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  1. i think he should release a "dance" remix of "Go all the way"..with som "rap"in the verses and then kick of with the original chorus recording of that song...could be a hit..."in Europe maybe....."
  2. i guess the same user can not vote twice?...
  3. a live version of "i can remember"........
  4. Do you think barry was inspired by"all by myself" when he wrote "if i should love again" ?
  5. Eric Carmen Glenn Hughes David Coverdale Anders Glenmark Bj–rn skifs Freddie Mercury Richie Sambora Stevie Wonder Alice Cooper
  6. when i bought "Boats..." and listened to it it was like taking in fresh air..i had worn out my queen albums and needed something new and thats were eric came in....dont think i have found anything else that have interested me musically since then (still looking...)
  7. When you are "awake" after being influenced by the drug its the vision you had when you where on drugs that gave ideas to music... But i dont think drugs made any difference to making great music...you could might as well be asleep and hear something that will come to your head...like billy joel did on "just the way you are"....
  8. I had this amazing dream last night..I was watching a movie called "starting over" wich began with an instrumental version of "starting.." in the beginning...it was a romantic comedy with john cusack..and the whole movie was filled with erics songs..at the end of the movie the lovers walked away from from the park (in new york..?)and "starting over" ended the movie.... An idea for a movie maybe?
  9. Ill probably lay some background keyboards..(where needed)..and arrange background vocals with him..and discuss stringparts....
  10. I have had the pleasure of not hearing WD ..So i will give a rewiew as soon as i get a copy...
  11. If to anyones interests..... I always dream about a big atomic bomb coming straight to me....a bit like the scene from T2.. I think that reality should be as dreams...they shouldnt make any sense...(like ally mcbeal)
  12. is there any chance that i can download the live version of "lets pretend/starting over from someone here..i accidently erased mine that i had on my minidisc after dowloading it from this site i also erased "wild wild heart" but the live version of lets pretend is much more important. If anyone can help me with this i would be extremely thankfull.....
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