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  1. I just got into Brian Ray a couple of months ago. His 2 albums, Mondo Magneto and This Way Up, are absolutely amazing. All aspects: lyrics, arrangements, musicianship, vocals, and of course guitar parts/solos/sounds. Same with his band The Bayonets (in Susie's post above). If you like power pop, mixed with some other elements of his vast influences, these could well be your new go to CD's. I know they are for me. Please listen to them, and post your reviews.
  2. Richard Cheese does some fantastically strange covers. Here's one.
  3. https://woodsonrva.com/2020/05/24/essential-pop-rock-songs-of-the-70s/
  4. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/green-day-billie-joe-armstrong-eric-carmen-thats-rock-n-roll-1001720/
  5. I was listening to the Sirius Beatles channel on 11/1/19, specifically 'Breakfast with the Beatles' , when the host Chris Carter (after playing the Raspberries 'Nobody Knows'), mentioned that they had Brian Ray, the guitarist in Paul McCartney's touring band, on the show last month, and Brian mentioned that he's going to be writing songs with Eric. Did anyone else hear that?
  6. And yesterday (3/1/19), the Beatles channel played Scott McCarl's 'Yes It Is." Somewhere working there is a Raspberries fan.
  7. At the Rock Hall, they currently have a 'Cleveland Rocks' exhibit, and Raspberries are well represented in this display. One of the items is the handwritten lyrics to Hit Record, eventually titled Overnight Sensation. An interesting part is that Eric had some extra lyrics in it. Not sure if it these were meant for a 2nd bridge or what. "Make a demo, add some harmony Seems we've used up all our money But it sounds real good." "in my head I hear the final mix Why, it's one of this weeks spotlight picks! Oh, I knew it was good."
  8. Hi everyone- I was driving home on Monday (11/19/18) evening in Cleveland, listening to the Sirius XM Beatles channel, ~ 4:55 pm. Suddenly I hear 'No Reply', but it's the Raspberries version from Pop Art Live that I had listened to on my phone just that morning. So I thought maybe my car radio had somehow switched to Bluetooth mode and was playing the last album I was listening to. But it didn't switch: it was indeed the 'No Reply' from the latest Raspberries CD, with Wally and Eric doing their harmonies. Did anyone else happen to catch it? (I haven't posted for ~8 years or so - not sure why.)
  9. I'd like to pass along some info on a new singer/band I've heard about: Brian Lisik. He and his band (the Unfortunates) are from the Akron area, and they have a great new CD out next month. Cool title: Curtisinterruptedus. Here's an article giving some comparisons to Eric and the Raspberries. http://coolcleveland.com/blog/2015/03/chamber-strings-brian-lisik-play-cleveland-pop-beachlandcle/ "Although northeast Ohio’s music scene has always been incredibly diverse, its image as a fountain of power pop has been bandied around since the Raspberries broke out in the early ’70s. Perhaps it’s because the style, while seldom getting much traction with the listening public, is deeply beloved by music critics. And literate musicians love to reach back to the treasure trove of power pop influences. Longtime Cleveland musician Brian Lisik, for instance, sounds like he spend a lot of time listening to the Raspberries prior to recording his new album Curtisinterruptedus. His vocals on the album’s three opening tunes owe a lot to ‘berries lead yelper Eric Carmen and the songs sound like long-lost Raspberries B-sides. Much of the rest of the album digs into a sort of earnest blue-collar folk rock —“Normalcy†sounds like the usual sort of song written by songwriters who grew up on Springsteen, Mellencamp and Petty. Bur he keeps slipping back into the Carmenisms, as on the piano ballad “Born on Needles and Pins.†It’s Lisik’s fourth solo album since he released his first, Baggage, in 2004. Lovers of both tuneful retro pop and rust-belt rock should check out him and his band the Unfortunates when they play at the Beachland Tavern Sat. 3/28." And here's a link to another story and a track from the CD: Jan. 13: http://www.musicnewsnashville.com/brian-lisik-delivers-curtisinterruptedus-april-28/ Thanks
  10. http://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2014/10/eric_carmen_goes_all_the_way_a.html
  11. New Wendy's commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6nw8lo-5Ic
  12. This may be old information: In the excellent 2010 book "You Never Give Me Your Money" by Peter Doggett (a story about the Beatles break-up), here is a quote from pg. 191: "Acts who consciously maintained the Beatles tradition, such as the Electric Light Orchestra, Badfinger, and Raspberries, endured jibes about their outdated, 'retro' sound."
  13. Hi all- I was reading a story about Wings guitarist Laurence Juber, and suddenly he referenced Eric: "Here’s a funny story: years later I played a guitar part for Eric Carmen on a song called “Make Me Lose Controlâ€, which became a hit. As the record was about to come out, I got a call from a company who wanted me to be in the video. Well, they had no idea I had played on the record and thought I would be mimicking someone else’s performance. So I got to mimic my own." http://daytrippin.com/2010/08/09/exclusi...ney-university/
  14. I went on the DailyMotion web site just now, and this video (in the link) was the home page video - a 2009 greeting. (I hope the link works) http://www.dailymotion.com/us/featured/video/x7lm64_happy-new-year-2009_fun
  15. A question about Be My Baby: Is it Wally singing the falsetto background vocal?
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