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  1. Hey new design and new releases! Thanks for the informations! I would also expect a future release of all the unreleased material throughout Eric's career, but still this is great.
  2. I love the new design. Congratulations Bernie! By the way I've found out that the link associated to the "Next" button in Music -> Rare Audio is broken.
  3. Thank you Bernie! The song is amazing and its sound quality is impressive! I didn't expect to discover another unreleased gem! So many wasted songs that could have been hugely successful, it's a shame!
  4. Thanks for these demos Bernie. It's great to hear all those unreleased treasures!
  5. Hi Sterling! If you have 3 variables but only 2 equations there isn't one and only solution. The way to solve it properly is: You can fix a variable (egg a= a number) and the solve the other others. you'll find 2 variables depending on the one you fixed (egg b=3*a and c=8*a-5 just an example). consedering the 2 lines you've written that would be: a+b+c=100 (line1) 10a+3b+0.5c=100 (line2) => multiplying each side of the first line by 10: 10a+10b+10c=1000 (line1*10) let's call it line3 10a+3b+0.5c=100 (line2) =>we can keep the first line and change the second into the substraction of the 2 lines 10a+10b+10c=1000 (line3) 7b+9.5c=900 (line3-line2) let's call it line4 now we can't go further as we had 2 lines for 3 variables. but we can already solve in fact! Let's say c is any number. consider line4: 7b=900-9.5c => b=(900-9.5c)/7 now we've got c and b. We can go back to line 1 to find a: a = 100 - b - c a = 100 - (900-9.5c)/7 - c a = 100 - (900-9.5c)/7 - (7c)/7 a = 100 - (900-9.5c-7c)/7 a = 100 - (900-16.5c)/7 and we have all the solutions (including negative ones): c=c b=(900-9.5c)/7 a = 100 - (900-16.5c)/7 Bu as we only want integers from 0 to 100 in this problem you can try for each integer c from 0 to 100 to find a and b and see if there are integers also. Excel does it quickly: http://www.membres.lycos.fr/yoyorex/xls/iceCreamProblem.xls (right-click and download, solutions are in red)
  6. Big thanks Bernie for those wonderful presents! There's always more each Christmas! and merry christmas to you!
  7. Their album Beautiful World is n°1 too! I love Patience, an amazing ballad like Back For good. The album has great uptempo songs (Shine, Reach Out), acoustic guitar based songs (Wooden Boat, Like I've never loved you at all), piano ballads (I'd Wait for life) . The rest is good but could have been better. here you can listen to 2 tracks from it: Patience I'd Wait For Life http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SZ96ESZ5 Don't know if it will be released in the US. It isn't even on itunes.
  8. All the best for your birthday Eric !!
  9. I think Eric has enough various potential hits for a succesful comeback. With: Never Say Die, Cindy In The Wind (catchy pop tunes), The High Cost of Loving (country), DATDBS, After You, Surely I Do, Wild Wild Heart (masterpieces ballads), I don't think releasing DATDBS , if along with one of the mentioned uptempos, would "put him back in an "image prison" again as "a singer of melodramatic ballads"". I'd be glad he has the opportunity of releasing another album with these songs. Maybe it will not work but it will be great if he could try.
  10. I saw them perform All By Myself on this week's Top of the pops on bbc Prime, which means the song has been chosen to promote the new album. Their cover is great but doesn't match Eric's version at all. You can see a small extract on http://www.bbc.co.uk/totp/video/ go to Watch TOTP Online (then 6th nov).
  11. Thank you so much Bernie! For those who have a Mac, you can use Audio Hijack, a software that let you record any sound from running applications.... http://www.rogueamoeba.com/audiohijackpro/ There might be another sofware product for PC... I don't know.
  12. Big thanks for the song!! It's becoming one of my favourite unreleased songs, too! and thanks for the lyrics!
  13. great job MAM. It 's a good cover because it does change from the original. But I prefer Eric's version, sorry! (However , I can't wait to hear the full version!)
  14. Happy birthday Eric!! I wish you and your family all the best for the future! and Big Thanks for your wonderful songs that I love!!
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