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  1. Like "they" say: "It's the little things that'll kill ya!"
  2. Thank you guys for responding to my question about the snippet of "Go All the Way" at the end of "Overnight Sensation." But I wish they had left it on the so-called "Collector's" series CD, since it WAS on the original LP. But At least now I am relieved to know that I am not "hearing things", and I can go back to my "normal" run-o'-the-mill insanity. Bosbuff
  3. I recently acquired the Raspberries "Collector's Series" CD on Capital. I'm sure most of you-all have it. It is just wonderful, and I think the song selections and sequencing is very well done. The question I have is: Is it my imagination, or didn't the LP version of "Overnight Sensation/Hit Record" have a very short and quiet bit of "Go All the Way" at the very end of the song? I have to admit I keep listening for it and sort of miss it - I thought it was a clever bit. Or is it that maybe the LP and single versions differed in this respect. Anyone who has info on this "crucial" question, please chime in (A Rickenbacher 360 12-string will aid and abett your "chiming," no doubt.) Thanks. Bosbuff
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