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  1. Eric,

    So Sorry.

    Then all that nonsense about writing credits WAS NONSENSE. You wrote it. You da man.

    Case Closed.




    I know the intro ROCKS and the middle SCREAMS, but the verse (all one sentence of it) and the chorus (that takes up most of the song) are so melodic and harmonic, for all intents and purposes make it a mellow song in comparison to the intro.

  2. Eric,

    Without starting an argument, why don't you ask Wally why he said that and without defending anything let it go. Then quote us the dialogue, unedited.

    My take? For a 50 something year old guy, this teeage sex stuff may BE "trite" in retrospect.

    Eric, you were there when you wrote it, if he didn't like it, do you think he would have put all of HIS creativity into the guitar for that song? He would have saved that riff for something HE wrote and not given it to you.

    How DID you decide on that rockin' intro when you knew how mellow the rest of the song was?


    A curious songwriter

  3. Eric,

    Zucco here.

    It's not too late to do them all again.

    Didn't SPIRIT release an album in 1984 called SPIRIT 1984 where they replayed some or all of their hits? Just do it. Then you could do BONUS TRACKS of NEW STUFF!!

    Or visa versa, do some new stuff and re-record old stuff as BONUS TRACKS with some bottom end.


    What does everyone think?

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