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  1. Rest assured Eric still has it! Trust me on this one! Roonie
  2. Good Point Marvin. So Eric is seven years overdue? Plan to visit the Rock Hall today so will put in a good word for him! Ha Ha!
  3. Sorry though your thought was a nice dream for sure. Maybe someday. Look how long it took for McCartney to make it in the Rock Hall!
  4. Hey Bernie, we are interested in your reply to this question. Thanks! Roonie
  5. The Middlefield Amish builders did one fine job on Eric's new addition from all reports!
  6. Wow! Three people I have the upmost respect for all posting on the same topic! Very Nice!
  7. What was the 70's rock scene like in your hometown? Cleveland was a hot-bed for bands breaking out! Wish you could have shared the experience. An engineer friend from SUMA recording studio years ago gave us several test pressings from 70's albums like American Noise, Pat Dailey etc. Way cool and are glad we held on to them. Suma recorded Grand Funk Railroad, Wild Cherry and many others! Cleveland Rocks! How about your town? Thanks! Roonie
  8. Cookbook rules! Would suggest Damnation of Adam Blessing to all who want to capture the Cleveland music scene in the late sixties - early seventies! Raspberries - Circus - Damnation - American Noise - doesn't get much better than that!
  9. You nailed the lineup on Circus! American Noise was also a group to see in the 70's as you stated. How about Damnation Of Adam Blessing? This band was excellent and we have most of their albums and CD's. They were originally called DUST! So much talent in the Cleveland Rock Scene!
  10. Saw "Circus" play at Mayfield High School in the early 70's to a SRO crowd in the auditorium. A few members come to mind (Dan Hrdlicka - guitar), (Tommy Dobeck - Drums) (_____ Alexander - bass). Talented rock group from the Cleveland area for sure who joined MSB and other bands down the road.
  11. A question for Bernie and Ken. Will this book contain warts and all? After a two hour visit with Anastasia at our house a few weeks ago we learned much about local and national rock stars throughout the years. Just curious. Thanks. Roonie
  12. Like I stated before, it will take Paul McCartney to get Eric on the road again! EC fans need to accept this and enjoy his music in the interim.
  13. P.S. If Paul McCartney asked Eric to tour I'm sure he would! I'm afraid this is what it would take at this point in Eric's successful career to tour again.
  14. Eric stated in a Cleveland "Scene" magazine interview in 1977 that in the early band days he wanted his group to be like the Beatles. No wonder when asked by Ringo to tour he agreed. This may have brought his career full circle and to fruition? Obviously speculation on my part though makes sense. What are your thoughts? Thanks Roonie
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