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  1. "Misty Mountain Top" and "Whole Lotta Love"??? Yikes!! and Ugh!! I don't believe that those songs would have been in the set list if Mick Jones was still involved.


    Are you sure he's not? The Foreigner page seems to indicate that he is. If Mick was gone, there'd be no originals left at all, right? Still, I suspect they want to pay tribute to the Bonham family mainly.
  2. "we need that option (dropping nukes) now more than ever." Really? Why? What makes nukes more necessary now?

    Nukes cannot EVER be the answer, Tony. After 9/11, who would we have nuked anyway? There was no country directly sponsoring those terrorists, and if there was it was Saudi Arabia, not Iraq. (And if you think W and his henchmen were ever going to seriously take on their Saudi buddies, you're dreaming.)

    How can killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilian children, women, the aged, etc. ever be acceptable? Who are we if allow such a thing? How are we any better than the terrorists?

    With regards to Japan, for every "expert" who claims we saved lives with the nukes (a dubious prospect on the face of it), there are plenty who say that Japan was already trying to surrender, because of the Soviets entering the war against them (who they feared far more than the US). And that our dropping the bomb when we did was as much about scaring the USSR as it was about winning the war against Japan. Here's a couple of relevant links:



    Nuking the Middle East is not the answer. That's crazy talk.


  3. Hey, what a coincidence - I was just reading about Gin Blossoms and checking their site out yesterday. I had no idea they were back, but they have been for a couple of years and have a new CD in the works. Turns out Doug only wrote the 1st 2 of 7 hit records they had, so they've actually had more without him. But he wrote "Hey Jealousy", which is the song many remember them for. I didn't get into them until "Until I Hear It From You", which was later - after his suicide. Alchohol & depression were the main reasons given for it.

  4. I didn't read the article, but it used to be that start up was the hardest on the computer- back then when you pressed the 'on' button it was hard wired to the power switching and the computer really used to take a beating from too much on and off action. Now, the pressing of the start button only requests that the computer starts up, and it does it's own checking of circuits and things before it allows power to flow the the processors and such. Not nearly as much 'jolt' to the computer. Kirk.

    A-ha! Makes sense, Kirk. It's been a while since I did PC support, so I guess I've learned something here.

    One other thing that's a factor in all this for us Windows users is that there have been so many security holes found in it that we're having to apply new security patches every other day, practically. Those tend to require reboots, so that's often how I end up restarting the PC and clearing buffers, committing registry changes, etc.

    Otherwise, I leave it on all the time. I do have a good surge protector, and firewall software, so I feel pretty safe doing that. Oh, and no kids either, so no worries about "unsafe" content. Unless you count me constantly reading the EC board! ;-)


  5. "At every crossroads on the path that leads to the future, tradition has placed 10,000 men to guard the past."

    Perhaps that explains the Cleveland reaction.



    Who is this quote from? I like it very much!


  6. Darlene,

    I also tried to let Carmen know her message box was full, but I'm not sure if she knows she has one here on the EC board as well as her personal mail.

    Looks like she's made 2 or 3 posts in the last couple of weeks, so maybe she's back to stay for awhile!

    I always enjoy her posts too, though I don't always completely understand them. ;-)


  7. Harry,

    I used to work in PC support, and we never could decide if it was better one way or the other. There are pros and cons either way.

    I read the suggestions re:nightly PC shutdown, and much of what they say is true, although they're talking mainly about a PC network type of setup, and I don't think that applies to you.

    On the "con" side, the hardest wear on electrical parts comes from the initial surge when you turn it on. So, reducing the shutdowns reduces the wear.

    Personally, I leave mine on all the time, both work and home.


  8. Not only that, but will we EVER get to hear them perform "When You Were With Me" again? Fat chance! (Hint hint: I LOVE that song. One of Wally's great masterpieces. Please...)

    Boy, *that's* the truth! I don't think I'd ever heard that song prior to the show, and it was so fantastic! Watching Kay Bryson, who was watching Wally with big tears in her eyes (of joy, I assume!) is one of MANY pictures forever burned into my memory. I understand why they might not want to do that song outside of Cleveland, but that's just 1 more reason why there should be some release of THE reunion show.


  9. Yeah, something about that "You're here & there & far away" section with Wally & Eric singing in perfect harmony - I'm still pretty choked up just thinking about it. I just never thought it would happen, and that moment was one that REALLY captured who they were way back when they first started.

    Sorry, but there should be a DVD of that 1st show and if they want to also put out a "perfect sound/perfect vid" one from later shows, I'm sure we'll all buy both. But that 1st show was so special in so many ways. I can't remember too many times in my life when I was cheering and crying at the same time. And I'm one of the lucky ones - how many fans didn't get to go to that 1st show? If I was one of them, I'd be SO upset that it looks like we might not get any recordings of it.

    I hope the band knows just how important that show is to those who waited so long. I don't care how much better they're playing (and looking?) now, the 1st show was history in the making, and ought to have been fully documented by the Library of Congress or something! Not only that, but the guys kept saying (and still say) that "the fans kept this alive", and that the 1st show was mainly a reward to us. The new shows seem to be much more about how much the band is enjoying things and carrying on into the future, and making sure the guys actually get paid for once (which all of us completely support, I'm sure!).

    BUT...the first show, at least partially, belongs to all of us, and I want my copy!!! crazycrying

    I'll sit quietly now and await whatever the guys decide, but I had to vent that.


  10. Gotta agree. I think it's his best song after the 1st solo-lp. (Sorry, "Boats" fans!). I love the words, the melody, the production, and the way he put the little stutter/repeat on the link to the chorus the last time through. Very cool trick (similar to "On The Beach")!

    Shoulda been a hit!


  11. ...have they ever done "Starting Over" since they re-united? Seems like such a perfect song considering the circumstances.

    Yes, they did it for the 1st show, but none of the others as far as I know. They did several songs at that 1st show that they haven't repeated since.


  12. The CD is an interesting curiousity, but demo-level production and seemingly rushed performances don't bring it up to the level of the original Raspberries albums.


    Ouch! I think it's a bit more than just a "curiousity"! Some of us like it alot! The production is fine, and I didn't notice any bad performances, either. Okay, maybe it should have been called something else. But I like 5 of the 6 songs! The lyrics to "Pop Teasers" are hysterical! I see no reason why a Berry fan wouldn't like this CD. New songs by Dave, Scott and Wally? Who cares what you call it? I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  13. Oh my......so some people like Bruce, others don't what is the big deal...some people eat beef some don't, everyone is entitled to like or dislike whomever or whatever they want. What is the point of arguing about it? So, if you don't like Bruce thats ok, if you do thats ok too. This is a Equal opportunuty website , please people live and let live, there is way too much going on in this world that is so much more important then to worry about little things like others taste in music.

    Exactly right, Little Sis! It's all subjective. Count me among those who like Bruce. He's not in my top 10, but I like a lot of his songs and have several of his CDs.


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