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  1. Zamfir " Master of the Pan Flute ". Was supposed to tour with the 'Berries in 1976 before Capitol pulled the plug ( according to rumors at the time). BIzzare but true??? Claims 100 million + sold. See description below? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zamfir
  2. There is no " church of Christianity." There are individuals who refer to themselves as Christians. The embrace of "The Passion" by evangelicals was odd to me. Historically fundamentalism has rejected anything coming from a Catholic perspective ( which was true of The Passion). I taught a course on radical groups earlier this summer. I discussed Mel's dad a bit and his association with British Israelism. Mel's comments were no suprise to me. I wish Mel would stop groveling. He is richer than God to quote a phase. Just say you were drunk and go on. It is not a crime to be anti-semetic. It is distasteful but not the equivalent of child molestation, murder or rape. I play pool on a regular basis with a Jewish friend. We have been doing this for over 30 years. The ethnic-religious-sexual orientation slurs FLY across the table. Just a bit of adolescent fun. If I was famous I guess I would have to grovel and go into thought rehab.
  3. Bernie, This was at the Agora 1975...correct?
  4. Bernie, I would hug you if you were standing in front of me!!!!!!!!! I have 2 favorite bootleg live Rasberries recordings....one is Little Queenie from 1975 and the other is Tonight from the same show. My copies are low quality...but I always thought tha this version of Little Queenie is definitive...much better than the one you put on the site a few years ago. AND NOW YOU HAVE POSTED IT!!!! THANKS THANKS THANKS!! Everyone must go to the audio files and listen to this version....Wally is metaphysically good this night!!!! Bernie ya gotta ive us more of this show!!! Thanks a ton!!!!
  5. I just read this thread and just had to jump in. My passion for The Knack is only supplanted by my passion for the Raspberries. Get the Knack is a power pop masterpiece. As "hook filled" as any record/cd ever released. The sad part is that that Fieger and the band got nailed as mysogynist pedophiles. Dave Marsh wrote a review of GTK for Rolling Stone that has to stand as the all time over the top, I am taking this way too seriously, news item. Marsh took the tone that GTK is the end of Western Civilization. No joke...he even was forced to admit years later that this was perhaps his low point of his reviewing career. Marsh and others actually proposed that the album promoted sex with underage girls. Some commentators said it advocated sex with children! Rubbish...but it did taint the band with a sleazy smear that was hard to shake. Then Fieger releases " Baby Talks Dirty" which does steer close to weird, kinky stuff just to tick the critics off. Bad move Also, Fieger has denied that he meant to pay homage to the Beatles. He claims the outfits were patched together from their real clothes and that the photo on the back cover was an accidental likeness. Also the title " Get the Knack" was a popular rally cry for groupies of the band in the year prior to the album being recorded. Personally I think Doug is being coy here. Clearly he has to know how the bands image was going to be received.
  6. This whole set absolutely rocks! Scott does a great live "Play On". Wally was ripping it up that night.
  7. My understanding is that Mr. Ienner joined an exotic Malaysian religious group in the early 1980's and currently lives in southeast Asia. He took the name Hajak Humadst and serves as the group's spiritual advisor.
  8. Interesting. My PBS station is showing the Capitol 4th live all night until around 11:00pm.
  9. I cannot wait to hear this terrific material!!
  10. It is supposed to be live and in real time. 7/6 10:00pm. Also presented in 1080i HD 5.1 surround. This info is from an HDTV forum.
  11. "The Choir eventually became legendary Bay City Rollers-meet-Springsteen power pop band, The Raspberries." What a hoot!
  12. "The girls loved him for his luscious looks, his spiky, dirty-blond hair, his ice blue eyes and his wiry body. They especially liked his wiry body." "I just wanna hit record, yeah!' he replied, just before kissing her warm inviting lips." "Wanna hear it on the radio?' luscious record company executive Rafealla DeLuxe enquired seductively as she let her silk robe drop to the floor" http://www.bubblegum-machine.com/week29.html
  13. http://cgi.ebay.com/RASPBERRIES-psychede...1QQcmdZViewItem
  14. Martin...Carmen...its all the same thing
  15. I hear a new theme for My Space " You looked to young to know about romance ...oh you know what I mean..." Well....maybe not
  16. Mr.Scholz had made every Ottawa Hills High School graduate proud to follow in his footsteps!! Where can the remastered versions be purchased? Looked on Amazon...did'nt see any remastered versions.
  17. Tom

    Mother Angelica

    Mother Angelica is a very controversial figure in Roman Catholicism. Personally I have enjoyed her wit over the years...but many feel that she is in fact a bad and even evil influence in the church.
  18. Tom


    BIZZARE POST!!!!What is that thing???
  19. Yikes!!! I was refering to a diffrent Mike Douglas show....oopppps!! Sorry
  20. Bernie, I'm positive Eric was definitely singing live against the prerecorded track. In fact his voice sounded blown out. Joe Namath and Billie Jean...tells us about that taping Eric!
  21. I wouldn't part with my Raspberries bootlegs for anything. How in the world am I gonna hear the incredible long version of I'm A Rocker from the 1974 Agora show? Or All Right Now from the same show? Or the audition songs? I can't buy them now...or ever. Same goes for the July 14 B.B.King NY show. Never going to see the light of day. Of course I buy every legit recording also...
  22. Tom

    Sid & Suzie

    I absolutetly love Sweet's music. Lyrically and musically interesting. Demanding of the listener....
  23. Carrying on with Eric's post.... It seems to me that Rock and Roll has always flirted with the notion of youthful sexuality...certainly not old age. " You looked too young to know about romance...but when you smiled I had to take a chance and be with you Tonight...." Sweet Little Sixteen...Well she was just seventeen, you know what I mean...She's too cute to be a minute over seventeen...sexy and seventeen..... A veritable gaggle of illegal desire
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