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    Ouch. Hey Marv - I'm a Sprinsteen fan, but the kind that true fans hate. I only started to like him with Born In The USA, then loved all his "solo" years (Tunnel of Love, Human Touch, Nebraska, Lucky Town) stuff, and kind of lost interest when he reunited the E Street Band and did "The Rising", which I have but never play. I did buy "The River" when I read that he was listening to Berries while he made it, but I didn't hear anything very Berry-like about it. So, I'm SORT of with ya....
  2. JuliaD, Fantastic! I really like the snake and the penguin. If you ever decide to take orders for them, let us know - I think you'd have some buyers here.
  3. Julia - WOW! Really like your art. If you do find a supply of stones, and you're looking for new customers, let me know. I think my wife would like something like that bobcat very much!
  4. New Raspberries music???!! I can't even believe I'm saying that!
  5. Here's a URL that tells what happened. Looks like Ray had to pay.... http://launch.yahoo.com/read/news/12054706
  6. My faves, in rough order: Deep Purple - Made In Japan Beatles - Live at the Star Club Badfinger - BBC Live Raspberries - On The Beach* Grand Funk Railroad - Live Album E.L.P. - Pictures at an Exhibition Humble Pie - Rockin' The Fillmore Rush - All The World's A Stage Who - Live at Leeds Kiss - Alive (the 1st one) * - Okay, so this one is a bootleg of a 1973 Concert in Florida, but the version I have is one of the better live boots I've ever heard, from that era, anyway. Must've been a radio broadcast or a soundboard, but the quality is good, and the band ROCKS!! Especially on the rarely-heard covers of "Locomotion" and "Be My Baby". Is that Wally doing Ronnie Spector?? Un-fuffing believable! There's also a medley of EC ballads that shows how they could rearrange songs and create something new. Until the HOB shows come out, it's the best live Berries I've heard. Now, if Bernie wants to release a bunch of mp3s that proves me wrong, well, that's a price I'll have to pay...
  7. Actually... I kind of like that one. Be a good band name, too. Tony "The Tiger" Chandler
  8. I don't specifically remember, but probably right away - Danny Boy is the 1st song I ever learned as a small child. There's even some really pathetic home movies of me singing it in my crib. But I always skip that tune, cause I hate "talking" songs. <img border="0" alt="[blech!]" title="" src="graemlins/blech.gif" />
  9. Quote:how's this for an embarrassment in the closet: I have the CD by the New Monkees! [/QB]Me too. Dumb idea - so-so record. Not horrible.
  10. Okay, here's some of what I don't like about Zep. I've played some of their songs in bands, and yes, absolutely many of them are very difficult musically. I can recognize great skill in the playing for sure. And some very beautiful or rocking musical sections, no doubt. But, I do know from listening and reading about them that a great many of their songs were created by Page, Jones and Bonham recording all the music and then Plant would come in and start vocalizing over the nearly finished musical track. And I just think that almost always makes for a weaker song. The melody seems superimposed on top of the music, not a part of it. By contrast, Eric's vocal melodies always seem to be the point of all his songs - the music is constructed AFTER the melody to support it. I've just always had a problem with songs that seem "constructed" rather than organic. I get the same feeling about a lot of Door's music, and R.E.M. as well. In all three cases, I like them when the singers aren't singing, and it's not because they're bad singers! Also, Plant's lyrics seemed pretty lame to me in a lot of cases, like Stairway. A bustle in your hedgerow?? What does it mean? Nothing. It's pseudo-psychedelic nonsense. Plus, Plant always droned on in the press about how he sang using quarter-tones. I think he was just flat a lot, and figured out a good cover story. A lot of Spinal Tap in Zep to my eyes. Give me Deep Purple any day. But, if I were forced to list Zep tunes I like, I'd pick: Achille's Last Stand, Dancing Days and Nobody's Fault But Mine. Marv, I think we'll have to wear bulletproof vests for a while now!
  11. Bahoo - that's scary! Seek help immediately! Besides "Galveston", I like "Time" and "Where's The Playground, Susie?". "Time" is one I whip out between recording takes and at band practices - people like it until I tell them where I got it from. THEN I get to hear them singing "Rhinestone Cowboy" all day! <img border="0" alt="[blech!]" title="" src="graemlins/blech.gif" /> I may need to get this LP on CD now - thanks for reminding me how much I like it, Bahoo!
  12. Wow - it's like you guys are rifling through my CD collection! Jet, Jellfish, Crowded House, Utopia, Rutles, Spongetones, Vinyl Kings - I love 'em all! By the way, the new Vinyl Kings is out - I just received it in Tuesday's mail. They're still doing a lot of Beatles-type stuff, but there's much more of a Beach Boys influence this time. A few others not mentioned yet: Dukes of Stratosphere (XTC in disguise) The Back Pack
  13. Okay, I have all the Partridge stuff, and Monkees (not as embarrassing as it once was), and okay, even 1 Bobby Sherman LP, 1 Archies LP. A couple of Osmond 45s. All the Carpenters LPs. Rick Springfield (the early teen idol pre-Jesse's Girl Rick). But my 1st LP was Glen Campbell (Galveston) - how's that for sappy? Now, where's my Nine Inch Nails CD? I need to wash my brain out...
  14. Well, going with the topic, Chuck Berry, Dylan, Lennon/McCartney and Brian Wilson. Their stuff is copied way more than any other. Elvis didn't compose, even though he was obviously influential in other ways. Some possibly overlooked folks would be Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, maybe Phil Spector. Don't get me started on Zep - I'm one of the few who thinks they're way overrated, particularly as composers. What about Andrew Lloyd Webber - would he count?
  15. Wow! That was quick! I think you might be on to something.... Good luck!
  16. I hear a lot of Beatles (and Badfinger) in Jet's tunes, and not just that one. There are several songs that have an "Apple(records) influence"!
  17. I say ANY Berries song is worth hearing again live. Plus, it fits the 'beach' theme. Plus, even though the lyric might be a bit iffy, the music is pretty cool, especially the middle section. So, make that one vote 'for'. Jack
  18. Harry, Try: http://www.usa-karaoke.com/display_details.asp?productCode=CDSC8706 It has a bunch of Eric's songs (although they call him "CarTman" for some reason - wasn't he great on "South Park"?) and 1 Berries tune. It's the most Eric stuff I've ever seen on a Karaoke disc.
  19. Tom, Close. It went from G to E (E being lower than G). I'm A Rocker went from A to G. Those are the only two that I know of.
  20. Man, that's so cool! Wally's got it right, as far as I'm concerned. Good guitar, good amp, and fingers that know what they're doing - everything else is window dressing.
  21. Great topic! It's fun to try to remember, and I'm sure I'll forget a few, but here goes, in roughly chronological order (starting in 1974): Edgar Winter Group w/James Gang (post-Walsh) Aerosmith w/Ted Nugent (ow! my ears!) Rush (many times) The Association Bob Seger (opening for Rush - very bad combo.) Queen Eric Carmen Styx Sweet UFO Bread Cheap Trick Sonny & Cher Chubby Checker Todd Rundgren & Utopia (4 or 5 times) Rolling Stones w/Kansas & Peter Tosh Heart (w/Exile) REO Speedwagon (w/Mahogany Rush) Max Webster (opening for Rush) StarCastle (opening for Rush) The Monkees (minus Mike) Grass Roots Gary Puckett & The Union Gap Herman's Hermits Nick Lowe Dave Edmunds Elvis Costello (W/Nick Lowe) Paul McCartney Ringo & The All-Stars (w/JWalsh, BCummings, TRundgren, DEdmunds, TBSchmidt) Kingston Trio Pink Floyd (post-Waters) SuperDeluxe Peter, Paul & Mary A.J. Croce (son of Jim - great!) Blue Rodeo BR-549 Cracker New Duncan Imperials California Guitar Trio Psychodots Fountains of Wayne (in Hawaii!!) The Buckinghams Gillian Welch (3 times so far) Strawbs Counting Crows John Mayer Paul Simon w/Brian Wilson Don McLean The Darkness Raspberries!! Best show: Raspberries 11/26/04 (It was a dream come true!!) & Rush 1976 (2112 Tour) Best band: Dave Edmunds Band Best singer: Ann Wilson of Heart Biggest disappointment: Had George Harrison tickets in 1974, but the show was snowed out! I know I'm forgetting some - partly age, partly drugs. ;-)
  22. Dougjack


    What?! Jeff, I find this hard to believe...are you sure? Maybe we should wait to hear from Marvin himself.
  23. Hey, Matt - I'll 2nd that! I bought the Sarah Slean CD based on someone giving me a link to her artwork. I had no idea she was a musician, but I sampled her CD and immediately had to buy it (import only, of course). It's one of my favorites of last year! I'm hoping she makes it down south to the U.S. sometime soon - I'd love to see her (and HEAR her, too! ;-))
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