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  1. Happy Birthday Eric. Best wishes for next year! And big thanks for your talent and the wonderful songs you've made!
  2. I agree with you Jimmy and marvin, but it's long (and it'd take a long time doing it for every good carmen song!) and the result is never as good as the original. I'm not only looking for the tab, but the melody and the instrumental lines as well. First you hear and play the melody, then you find the tab (which can be hard sometimes), but then it's less enjoyable as with the complete behind piano part. As I had found the book, I bought it, but as it's not available, if I have time once, I'll try to transcript the songs.
  3. P.S: Do you know something or can you do something Bernie? Do you know a way to get old music sheets from Eric Carmen (other than Amazon zshops?) Thanks
  4. Here is what amazon sent me: <<Greetings from Amazon.com. We are sorry to report that the release of the following item has been cancelled: "The Songs of Eric Carmen" Though we had expected to be able to send this item to you, we've since found that it will not be released after all. Please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience we have caused you. We have cancelled this item from your order...> It's incredible knowing that you've been working on that book, Bernie. I'm fed up and I think U2!
  5. Hello! I've also ordered the book since december and it still hasn't been released. I found on Amazon.co.uk that a seller had the book. I tried to buy it but then they told me it was "out of stock". A month ago I asked Amazon.com about the book and here is their reply: <<Thanks for writing to us at Amazon.com. Our latest information indicates that "The Songs of Eric Carmen" has not yet been released and the expected release date is not known. As soon as a release date has been determined for this item, we will add that information to our web site. While we are confident that copies will be made available, we cannot provide more precise information about the fulfillment of the order. In light of this uncertainty, we will understand if you would prefer to cancel your order. As of yet we have made no changes...>> Let's hope it will be available soon. Meanwhile I think I'm gonna buy the I Was Born To Love You sheet music. And you can find a good All By Myself piano version here: http://iquebec.ifrance.com/musikana/partitions/all_by_myself.zip yoan
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