we may have said some nasty things about Eric but I do not think that they are not true. Eric and his family are very down to earth and real people. I am a stupid idiot for ever b-tching and complaining about Eric and his family. It was only out of jealousy that I did this. It takes quite a person to admit this. I'm the a-hole they are not. JoAnne M. Beligoy
  9. Dear Craig: I planned to spend Mother's day as another day. My husband and I celebrate 24 years of mariage on May 9th., in addition to Mother's Day. I am one very, very lucky woman to have a husband as I do. I knew him in a previous life and fate brought us together again.
  10. To everyone on the Eric Carmen message board, I am so very, very sorry for my b-tching and complaining. Please forgive me. I had no right to take my emotions out on the message board. I WAS WRONG. Very sincerely, JoAnne Marie
  11. I apologize to the whole board for my stupidity. I am sorry................JoAnnne
  12. Huh? What does this have to do with the Eric Carmen website?
  13. Dear Kazumi: thank you for your email and your concern. I really appreciate and need it, at this time.
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