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  1. Courtney has said in interviews (I have the exact quote and reference somewhere around here) that all she wanted was to have a band that made songs like the Raspberries.
  2. More musing on the subject....there nare plenty of early 70's recordings that sound just fine (Thin Lizzy's work comes to mind). The blame clearly falls on Shelly for running everything through that nasty compressor. Eric has always claimed that it made GATW sound better...BUT interesting enough....I enjoy the "sound" of the uncompressed Flipside GATW (even with other issues)along with the Flipside Tonight and IWBWY. I can actually hear more bottom end on these recordings. I fact...I can JUST imagine what the first gen studio tapes of the Flipside sessions sound like. Drool...drool.....
  3. Pieson, Funny you should mention "Shannon". I was listening to XM radio the other day...and I heard this classic!!! It really brought back memories!
  4. Actually, the aborted-never released 2000 collection DOES have 24bit remastered versions of all the boys classics. They do have more bottom end than the released versions and they do,in some cases, sound noticably better....yet problems remain (e.g. clipping during the guitar opening on I Wanna Be With You....who was riding the gain in the studio???...there is clipping on several tracks). The 2000 collection...with the rehearsals...would have been a great legacy for the band. As I understand it...these remasters were supposed to appear in yet a new collection for release in 2003....never happened. I try to spread the word as much as possible...but lets fact it...pop-rock of this type is dead. The pseudo music-sampled-computer generated-gangster-thug-degenerates now rule the music world.
  5. " My Sharona" The Knack Oooo my little pretty one...my pretty one...when ya gonna give me some time Sharona...Ooo you make my motor run...my motor run...gun it comin off of the line Sharona...never gonna stop...give it up...such a dirty mind I always get it up for the touch of the younger kind....MY MY MY MY WOOOOOOOOO MMMM MY SHARONA!!!
  6. I've read the threads refering to Big Star...and I gotta tell ya...this is a long time PET PEEVE of mine. Everytime this subject comes up...I get ticked off...so much that I started a new thread to vent!! First...I am hugh 'Berries fan...saw them live in 1973 in Providence RI...and I'm also a fan of Big Star. Here's the problem: Big Star made some very nice, melodic pop music. I enjoyed the first two albums (yes I actually purchased the records 30 years ago and have since purchased the CD with the first two albums on it). Very nice, smooth, listenable pop. BUT BUT BUT....Big Star (BS) has NO I mean NO "power" to their melodies or music. How in the world did BS become the standard bearer of "power pop"??? When ever the term "power pop" is used by musicologists or critics. BS name pops up first...followed by the 'Berries. HUH??? Where is the power in BS's music/ Please someone help me. September Gurls is is a nice "pop" tune in a "Byrds" style....but power???? The 'Berries define power pop. BS never, never produced anything with the slashing, sexual ferocity of Tonight, Go All The Way or Ecstacy...All Through the Night...I Wanna be With you.... For reasons that I cannot fully fathom...Rolling Stone and music intelligencia have decided that Big Star is the Van Gogh of pop music. Undiscovered in their time...underappreciated. One critic called September Gurls " The most perfect Rock Song ever made" Huh?? Forget Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Beatles, Stones,Zeppelin, Springsteen.....Oh no Big Star made the ultimate masterpiece. I invite all 'Berries lovers to listen to BS's first two albums. They are available on one CD.The third CD is a nightmarish, drug induced Chilton nightmare. Unless you suffer from a diagnosed mental illness...I'd skip this one. The first two are very nice, pleasing pop. But don't expect the Byson's searing guitar of Eric's skyrocketing sexual yearnings. Never has a marginally talented artist crafted a legend out of almost nothing like Chilton has. Again I liked BS's music in the 70's...but geeeezzz enough hyperbole!!! The WHO defined Power Pop in the 60's...the'Berries redefined it in the 70's. Okay...Rant off Tom
  7. Tonight. Absolutely raw, youthful sexuality. Motely Crue's version also rocks!
  8. What about the outfit he wore on the Mike Douglas show (with the 'Berries)?? Even Mike poked fun at it.
  9. " You looked to young to know about romance...oh you know ya did..ha....but when you smiled I had to take a chance...I had to take the chance and be with you...tonight" My wife is 23 years younger than I am
  10. Tom


    Marvin, Glad I could help! The Knack's lead guitarist was Berton Averre. My two favorite rock guitarists are Byson and Averre. Bruce Gary was as fast and technically proficient as any drummer I've ever heard. Incredible sense of timing. He can sometimes be found posting on the Knack's Yahoo fan club board. The Knack at Carnegie Hall ( Oct 13,1979) was the best 55 minutes of 50's/60's rock I have ever seen. I had a bunch of teenage guys from a local garage band hang out one day and I showed them the Carnegie Laser Disk. Their mouths hung open... (" man these dudes were great"). If only we had a professionally filmed full concert of the Raspberries! I'd pay a royal sum for a print of the 'Berries at Carnegie. Then again Eric would probably outbid me Tom
  11. Yeah Bernie!!!! We want more live Berries! You obviously have some high quality material! Some future suggestions....the great long intro version of I'm a Rocker from the Agora 1974 or Ecstacy from the same show. Both are great live versions.
  12. Tom


    Bruce Gary of The Knack. Give Get The Knack a listen...even better...grab a copy of thier Carnegie Hall concert...watch Bruce Gary....unbelievable.
  13. Folks, Read these quotes....The Raspberries have influenced an incredibly wide range of performers! "In 'The River' stretch, I had gotten into Woody Guthrie and country music," he recalls. "At the same time, I was listening to the Raspberries' greatest hits. It was one of my favorite records that summer, They were great little pop records. I loved the production and when I went into the studio a lot of things we did were like that." --Bruce Springsteen "Tonight" (Unreleased Track) "At the time of the first album, I was really influenced by power-pop, and The Raspberries, to me, were one of the premier songwriting bands. They wrote these insane hooks and I was attracted to it, musically and just the whole vibe of the band... This was a song that was always playing on my record player, and I think someone in the band or myself said 'Let's learn that for rehearsal.' In those days, we demoed up just about anything that we rehearsed. It's a very, very adolescent, fundamental moment in our career and I'm glad we captured it." --Nikki Sixx, Motley Crue "There's a part of me that wants to have a grindcore band and another that wants to have a Raspberries-type pop band,"--Courtney Love Rolling Stone: What, to you, is the perfect pop song? Courtney Love: "..... But then there were great, great pop songs like "All By Myself," by Eric Carmen, and old Raspberries songs....." "Years ago, before Britney Spears, Kurt Cobain and even Kajagoogoo, it was safe to believe in power pop. Like the punks, those heroes in skinny ties -- the Knack, the Raspberries used electric guitars and quick hooks to fend off the bloated cock-rock of Zeppelin, Journey and Kiss"--Salon.com Review
  14. Billy, The new mixes sound wider...with more bottom end. There is still "clipping" on some guitar parts...seems this must be part of the original recordings. Overall, they sound much better than any other versios I have heard (which I believe all come the same over compressed old master)
  15. Yes...this is my favorite version of Tonight. Wally really rips through this version. Go All The Way from the same show is also terrific.
  16. My goodness....I thought I was the only person alive who still listens to the Swinging Blue Jeans. My gym workout minidisk for last week was the SBJ's!
  17. Darlene, Heh heh...not during my lifetime:) In fact...I burned a CD-R for playing purposes...and the original CD and raspberrie colored cardboard case are mounted in a frame. It will make a great "conversation piece" when I evangelize for the group;)
  18. Kirk, Interesting..the remastered Tonight has a slightly stronger bass line...and it is "tighter". One astonishing difference is in Overnight Sensation. At around 34 seconds....the remastered version suddenly throws tamborines into the right channel. They are very strong and have a 3d quality! In the original version...the tamborines are buried in the mix and are centered in the image. When I first listened to the remastered version I yelled "Woah" where did that come from. The remastered version is much wider sonically. I've been humming Oh Tonight all day. Has a very catchy hook. Heh heh...the running joke 30 years ago was how many times does the word "Tonight" appear in the 'berries top hits. Well...geez it started with the demo's! This one song may have more tonights than Tonight I gotta wonder how many of these exist. Perhaps a handfull of each of the Advance copies/Record Club/Final Version. 200? 300??
  19. Folks, Earlier today I received the "holy grail" of raspberries fans/collectors...a Promo/Advanced CD of the now non-existent 2000, 24 bit remastered version. A bit of background.....I've been a rabid fan since 1972. Saw the band in concert in 1973...have owned every obscure vinal and CD copy of the bands releases. Sadly....as playback equipment got better over the past 30 years...my 'berries stuff sounded worse. The now infamous compressor of Shelly Yakus made things sound good on mono AM radios circa 1972...but on high quality equipment...well its pretty bad. The results of compression stripped the bass from Go All The Way and I Wanna Be With You and gave a metallicy edge to the vocals and srings. I have a good friend who has constantly complained that these great songs were tainted by this nasty processing. I agree. Soooo I was thrilled when I heard that Capital was remastering the songs using the original analog 24 bit masters...and no compression. I was horrified when I heard that it had been cancelled. So began my three year search for a copy of this rare, rare masterpiece. I had to hear what these songs sound like without 1970's sound processing. Well...today...I received a sealed Advance CD/Promo Copy. How incredibly exciting. Both the disk and the cardboard sleeve are a deep Raspberries color. A truely generous individual GAVE me the disk. Yup...no $5000 ebay auctions for me I loaded up the 24 bit remastered version in one player....loaded one of my many originals in a another. Cued up to the same song...and was able to do side by side comparisons in real time. Go All the Way and I Wanna Be With You are dramatically different from the versions of the past 30 years. In GATW, The bottom end has returned...with a vengence. Dave's bass lines POP out of the mix now. The whole song is significantly warmer. Gone completely is the metallic compression sound of Eric's voice. I Wanna Be With You.....well Jim's drum kit EXPLODES...I mean the EXPLODES on my setup. Doing a side by side comparison the difference is dramatic. Nobody Knows and If You Change Your Mind are tremendously improved on the remastered version. Eric's vocals are much more forward. Gone is the constricted audio range. Simply wonderful. Other songs...I'm a Rocker and Ecstacy are relatively unchanged from the old compressed versions. The demos are fun. Anyone who questions the British Invasion roots of the band...well these settle the issue. Oh Tonight sounds like the Swinging Blue Jeans (there's an obscure reference). Well...I had to share my thrill with the group. It is a musical tragedy that this will never be released to the general public.
  20. The incredible thing about the flipside session is the way "Tonight" and "Go all the way" sounded. Incredible...both were slower "harder" edged versions of these classics. Wally is just ripping through these live versions.
  21. Tom


    Randy, Unfortunately no. Bernie has been wonderful about posting these every month...it is my hope that he will continue to give us live stuff from the band. Perhaps he can do a re-release of some of these. A one day only offer...wink wink
  22. Indeed...why didn't the world listen. The should've been big big big. Bad marketing...bad market timing......incredible talent.
  23. Jimmy, I'm not sure which live version was posted here but I have a VHS tape of Don Kirshner's rock concert with the band playing the updated Lets Pretend/Starting Over version. This concert included Go All the Way...All Through the Night...Overnight Sensation and Play On.
  24. Steven, I'd love to get a hold of any and all live Rasberries material. Unfortunately, there are copyright considerations. I don't believe that Bernie can just make a CD-R and sell it to us! But I'd love it if he would release more and more or the material off of the tape he took Lil Queenie!!!!!!
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