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  1. Hey Marvin, Did you ever ask Wally what was on those tapes they pulled from the dumpster? Zuke
  2. Hey, I've just been playing it by ear and keeping an eye on the weather. It's not sold out is it? And even if it is, don't you think I can get a ticket when I get there? Zuke
  3. Bernie? Care to comment? Anybody? I think they're holding out on us MAM.
  4. OK, I still haven't been able to figure out how. What's the trick?
  5. Parker lost bigtime? I heard it the other way around. Huey was the hippest sound at the time and when he decided NOT to do a song for the movie(for whatever reason) the producers just stole HIS sound and Ray did it.
  6. I read on another forum that they sang and played live along WITH a track. Not exactly a lip-syncing fiasco but probably a state of the art thing for broadcasting quality. I hope we're not just being forgiving because it's "Paul."
  7. Hey Gord, Nah, I don't have a copy of it. Just let me tell you that if you played Todd and the Beach Boys side by side you would be hard pressed to tell them apart! And no, I didn't see them. (Brian Mac really started something here.) Let's just say, "Yes, influences are nice!" Zuke
  8. Hey Gord, You wrote; "The Raspberries are not an act, they are an all the way rock n roll group and still alive and kicking and doing great. " I think that's my point. They are not an act, so leaning so much on,(as bahoodore puts it) blatantly ripping off others as well as yourself, diminishes the awe of a new good song which is good but not so new. Still the talent to pull off someone else's production is still impressive. Did you ever listen to Todd Rundgren's version of Good Vibratons? 'Nuff Said. Zuke
  9. Don't get me wrong. I don't want to sound argumentative. I DO appreciate that ability to "stylize" a song based on someting else. (I loved THE RUTLES.) That's a great talent. I think the STARTING OVER album sounded like everyonE BUT the Raspberries. Maybe that was it's appeal. I just think that when I do hear ANYBODY'S song and there's TOO MUCH "borrowed" it takes some of the WOW away from a good song. Personally I'm just a little disappointed. Now crafting a song is one talent and "impromptu" writing is another. I think the most ORIGINAL stuff comes from "impromptu" writing. Inspiration not cluttered with rules. Now GWEN STEFANI has a new song, "BUBBLE POP ELECTRIC." It's a jamming half rappin' song but the catchyest part is a melody taken from SOME OTHER song,( I can't think of what but the name GINO VANELLI comes to mind.) I still love all the music, Eric and the guys. Peace.
  10. Let's not and say we did. I'm already aware of how much he (GULP!)borrowed. Kind of takes something away.
  11. Zuke


    Are going to see RASPBERRIE MILK MOUSTACHES? Remember the pink rabbit for NESTLE'S STRAWBERRY MILK MIX?
  12. Zuke


    Simply put. After 3 concerts...... "THE DREAM IS OVER" Good Night Marvin..... Wherever you are........
  13. ok, I know we had trouble before, but what's the trick to save this song from QUICKTIME?
  14. OK, you're right..... by the way, here's the article on Don Kirshner; http://www.greenwichtime.com/features/scn-sa-kirshner1dec31,0,7836887.story?coll=green-features-headlines
  15. While I'm here, here's a review from THE PITTSBURGH POST GAZETTE. http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/05005/437177.stm
  16. Now, if they can just RECORD some NEW MUSIC!!! Did anyone read the article about Don Kirshner getting back into the business? He's one lucky guy. Maybe he'll turn the music industry around to good music.
  17. Are they remastered at all? Remixed AND remastered is what they all need.
  18. Speakin of all that huggin' (with all due respect) WHO WAS THE BABE THAT HUGGED DAVE ON STAGE!!
  19. "New Years Eve with Disco Away, The Cocktones and Mr. Speed at Cambridge Room and Restaurant @ House of Blues Cleveland Buy your tickets online now!" and no mention of RASPBERRIES.
  20. Yeah, I guess I post from time to time. I was at the last show. I'm a pretty inconspicuous guy. Zuke
  21. Hi nobody knows me but I'll be there with my girlfriend. Zuke
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