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  1. Gates Mills is a very high end community. Yes the prices are modest compared to other areas of the country. Where I currently live in Ohio, $400,000 will get you a 5500sq fr mini mansion, with 10 aces and a dock on your private lake. As I recall reading the divorce papers of Susan and Eric, the house was underwater at the time.
  2. More live stuff Bernie. Open the archives to the people.
  3. Alex Chilton = Eric Carmen without the testosterone overload. I prefer the extra testosterone Big Star. Too much pop not enough power.
  4. There are two Live versions of Little Queenie that have been available. One is from the final 1975 Agora show the other is from a private show for execs ( as I recall). The Agora recording is not quite as high quality as the private show BUT the performance of the 75 show is out of this world. Wally had the guitar snarling like a monster that night. GATW from the same show is the best live version I have ever come across. Would love to see the entire 75 show posted. The 73 and 74 Agora shows are widely available.
  5. Local station just ran the story. Called it the hottest video on the internet. Good for Eric! I wonder if he gets any royalties from this type of thing?
  6. Dennis was a vastly underrated drummer. The Tami show performances by him and the BB are out of this world.
  7. Bernie, Did you get a chance to ship these out? I have never received the prize. Thanks, Tom from Ohio
  8. Did I ever tell you all about the time I purchased the home Tom was raised in (Ottawa Hills, Ohio)? Did I tell you about the graffiti I found scrawled in the basement? Okay maybe I didn't He was a Toledo Boy at birth but his daddy became a big deal when he came up with pre-fab luxury homes. Tons of them still stand in Ottawa Hills with the original red doors. Tom seemed to resent his dad's wealth and corporate lifestyle.
  9. Not sure how many people caught this last week but it was a wonderful exploration of the music of the DC5. Over the top comments from Springsteen and his band, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Sir Paul, Gene Simmons and others. Great archival film. A real DC5 love fest. The show plus hours of extras is coming to DVD/Blu Ray next month. Sprinsteen and Little Steven claim the production techniques that Clark used have not and can not be duplicated to this day. You mean stomping your feet in the stairwell with mics setup to record Max Weinberg claims 20 out of 25 songs he plays for Bruce in concert are riffs taken from Dave Clark. Amazing. Clark has a autobiography coming soon. One does wonder if Clark will use that as an opportunity to come out of the closet. The clip with him and Freddie Mercury brought a tear to my eye. He was with Freddie as he passed on (Freddie that is).
  10. The psychological dynamics that lie beneath Eric and Wally's relationship are fascinating. Eric has clearly done some work on exploring and understanding his "self" and the dynamics that drive him. I don't know Wally but he does seem "angry" and defensive. Also having Kay post for him is absurd. He is a grown man and should be able to answer for himself. I do respect the work that Wally does with folks with DD. It takes a special person to do that sort of work day to day. Wally should push through his 'berries anger and ready himself for the next chapter of his life. The fact that Eric still looms large in his conciousness says alot about the emotional bond these men had as young teens. This recalls the old Fieger-Gary rift that plagued The Knack. Sadly both are now deceased.
  11. The quality of the remastered audio is absolutely remarkable. ABM sounds...and I am not kidding....like a new fresh recording. Astounding audio quality. Amazing. Just amazing.
  12. I WON! I WON! I WON! Bernie sent me the email earlier today! Called the wife at work. Very excited. Gonna mount it right next to all my Raspberries memorabilia. Hysterically pleased by my bit of good fortune! Tom
  13. Psychology rules Capital decided the fruity named version would sell more than the Bronx cheer version. True story related to the band. Not as good as Eric's stuff but good none the less. I was a big fan of the band from the start. Saw them live in the early 70's. At the time I was working in a machine shop and I told a co- worker that I had seen the band. I can still see his mocking facial expression. Basically I had done a very uncool thing for a young guy in 1973. I never forgot his reaction and in fact it was part of the reason I decided to pursue psychology as a career. I was fascinated by the whole emotional/cognitive element of marketing and sales. Why wouldn't this brilliant band take off into the stratosphere of success? It wasn't for lack of genius, "Tonight" is as good as anything put to wax. Fast forward seven years and I am working on a Ph.D in psychology. My initial dissertation proposal was titled " Cognitive schemas and the marketing failure of the musical act Raspberries." Seriously. My doctoral advisor thought I had lost my mind. I ended up doing rat sensation/taste stuff Names are important. That second album cover didn't help either. Mods were not cool. I was one.
  14. I almost fell off the chair when the power chords leaped out of the speakers. Terrific choice for a classic ending.
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