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  1. Hey Gord,

    You wrote; "The Raspberries are not an act, they are an all the way rock n roll group and still alive and kicking and doing great. "

    I think that's my point.

    They are not an act, so leaning so much on,(as bahoodore puts it) blatantly ripping off others as well as yourself, diminishes the awe of a new good song which is good but not so new.

    Still the talent to pull off someone else's production is still impressive. Did you ever listen to Todd Rundgren's version of Good Vibratons?

    'Nuff Said.


  2. Don't get me wrong. I don't want to sound argumentative. I DO appreciate that ability to "stylize" a song based on someting else. (I loved THE RUTLES.) That's a great talent. I think the STARTING OVER album sounded like everyonE BUT the Raspberries. Maybe that was it's appeal.

    I just think that when I do hear ANYBODY'S song and there's TOO MUCH "borrowed" it takes some of the WOW away from a good song. Personally I'm just a little disappointed.

    Now crafting a song is one talent and "impromptu" writing is another. I think the most ORIGINAL stuff comes from "impromptu" writing. Inspiration not cluttered with rules.

    Now GWEN STEFANI has a new song, "BUBBLE POP ELECTRIC." It's a jamming half rappin' song but the catchyest part is a melody taken from SOME OTHER song,( I can't think of what but the name GINO VANELLI comes to mind.)

    I still love all the music, Eric and the guys.


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