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  1. Yeah, How did everyone bring a camera in when they were using metal detectors?
  2. OK, That settles it. I wasn't going to admit this.. but... But the RASPBERRIES should have been named ERIC CARMEN'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND and WE ALL belong(ed) to it. WE are the LONLEY HEARTS. We all have been there. 32 years ago we were teenagers. I hope we know how to cope with some of this nonsense now. Some have found love and some still have the minor setbacks. I'm not saying that we're LOSERS, just that we've experienced that part of life and music helped us through. Like thereapy. That's why we like his music. The lyrics found the words that we were feeling. As a songwriter I appreciate how sometimes the stars line up just right and words come out that are a perfect fit. I hope I don't upset anyone for the characterization but I had to say it. Zuke
  3. I DID like that first album. I never did any research on it. I always thougth he had more to do with it. Oh, well.
  4. Are you sure that's all? I always liked "PAIN" AND "WHERE HAVE YO BEEN ALL MY LIFE." "IN YOUR EYES" TOO
  5. did anybody get balcony this morning? I didn't
  6. OK June I see that at least you are in. NO balcony available this morning. See you all there...AGAIN!
  7. Your welcome June. Hey Bernie! When you say, "...the ACTUAL PAGE where the tickets will be on sale EARLY," do you mean from the HOB page or on TICKEMASTER'S page?
  8. I just reserved a room at the Holiday Inn Express on the internet. I should have called and asked if they had a RASPBERRIES floor for us. Anybody know?
  9. Hang in there June, If I can get balcony seats tomorrow Your in!
  10. I got 2 GENERAL ADMISSIONS. I wanted balcony. Why wouldn't they sell them pre sale? If I can get some tomorrow I'll sell these to someone. They might Not be gone just held.
  11. Somebody from OH should call there and see if HOB bound people can stop there first. Just a suggestion.
  12. That's it! Thanks. Do you think that will be closed or have their own thing going on and we CAN'T eat there?
  13. Hey, anybody know the name of the cool place that was right across the street from HOB? I forget, but I ate a pretty good portabello sandwich there. They had a resaurant, a comedy club, a jazz band, and a martini bar all in the same building. Maybe we could eat there.
  14. I didn't see this post until I sent mine on the other side. But any idea HOW MUCH?
  15. Alright, Who's going again? Anyone know how much THIS time? I'm sooo thinking about doing it again. There wasn't any pre-sale yet was there? Sorry I didn't really meet a lot of you guys. Maybe next one. Zuke
  16. At the Hall of Fame show it was I WANNA BE WITH YOU that he asked for help with on the high notes. He said, "If I had known when I wrote this song in my 20's that I'd have to be singing it in my 50's, well....." or something like that.
  17. Wow, If it's that easy I'll be waiting for him to contact me too!
  18. Did anyone mention wether WE can get first dibs on tickets? Any specials for US here on the board? Bernie, advanced tickets for the LOYAL.
  19. Wally Cleaver? What a hunk. He's so dreamy <img border="0" alt="[blech!]" title="" src="graemlins/blech.gif" />
  20. Doesn't anyone agree with my observation?
  21. ALRIGHT ! STOP THE PRESSES ! IT JUST HIT ME... Why he won't release this. He steals TOO MUCH from himself and Lionel Richie. Yeah, listen to it again and see if you don't hear MAJOR SIMILARITIES to ALMOST PARADISE and HELLO by Lionel Richie. Man, too much. THAT'S WHY IT'S SO CATCHY. IT'S INSTANTLY FAMILIAR. ZUKE I have to go write a song called HEY JUDE GO ALL THE WAY.
  22. Alright Bernie, Just put it up again. You're killing us. While you're at it, throw up Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. Well, don't THROW it UP. We would all appreciate having these unreleased gems. Zuke
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