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  1. Sorry you are right I hate the snow. Just thought it was worth mentioning. I will have to get out the snow shovel and shows and dig out a car path 75 feet long!!!! That SUX!!!!
  2. We are getting SLAMMED in Virginia with the bigest snow I can remember! Cheers, looks like I will be home on Tuesday, if we get what is expected!
  3. We go and take SADAM out!!!! The world nedds him gone! Sorry if this offends some of you but this is what what I think is right!!!!!!!
  4. Glad you cleared it up Donmand. I did not think my posting was what he was after.
  5. I am not sure. I may be all wrong but it seems to me that many of the recordings of that time were stored incorrectly. The way to store multi-track analog recording, was tails out. Meaning that the tape should be run off the reel backwards to a second reel and stored that way (backwards). The result, sometimes if not stored that way was to have a sort of ghost image transferred to tape at a much lower volume. This ghost image was sometimes heard at the beginning of a song or at the end, at a very faint volume. This is probably not what you are talking about, however, I am not crazy, this phenomenon did exist. Digital recording has virtually eliminated this problem. Cheers!!!
  6. Will someone please respond to this. I thought this was a good posting that would generate a great del of interest. Does nobody here go to night clubs?
  7. This was a cool site. Thanx
  8. I have seen Savoy Brown many times. The stupid KISS ARMY idiots wouldnt know good music if they heard it. I like KISS, as a matter of fact I saw them two years ago in Richmond, VA. During their one of many final farewell tours. They were with Skid Row (Who Sucked), and Ted "Wild Man" Nugent, who rocked. KISS was awesome, Ted was fired for singing X rated political songs about Janet Renno. Back to Savoy Brown, Kim Simmonds is one of the most gifted and underrated blues guitarists of all time. Darlene I agree though that I will never go to a large auditorium or sports arena again to see an act way too crowded, sound usally stinks. Small clubs are where it is at. Look at my previous posting of "SMALL CLUBS TELL US MORE", and comment. I am suprised not one posting to that discussion thread.
  9. It is worth the risk! We must crawl before we walk and walk before we run. We will stumble from time to time, but we must go on. Someday, maybe even in our lifetime space travel will be common place. We don't stop flying in jet aircraft because there is a terrible crash with great loss of life. We should review where we are with the space program, learn and move on. NASA needs to establish clear goals and how to reach them. When we went to the moon we had a clear goal in mind.
  10. If he is guilty then to heck with him. I hope he is not guilty. However, someone killed that young lady! Lets hope justice prevails!!!!!
  11. This is a truly a tragic event. I remeber all too well the Challenger. My heart goes out to all their family members. This is so sad! We should review what happened and do what ever it takes to correct the problem. Space flight is very dangerous, I think we become too complacent and take for granted the risks these people take. We must continue on with manned exploration, however, we need to step back take pause and re-evaluate where we are and where we are going with the space program. Hopefully this is not a case of NASA cutting corners to save money. I do not think it is, this is just a terrible terrible accident. God Bless The Families!!!
  12. Actually my first concert was The Raspberries, Rare Earth and Badfinger, at my high school in 1972. My first concert at a real concert hall was ZZ TOP and Alice Cooper in 1973 at the Capitol Center in Largo MD. The 2nd was Pink Floyd in 1973, at Merriwether Post Pavillion in MD also. This was during their Dark Side Of The Moon tour. PF Dark Side Of The Moon is probably in the top ten albums of all time. I rate it up with Abby Road, Revolver, etc....
  13. Where have you seen the Raspberries? The Raspberries played at my high school in 1973, James W. Robinson High School auditorium, Burke VA. They played with two other bands, I think Badfinger and Rare Earth, however, I am not sure, it was my first concert and I think that was who the other bands were. The Raspberries ROCKED!!!!
  14. I am 376,485 today. That is a lot of folks
  15. I just love to see national acts in small clubs!!!! We have a small club (reconverted Movie Theater), Jaxx in springfield Va, 9:30 club Washington DC, etc. (See www.jaxxroxx.com) I have seen numerous bands there including Blue Oyster Cult (my favorite live band), Ian Hunter, Robin Trower, Savoy Brown, Molly Hatchet, Black Oak Arkansas, Wild Cherry, Fabulous Thunderbirds, many many more and excellent local bands. I think that small clubs, with great sound systems have given rise and resurgence to many bands of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Many of these bands would have gone under if it were not for the small club. Tell us about your small clubs and what bands you have seen.
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