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  1. degrading ----> downgrading
  2. I don't know if somebody wrote how to play tonight.mov on Windows PC. I just write this for people who still cannot play. The format of tonight.mov is sorenson video 3. To play this format in Windows, you need QuickTime 5 for Windows or QuickTime 6 Pro with $56 registration fee. QuickTime 4 users can play goalltheway.mov that is in sorentson vide format, but you need QuickTime5 for sorenspn 3 format. You can still download FREE QuickTime 5 at http://tucows.wave.net.br/mmedia/preview/195040.html but this version is not compatible with Windows XP. Do not upgrade to QuickTime 6. QuickTime 6 no longer supports mov format. I upgraded QuickTime 5 to 6 without aware of actual degrading. Maybe it's better not to change a file name and remain "read only." After changing file name several times, my tonight.mov takes long time to load picture but still works with version 5. It used to play spontaneously. Anyway, thank you for reading.
  3. I mean ALL archives what you want.
  4. My ìtonight.movî is broken. It still has sound but no picture... If you can send me ìtonight.mov,î I happily send you what you missed in the past. Recent member is welcome! But please send a message first to arukusake2@hotmail.com. Donít miss this opportunity! Thank you Bernie for keep updating with awesome contents. ------------------------------------------------- Q How much did I pay for a used ìRaspberries Greatest Hits [2000]"?
  5. I was bidding on a "mirror" of Terry Jacks Greatest Hits Into The Past on eBay the other day. One eBay member sent me a mail offering a better mirror at a cost of shipping. I didn't take the mail seriously first time. But the price of the miller I was bidding reached US$16.00 and I withdrew from the auction. During the next auction of the same seller, I again received a mail from the same eBay member (Canadian). We traded out-of-prints. Now I've got Terry's Greatest Hits Into The Past and Poppy Family Greatest Hits featuring Susan Jacks
  6. Bernie, Kazumi, you guys are right. Japanese fans in Japan are really royal to Eric and as a result, recurrent album release. They crave for Eric's new album and a concert tour to Japan. They must have ALL what I want now. It's just the matter of not pursuing your desire in my case. I thought Eric has gone out of the music scene before I found this site. (How wrong I was!) But also timings were wrong. For the past 7 years I spent most my time out of Japan (including a rural town of Kansas and Tennessee) and had not have a satisfactory Internet connection. I even didn't know the release of Winter Dreams and I Was Born To Love You. Now I finally have time, a better Internet connection and EricCarmen.com, I can search for music and any other important things what I've missed without knowing. Also I am very much appreciated for letting me talking about my interest!
  7. I voted for Reason to Try. It may not be for the music itself. It had been my desire to listen to Reason to Try for 12 or more years (!) and I finally did two month ago. U.S. fans have a great advantage of getting most of Raspberries and Eric music except for Winter Dreams (I Was Born To Love You) and 3 solo album CDs. Japanese fans were able to buy Winter Dreams earlier than funs of any other countries and still 3 solo albums are sold at a better price.
  8. I was able to listen to John Schneider's Stay With Me. I should have corrected my earlier post (as Ryo) that I wrote a wrong singer's name. Schneider's vocal and the entire feel of the song are rather plain: not as emotional and far less dramatic as Eric's, but the track might make a good transition to the next track that might be a single cut (just my imagination). Because Schneider or his producer chose to arrange the song in the way not to stand out from other tracks (just my guess, too), it's nothing but "Stay With Me" and not "Sleep With Me."
  9. When I checked this site today, two sections of the History was added! Thank you Bernie!
  10. I like "Sleep With Me" most in Tonight You're Mine. It sounds odd when it became "Stay With Me" when it was covered by SHA NA NA. But I've never heard SHA NA NA's version and cannot say much...
  11. I am sorry for not not had gotten enough promotion to the album. Although import CD is expensive, I think it's worth the money.
  12. There are a lot of information never get anywhere else. Thank you. I could enjoy music more!
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